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Published: Friday, April 29 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Hereford, AZ

I live on the border and see the results of illegal immigration every day. My position has always been that we need immigration law reform to allow law-abiding contributing people to immigrate legally--with a sponsor, a criminal background check, a health check and a job. We shouldn't give automatic citizenship to people just because they are born in this country if their parent or parents are here illegally. We should punish criminal illegals, not just send them thru the revolving door that is our border.

When people ask for asylum, they are usually denied, even in cases where their lives are seriously in danger. I personally know of four such cases. So when one really needs asylum, it's dangerous to ask for it because if you are denied, then you are deported. If you just stay below the radar, often you can live here in safety. That's another thing that should be changed.

One of my sons is a lawyer who does pro bono work with a human rights organization who appeals deportation orders and you wouldn't believe the horrors these people have gone thru. I wish he could help here.

Buena Park, CA

"Given the support for HB116 and the rest of the package that came out, it does make it look like the church is trying to protect illegal aliens,"
"Given the support for the LDS prophet and the other Church leaders in hiding, it does make it look like the Church is trying to protect illegal marriages."

CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

If anyone is interested, just about any ethnic Church unit has members who are here illegally, sometimes even in leadership positions. There was a time when Church policy was that missionaries could not even teach someone who was in the US illegally. Members who chose to stay here illegally could not be advanced in the priesthood or hold temple recommends. I think that Church policy changes have been to the advantage of all involved.

As a retired ICE agent, I cannot overlook the possible political ties in this particular case, but it may only be a part of a current nationwide mandate of some sort from DHS headquarters in Washington. It would not surprise me however to learn that someone has decided to punish Utah this way instead of filing a lawsuit as they did in Arizona.

Spanish Fork, UT

What happened to obeying, honoring and sustaining the law? Are we now free to chose which laws we obey.......until we're caught?

Salt lake City, UT

I personally get really weary of individuals demonizing the LDS Church. Good grief, don't you guys have a life or something rather than being filled with such hate for a body of people and a church that does much good? Isn't this bigotry? Aren't you being a hypocrite in the highest order? I personally try to live what I am taught in the LDS Church which is to obey and sustain the laws of the land and to be a good neighbor and an honest/ethical/kind/diversely open minded to others individual.

Please get a life people and find a life filled with something other than hate and misplaced judgement.

Thank you...

Murray, Ut

It's inconsistency like this that drives people away from organized religion. They want to know why people are moving to independent churches? Practice what you preach.

small town, Nebraska

It is so hard to comment on this story because all the facts appear not to be presented. I have a ex-sister in law who is from China and when she got her papers and came to the states to be with my brother who she had married she had a great dislike for the United States. She has a very hard time with the language.In the years that they were married it seemed that she wanted to be back in Chima with her mother. They have sinced divoriced which was very sad.

Brer Rabbit
Spanish Fork, UT

This man was a custodian at a Draper Charter School. Charter schools are taxpayer funded. I wonder who was in charge of doing the background check on him. In public schools, not only teachers undergo a background check, but so do other full time personnel such as custodians and bus drivers. Most good background checks would have picked up this illegal status. A background check that didn't find this must have been very sloppy.

When I worked for the Jordan School District they did checks on employees that had worked for years for the district. They picked up on several that had been arrested for DUI and other offenses. If an illegal alien could pass a background check for this charter school, so could any pedophile, and other serious criminals. I am not saying that this illegal alien is a dangerous criminal, but I am saying that a poor background check was done

If this illegal alien was hired after July 1,2009 it means that this charter school was not using E-Verify as required by Utah Law 63G-11-103

Tooele, UT

What needs to be determined is the the balance of deportations based on national origin just to make sure that the same number of individuals and families are deported equally for violation of law. I don't recall reading or seeing much about Mexican illegals being deported but whenever it's a family from another country, they seem to make the news? Why is that when you consider that 59% of illegal immigrants in this country come from Mexico?

John Jackson
Sandy, UT

Would be good if we provided a way for such people to be legal. It might be conjecture, but it does seem they were good people. Why would we want laws to remain in place that do not allow such people?

Brian the engineer
Columbus, OH

Am I the only one here who does not see any inconsistency with the LDS church's statement?

