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Published: Tuesday, May 3 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Rawlins, WY

The ACLU, 'looking out for you...'

Hooper, UT

So, if you get caught doing something wrong, and we need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on you, we'd like to be sure you should be here.

How does this discussion get from a point where a person is asked about immigration status if they are being apprehended (for another reason) to one of profiling innocent people? Thats just absurd!

There is no part of the law that proscribes profiling as its intent either explicitly or inferred...and actually expressly prohibits it...

and before you answer with ..."but it will be used that way", stop and think.

If we sued each and every time a law had the potential to be abused, just where would we be?

The cold hard truth is, you will have bad cops and good cops, good DAs and bad DAs...legislation cannot prevent that.

The legislative intent is clear here, I am baffled at what EXACTLY there is that represents grounds for suit.

...and honestly, the ACLU creates animosity toward a group where none exists by pulling these stunts...

This boils down to the Fed. being incompetent, but refusing to allow us to save ourselves from their failures...when does Holder leave?

Provo, UT

It's not just Holder. Search the national news (Jessica Colotl), Obama cut a deal with the Hispanic groups to stop the deportation of adults here illegally enrolled in higher education.

Hooper, UT

@BU52 says
"It's scripture: Our southern brethern are going to take over the country. All this quibbling won't matter much in the long run."

However, I never saw where god said to simply stop toiling for right and righteous as soon as we see a sign WE recognize. Its his call...until then I believe he expects we all do what is necessary to preserve this choice land...

I picture it this way...I am fighting for what I know is right until I feel a tap on the shoulder, and I turn to see him. Those whove already quit...not sure that bodes well for ya.

Provo, UT

In numerous studies of DNA tests, there was no trace of Israel blood in Mexico. If people are ignoring the law for that reason, they are acting on false assumptions. 95% of the American Indians have roots in Siberia (Asia)

Salt Lake City, UT

"Alicia Cervantes fears Utah's new illegal immigration enforcement law will subject her to police questioning because she is Latina."

Well then we'd better get rid of HB116 too -- since it too requires showing your papers: your "guest worker" card.

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