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Published: Friday, April 29 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Pocatello, ID


I'm the one who said it was a simple solution. And your solution is just about in line with mine. Unfortunately, I don't think there are enough politicians who are willing to take the political chance, thus removing commons sense from the equation and replace in with motivations to maintain power and money.

Midvale, Utah

As sad as it is to see a fellow member of the church sent home with his family... that's the way it is. He broke the law. I believe one of the temple questions asks if you are law abiding citizen... or something like that, correct me if I'm wrong. So technically he shouldn't even be a branch president, right?

While I don't feel sorry for him for refusing to take care of his citizenship for his families sake, I pray he finds the strength through the Lord to overcome this trial, and who knows, maybe one day he'll come back legally.

It's shame to read all the hate comments. Breaking the law is breaking the law, there's no way around it folks... its not a very political, racial, or spiritual thing either, its just plain and simple as that.

Orem, UT

No, it is not likely that this family will ever return legally, unless they can pull together the extensive time and money resources needed to plod through the immigration maze.

Current quotas and regulations are based on the notion that our economy is a zero-sum game and that law-abiding, hard-working newcomers (even legal ones) will take a slice from a finite job "pie", but won't expand the same pie with their presence. That's why the immigration system is set up to keep out everyone but the elite.

The period in our history when we welcomed the "wretched refuse to our teeming shores" was the same period in which the United States transformed itself into the world's industrial and economic powerhouse. Then xenophobia took the upper hand. "Amurica fer Amuricans."

And I still say build the wall and implement high-tech personal documentation. This will allow our country to bring in those who would build our wealth and quality of life, and keep out the crooks and the leeches.

Provo, UT

Jobs are finite. Otherwise the 100,000 people out of work in this state would be creating jobs. Bring in 100,000 more and it will enlarge the economy, but by a very small number in just the service sector. Maybe 3-5%. The idea that more people make more jobs is a ponzi scheme.

Most of the 1.1 million that came here last year were not rich or elite. Over 700,000 of them were family members joining family. (Federal law limits this amount to 440,000, don't know how Obama got passed that law).

I am seeing a ripple effect here. People are breaking immigration laws, then to work they break identity laws, work laws etc. then business breaks laws hiring them, landlords break laws renting to people illegally (and it is against the law) pretty soon the police stop enforcing some laws, because they affect mostly the illegal population. Cities stop enforcing immigration laws to please the business. Now people are breaking Gods laws. Is there an end to this?

Uncle Mal
Rose Park, UT

Perhaps ICE doesn't just deport someone. But don't be fooled. ICE rounds up the most minor offenders, throws one gang member into the mix, and then holds a huge press conference about a gang sweep. The local ICE administrators may well just be expressing their views on LDS undocumented aliens. Compassionate and thoughtful immigration reform would force ICE to work harder to identify the real criminals. Thus far, it seems to be the state of Utah cops that are busting up the counterfeiting rings and fake social security card print shops.

Jeffrey Wilbur
Eagle Mountain, UT

Everyone on here who is completely lacking in compassion and siding with politics over faith while claiming that "he broke the law" needs to understand this: the law he broke is on par to you not obeying the traffic laws perfectly every time you hop in your car.

If you don't, I sure hope you aren't accepting church callings or applying for temple recommends.

After all, justice before mercy, right?

Provo, UT

Actually it's a misdemeanor. And working illegally is multiple federal felonies. It's more on par with bank robbery, since you are taking something that is not yours. And committing felonies.

The law has a fine, jail, and deportation, with jail and fines seldom given. That is the mercy.

Where is the mercy to those out of work and the people with stolen identities? To the taxpayer that subsidizes the illegal activity, to those who are victum of crimes?

Illegal immigration and those that protect it, really are on a one way street.

Midvale, Utah

Jeffrey, yeah... because violating a traffic law and illegal immigration are exactly the same thing... O_o Wow. The consequences to breaking those laws are so far off the wall in comparison. By your logic Jeffrey speeding is perfectly OK, right?

And a speeding ticket does not equal a temple recommend being removed or revoked, and you know that... Even my old bishop got pulled over, but does he need to call on repentance? No. SLars is right anyway, its a misdemeanor.

And I have compassion for him, because God told us to forgive everyone. I forgive him, but I don't have to support him breaking the law. Like I said, I hope he finds peace during this trial. But I also support illegal immigration enforcement, and doesn't matter if he's white, Mexican, Mormon, or not, he pays the consequences of those actions.

Also, its Heavenly Fathers responsibility to give mercy, but justice still needs to be carried out.

Orem, UT

SLARS: One more time -- slowly. Not all immigrants are bad. Our immigration system and laws are BAD. Fix the laws, help the people. Don't tell me about unemployment...I've experienced it. I got busy and found work. I admire people who come here at great risk to feed their families. I know others who refuse to work because they are content with unemployment compensation. I don't admire them. A large percentage of jobs are created in our country by eager and creative immigrants who start businesses. Lose the scarcity mentality. This is America. Every immigrant who comes here is a consumer. They buy stuff. They expand the market and spend what they earn. This creates jobs. Adopt an abundance mentality! It works.
Ideasnstuff! Amen, brother. Right on! I couldn't agree more. Lock down the borders then fix the laws. No mercy for the real criminals. Make it easier for the good guys, the contributors to come and stay here! Let's get to work! Most of our economic problems we created ourselves by being stingy, lazy, and selfish. Let's work together and fix it. Elect good people!

