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Published: Tuesday, May 3 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

When I was in Mexico 14 years ago, I took my identification (driver's license and/or birth certificate copy) with me every time I went out in public if it was any farther than two miles away from my host's home--in essence, every time traveling required any motorized transportation. So really I don't see what the ACLU has against Utah's proposed law. I would rather the ACLU sue Utah over not appropriating funds to double the number of English classes, because it would be nice, as a former English major with experience teaching basic English, to actually make a decent wage teaching English on the side.

Ferron, UT

"The law requires police to verify the immigration status of people arrested for felonies and class A misdemeanors and those booked into jail on class B and class C misdemeanors. It also says officers may attempt to verify the status of someone detained for class B and class C misdemeanors."

Sounds like they only have to worry about it when they are being put in jail for breaking ANOTHER law. Like many above have already said it's not that hard to carry around a drivers licence millions do it every day! Why are people trying so hard to keep criminals from getting caught?

Spanish Fork, UT

If any hispanic doesn't like the fact that some might think they are illegal when they are not, then stop aiding and abetting your illegal friends in their law breaking activities and help get rid of the illegal presence in our state.

Mariion, Va

"The majority isn't always right."

In this case the majority is right!

Williams, AZ

I believe that the ACLU is getting just like the churches are they want to give as much as they can to help the illegals. If they are here illegally than it's simple go back to were you came from and enter this country the legal way. I am getting tired of the illegals getting all the free schooling for their children, free medical and food stamps and what ever else they can get. Their are a lot of U.S. citizens out of work and having a hard time. I believe that most of the bills passed by the State of Utah will cost the good people of that state a lot of money in these lawsuits that are being filed, to benifit the illegals in this state. Wake up people and smell the coffee, before it's to late.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

If the ACLU is against it, then it must be a good thing.

Centralia, WA

When submitting an application for a job recently the employer demanded my original SS card denying a photocopy, wanted to see my original state teaching
certificate and driver's license and I have been teaching 40+ years.

Put the ACLU in uniform and send them to the middle east.

Centralia, WA

Oops, forgot. About 20 years ago someone suggested a buy back program wherein 600,000 attorneys would be paid to take a different occupation. Kind of a tort reform where we should begin with the ACLU.

St. George, Utah

I dont care who you are if your here legally then have a good life. if your not here legally then take the appropreite steps and become a legal resident and all is fine with me. if not then I feel there is proper steps should be taken. I was born in France we came to America and filed for citizenship immediately and got it and learned the English language and the American way of life . I served in the U.S Army for 22 years. so I dont want to hear stories of how difficult it is to become a citizen because I went through it to and its not that hard at all. and I defended this country while in uniform and would do it again.

Newbury Park, CA

It seems to me that if I am arrested for a "Crime", I expect the police will see if there is an outstanding arrest warrant. This is common sense to see if a suspect is already wanted for a similar offense. That might not be fair if I only committed a traffic violation.

The same thing applies to immigration status. I had a neighbor witness her car being stolen. She identified him in a mug book, meaning he had done other crimes. At his trial, he had a translator for a language other than Spanish. He was convicted and sent to prison. He was released and the words "deportation" where never spoken. If the Utah law changes this, I applaud it.

Provo, ut

It's scripture: Our southern brethern are going to take over the country. All this quibbling won't matter much in the long run.

Sarah Nichole
West Jordan, UT

When I lived in Ireland, I had to take my immigration card with me everywhere I went, and usually my passport too, so I could prove that I was in the country legally, and believe me, I had to use them fairly often to prove my immigration status. What's the big deal? Nearly every other country in the world requires this, and nobody throws hissy fits over it when they do it.

Salt Lake City, UT

Propagandists know that if a lie is repeated enough, the average person eventually will come to accept it as fact. In a false claim of moral authority -- which presumes to dictate to the rest of us what we are supposed to think -- subversive propagandists often conceal these lies behind the cloak of "political correctness."

I challenge the notion that there is something intrinsically wrong with racial profiling in the first place. Indeed I question the patriotism of any U.S. citizen of Mexican heritage, such as Alicia Cervantes, who wouldn't be HONORED to cooperate in the defense of Utah against the illegal Mexican invasion, by gladly showing her ID if asked.

If Cervantes were honest about it, she would acknowledge that the illegal immigration of Mexicans in Utah has in fact become so widespread, so prevalent, and that the likelihood of a Latino in Utah being illegal has in fact become so high, it actually is reasonable to consider race as a relevant factor.

If Cervantes doesn't like that, she ought to be honest enough to recognize that it is illegal Latinos alone -- not Americans -- who are to blame for this. She should hold THEM accountable.

Salt Lake City, UT

An astounding perversion of the law by the ACLU to blame the US for wanting to identify those who are in the country illegally. Why doesn't the Latino community help with the problem rather than stone wall? Check everyones' ID starting with me, I could be from anywhere out of the US where Caucasians live.

Murray, Ut

The first part of any solution is to have the ethnic groups and pro-illegal people stop encouraging more people to come illegally, and start honoring and obeying the law.

Erda, Ut

Since when does the American Civil Liberties Union defend non- Americans? This is ridiculous. If you are here illegally, please sign the guest book, get your papers and we won't have a problem with you unless you are a drug runner, human trafficker, tagger, flying the Mexican Flag on your car and want to turn America into Mexico. Then if you are doing any of the above, please stay home. My ancestors came here gratefully in 1907 and became citizens. We all love America!

Preston, ID

We need to stand up to the ACLU on this. Our tax dollars pay for housing, medical bills, WIC benefits, free meals at school, special teachers, interpreters, court trials, incarceration costs, higher insurance rates (because they often do not carry insurance or have a valid drivers license), printing materials in spanish, the list goes on and on. My personal physician was telling me that if an illegal comes here and has a baby, the government (us) pays for it, but if my minor daughter got pregnant, the parents pay for it. I have worked in the courts for nearly 20 years, and I can personally tell you that almost every felony Delivery of a Controlled Substance case filed involves illegals. The cost is stagering!! We are broke!! Our ancestors did not sneak into this country. They entered through Ellis Island and were processed and given legal status. Big, big difference! Greencards or nothing, and families stay home. Taxpayers should not be expected to pay for them.

Grantsville, UT

Why don't the ACLU sue on behave of the citizens of the United States who are violated by Illegal Immigrants? That would make more sense.

provo, ut

What I think a lot of people are not understanding is that you only have to prove citizenship when you are being cited for a criminal offense/misdemeanor. When that happens right now you are already supposed to show some form of identification - no great change there. This isn't about stopping every citizen on the street and forcing them to produce documents.

newhall, CA

Well, if you are Latino/a and live here legally, then stop complaining. If you are legally here you should be all the more in support of sending home/deporting those who are breaking the law. If children in schools are saying, "Send the Mexicans home" well, they are mimicking what they are hearing their parents say. That is not racism. For these legals who are nervous about what non ethnics are saying, then such legals don't understand. I'm an immigrant. My family and I entered this country the proper way. It took us 4 yrs to complete all the necessary documentation to receive our green cards. Why should these individuals, the illegals, feel otherwise and cheat the system? In fact, none of us would have a problem with these illegals taking the proper steps towards citizenship. But what really busts my chops is that (1) they have no regard in learning our language (English) and (2) they have no loyalty towards this country. It makes me angry when individuals come into this country and proudly hoist their home country flag, ie Mexican flag and basically say in your face. Deport all illegals including all family members.

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