Love thy neighbor -good thing
Important to keep families intact -another good thing
Government should secure the border -also a good thing

To me, this doesn't equate to "encouraging illegal behavior" as so many have claimed, and if loving your neighbor is illegal in this country, then I sure hope my neighbors are NOT law-abiding citizens.

Joking aside, if this family have caused legitimate harm to other people, then deportation may be warranted. I don't know the details so I won't judge, but I do know it's practically and financially impossible to deport even half of the undocumented immigrants in this country. (and no, I'm not for open borders)

Let's help the good ones that are here, invest more in securing the border, and continue to prevent and prosecute identity theft and other criminal behavior.

common sense 11
Lehi, UT

The first presidency and I believe that there are NO borders in Gods eye. Why cant this be drilled into you hypocritical peoples minds! UGH. Get a history book, find out whose ancestors were really here first, and then, only then make your judgement's.

This isn't about liberal or conservative. It's about COMMON SENSE. Learn it.

Herriman, UT

You are right, common sense, in that we ALL are here on borrowed land. We feel the blessings of freedom. Do we now stand confident, looking at others who have difficulties we don't know, judging and such. Have we forgotten that we could have seen a different United States had the plans of the 9-11 terrorists fully taken place. Then, how would our freedoms be.

Compassion, recognizing law, compassion, recognizing what people may be dealing with. We proudly judge. When you look at the natural disasters of the world today, and the events that unfold before our eyes, our fragile life could change to give each of us the opportunity to see how it feels to not be allowed the freedoms of this country. Reform is a good thing, Compassion is a wonderful thing... and respecting the blessings we currently have of living in this country that for now, has some safety, for some people.

I do pray for all people... in all their circumstances, as we all are on borrowed land.

Mchenry, IL

He doesn't know if they broke any law?

Leave in 2008 and 2009. Didn't leave.

BYU Alum
Cedar Hills, UT

I keep hearing that illegal immigration is no worse than a speeding ticket and we all speed therefore... ENOUGH! To be able to work here, illegal immigrants have to use false or forged papers, a FELONY! Come here be deported and return, and it is a FELONY! Taking jobs away from citizens of this country when we have unemployment numbers through the roof IS NOT VERY CHRIST-LIKE, neither is cutting in line in front of foreign nationals who are waiting their turn to become citizens. "Honoring, obeying and sustaining the law" USED to be one of the major tenets and beliefs of my Church. Sadly, no more. And why does immigrant Yapias always blame the "far right"? I'm a Democrat, my wife Republican and this cuts across party lines.

Beverly Hills, CA

I'm amazed by the weak-minded "believers" who claim to be torn over the Church's position on this issue. The Church is advocating legal reform of existing immigration policy, not reckless abandon of the law. Besides, I think the Church clearly emphasized that God's law and the US's man-made border/immigration laws have some incompatibilities which should be addressed. Is that so difficult to understand?

John C. C.
Payson, UT

We shouldn't have such strict quotas in the first place. Liberalize the law to restrict only the criminals. We need more good people.

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

D&C 58:21 " Let no man break the laws of the land, for he that keepeth the laws of God hath no need to break the laws of the land."

Provo, UT

What difference does it make whether or not this family is LDS? The church says that we need to "remember the commandment to 'love thy neighbor,' (I can love them and still hold them accountable for breaking the law. Not just because they defied a deportation order but because they were probably involved in other illegal activity, i.e., identity theft). I believe in the importance of keeping families intact (so deport them all together and that will solve that issue), and the federal governments obligation to secure its border (great, but it's not happening)."

Spanish Fork, UT

@ Common Sense 11: "The first presidency and I believe that there are NO borders in Gods eye." Strange, the first presidency preaches that this nation was preserved for the last days from where the gospel would be spread to all nations. If we had no borders, why do we need a military to protect us? Why didn't we roll over and let Japan take the U. S. after Pearl Harbor? Why do we have a military and laws? Why do we need the constitution? Just let communist China invade and have the U. S. Better yet, just erase the borders and in 5 years the U. S. will look like and become Upper-Mexico, or perhaps Western-Iran. Perhaps someday the rule of law will be universal and we can all live in peace without borders, but in the dangerous world we live in today, we have to have borders in tact to protect our way of life, our laws, and our freedom.

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