Murray, UT

What a great contribution he and his family can make to the church in their native land. Do you remember the old days when the church used to tell members to stay in their own countries and build up the church there? And not immigrate here? And if you do come here ,do it legally? Those were the days when the 12th article of faith actually meant that you, as a church member, were expected to obey the law of the land. Now it seems you have the green light to go ahead and break the laws you disagree with and the church will look the other way, put you in high positions anyway, and condone it when you and your family loot the state and national treasuries.This is the new "compassion", mercy for lawbreakers and nothing for their victims, that are many in number. I am glad to see that many in the church are standing up to this great injustice and not simply rolling over and accepting a law (HB116 )that is wrong and unfair on every level. This law is not even fair to the immigrants it is supposed to help.

Provo, UT

oldcougar, if an immigrant is here legally, that's great. I have in-laws from across the border(legal). If they are here illegally, they chose to break the laws written in 1996. The laws aren't broken, they are being broke. There is a difference.

The service sector is already in place, a few more people might need to be hired. 100 people don't create 100 jobs. Otherwise the world would be fully employed. 1.1 million people came legally last year, did they create 1.1 million new jobs?

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Uh, Jeffrey Wilber, here's what he faces for defying a deportation order:
$500 per day for every day he failed to show up.
Four years in prison.
Now, we are such magnanimous chumps that they never impose the law, but that's what it says in the books.
TITLE 8 > CHAPTER 12 > SUBCHAPTER II > Part VIII > § 1324d.
TITLE 8 > CHAPTER 12 > SUBCHAPTER II > Part V > § 1253

There's another difference. When I get pulled over for a traffic violation, I get a ticket. These guys get released and an apology from the governor.

Cowboy Joe
Encampment, WY

If you believe the book of mormon to be true, and the lamanites to be ancestors of many latins, then you should read 3 nephi 11-4nephi. These chapters talk specifically about immigration. Christ teaches that the gentiles will care for and give the gospel to the lamanites in the last days. He also issues a warning that when the gentiles stop following the gospel the lamanites will destroy the gentiles.

Cowboy Joe
Encampment, WY

Remember the pharases's and sadducees followed the strict letter of the law. They attended church, read the scriptures, paid tithing, prayed daily ect. The Savior followed a greater law the letter of the law. He healed on the sabbath, against the law, many good church goers took offence to this. They crucified him.

Our Savior taught us to love everyone, and He did not follow laws that were contrary to the gospel. Ask yourselves what kind of Christian are you. Am I a pharasee saducee or am I a true disciple of Christ? The difference between the two sets of people is charity. Charity never faileth.

Jeffrey Wilbur
Eagle Mountain, UT

All I can say to that, Cowboy, is Amen.

Everyone should keep in mind that Christ's harshest criticism was toward the leaders and prominent members of his own religion.

Also, let me add that I take umbrage at those who have the pretentiousness to "forgive" or "not forgive" this man, or any other illegal immigrant. They have done nothing to you; committed no offense toward you. You are simply not in a position to pass that kind of judgment on them in either direction.

What we should be doing is looking at every possible avenue to show compassion toward and help our fellow human beings. If the laws are outdated, they need to be fixed. If the people are here illegally, they need to not be kicked out but helped to remain here legally. The people involved should take priority over any other political persuasion or stance.

This man has done nothing wrong other than not being a legal resident. By all accounts he has been a benefit to his community. And so many here are frothing at the mouth in shouting for him to be kicked out.

Tropic, UT


Where is it said that HUMANS have a right to live wherever they want?

Tupelo, MS


The answer to your question is, The Declaration of Independence. Not that a document is required to grant rights, but the Declaration correctly identifies the fundamental rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Humans have rights by their nature, not by their governments or laws. The right of liberty necessarily includes being free to live where I choose.

If I were to discover a new continent, who would there be to tell me where I could or could not live? No one. I am free to live wherever on that continent I please. What if another man comes to the continent? Where shall he live? Anywhere he pleases if it's not on my homestead. Who would stop him? Who would want to? If they did want to, would they be right?

Man is free to live where he pleases and only other men exerting force upon him can prevent it. It is that force that is evil. For example, the good branch president, who forced no man to hire him, feed him, or house him, sits in a prison cell because someone didn't want him to live here. That is evil.

Port Alice, B.C.

When my great great grandfather arrive in the Salt Lake valley in 1847, he had come from Wales and was welcomed in both the US and what was later Utah.

When my great grandmother entered the US from Scotland with her father at the age of 6 she was welcome in Utah.

A very close relative of mine came to the US from Canada illegally. His first job in Utah was remodelling a house for the local Sheriff in California. When his illegal status was pointed out to the Sheriff, the comment was; "I don't care, he's not a Mexican."

Cowboy Joe has it dead on correct.

My church holds too many Pharisees.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"My understanding is they didn't commit any crimes," said Latino community activist Tony Yapias."

What on earth do you think being here illegally is?

However, we do need to remember this...

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these the homeless, tempest-tossed to me;
I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door.

Hey It's Me
Salt Lake City, UT

People are saying we should just love and support illegals of any nationality. My question to all of you is why do we have laws of any kind then? If an American citizen breaks the law they go to court, people judge them and they serve the consequences. But we should love and look the other way when someone enters the country illegally for what ever reason (which is against the law) and not judge them. I feel really bad for ALL the people who immigrate to our nation the right way, following the law waiting years to be united with family or spouses here in the U.S.. They suffer the consequences of doing the right thing! I've seen a few posts of those people I wish more that immigrated by the law would express their feeling of those who break the law to get here.

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