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Published: Friday, April 29 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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lehi, ut

I'm not done yet ha ha...
So, I had no problems with the law. I know sometimes, we individuals, make choices that doesn't look to bad when you have a good intention, but in the end, if it's contrary to the law, you'll need to pay the consequences.
It's sad for a family in this situation, but when you make a choice, the consequences of this choice will come, so be careful with what you choose.
During the process with the immigration, I had to do lots of medical exams, and they checked my backgroung too. Of course, they have the right to know who is trying to come to live in their house. They need to make sure that it's someone that doesn't have a bad decease that can bring to other people's life and if the person have problems with the laws of the country they live.
When you come ilegally, they can't see who it's coming to live here and what kind of person it is. We have to obey the law, they are there for the benefit Of the people.

Tropic, UT


I like your thoughts, especially, "but we trusted that doing the right thing would blessed us,so everything would be done fast and it did".

Thank you for doing the right thing. May you continue to be blessed!

In Arizona
Mesa, AZ

While serving as a Bishop in Arizona a convert baptism was scheduled. It is very, very easy to know if a person from a foreign country is here leagally or illegally. This person was here illegally. I was new and wasn't sure she could be baptized. As I checked into it, made phone calls, etc., I was told she could be baptized and not to push the subject any further. I still have a problem with this since "are you honest in your dealings with your fellowmen" and "we believe in honoring, obeying and sustaining the law". Maybe someday I will understand but for now I still don't feel a person here illegally should be allowed to be baptized. Somebody help me understand?

Thatcher, UT

I don't have a lot of sympathy for illegal aliens, having seen what damage they do, overall. I think there is more to this story that currently reported.

I think amnesty is completely wrong. Lots of people argue that we can't deport them all, and I'm sure that is true, but we don't have to deport them all. If enforcement is stepped up, a whole bunch will go home. If E-verify is used, a lot more will go home. If they get caught using a stolen SSN and get prison time, and this is publicized, even more will go home.

Riverton, UT

No one has ever asked me about my immigration status, but if they did, and I was illegal, then it would be "cya, hate to bya." Life is cruel sometimes but we usually suffer the consequences of the choices we make. He chose to be here illegally and this is the consequence of his choices. "We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law."

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

There are consequences for breaking laws. Some, like this, are heart wrenching. God bless that family.

Holladay, UT

I have a friend from Italy who has been waiting on U.S citizenship for years. I'm all for immigration, but there needs to be a balance. People coming here from Central and South America need to wait their turn just like everyone else, and if you don't you should be deported because it isn't fair for everyone else.

lehi, ut


Thank you for your kind words :)

Salt Lake City, UT

In the 70's an Apostle told my investigator who wanted to migrate to the usa to stay home and build zion in his homeland.....this good church leader will do great things in Mexico!

Go get em tiger!

The Final Word
Alpine, UT

re: lehiaggie

Did you honestly just compare illegal immigration with speeding? Are there not degrees of seriousness of sin? Are you that clueless you can't differentiate?

Judge righteous judgement.

re: TOR
Did I say "round up everyone"? No I said we ought to empty our prisons because roughly 20% are illegals and they have already established what type of people they are by their choices to end up in prison.

You people are pathetically dramatic.

Those of you suggesting that we just stick our heads in the sand then stand around and sing kum-by-ya in regards to the immigration issue are just blind to all the existing problems that are caused.

Look around the world at other countries that have tried to do it. They are a mess and rueing the day they ever did. Now they are at various stages of trying to stop or undo it.

Gee, I wonder why.

For example, in many Latin American cultures it is completely acceptable to take bribes for any and all business transactions. You want to add that to our list of problems?

People need to get realistic. The list of problems is long.

Alpine, UT

re: Pagan

Big business make huge profits off illegals and Big Democrats make huge government socialized programs and beauracracy off illegals.

Pick your poison.

Illegals are being exploited either way so it seems like the sensible thing to do would be to stop the exploitation by STOPPING the illegals from coming in?

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

I still say REPORT then let ICE deport. Immigration officials may deport Mormon branch president and family ?. A illegal leader of an LDS Church Spanish-speaking congregation who faces deportation unwittingly finds himself in the middle of a religious turn in Utah's ongoing illegal immigration debate. That's like "Superman Renounces US Citizenship". Just like President Obama, in his concert tours, Superman is going global, he is to renounce his US citizenship to become a citizen of the universe. The classic American superhero makes his decision after getting criticized for joining an anti-Iranian demonstration in the landmark 900th issue of Action Comics. The Iranian government sees this as official US endorsement of the protests. Im tired of having my actions construed as instruments of US policy. The Man of Steel says in one frame. Truth, Justice and the American Way, it's not enough anymore. Superman also says he believes he has been thinking too small and he can't help but see the bigger picture. I hope citizen of the universe comes with a visa to visit/work in the United States or Ole Supes is breaking the law everytime he flies into US airspace.

Riverside, CA

There are many people who came here illegally or overstayed their visa who are decent, hard-working members of society. Many are faithful members of the Church. Some came here when the country was more or less turning a blind eye, in fact making them feel invited. I think it's wrong to pass judgment on these individuals. If I had been in their shoes I might have made the same choice. It's comforting to me that the Church has taken a moderate stand on the issue.

Ogden, UT

I know as a member of the LDS Church my faith has been shaken over this issue. What laws are we to obey and which are we to disregard? The word Hypocrocy just screams in my head. Do not separate familys? Done every day in applying law. To the sheep who defend the church in this should we just open the gate and let every one in? Then what do we have? Think about it! This guy broke the law now he needs to pay. Bye Bye!!!!!!!

Leesburg, VA

I have been blessed by meeting many LDS,Catholics, Buddhist, Atheist, etc. and I must say that I have never seen such little compassion on a group of human beings as the ones who write from Utah. I know is not an LDS thing. It seems is just provincialism from living in isolation in a small environment. During my mission, I never understood why Elders from outside Utah would make fun of people from Utah, particularly if they were from outside Salt Lake City. I have not reached a conclusion and may be I never will. However, it seems that this sense of righteousness and superiority and lack of love is more a geographical limitation covered under a false pretense of Christianity.
I beg forgiveness, I'm passing judgment. I welcome any ideas to clarify and take me out of my confusion if that is the case.

American Fork, UT

If this guy was a gardener the posts here would be screaming for his deportation.

Murray, UT

Millions faced with the same decision come here legally each year. Making excuses does not negate the criminal activity.

As an LDS member I have been taught that Gods laws are eternal. I guess they are not?

You want to solve the problem? Stop accepting it. Counsel people to come here legally. If that had been done years ago, we would not have the problem. That is the solution.

Oahu, HI

Bye the law is the law, Being lds does not in anyway make you an exception to the law. If you are Not legal then you are not legal and you need cought and deported.

They can be a Great Mormon Family in El Salvador. There are many.

My Stake is establishing a Tongan Ward. Part of me says good and part of me says this is America Adapt.

I would like to see a mainland Ward or evan Stake. Not Based on Race but based on Lanague, Custom, Culture and experience. I am not the only one who wants to be able to understand the Speakers and the Service. I would like to go to a Service more in line with what is on the BYU Channel.

We have lived here 10 years and have Adapted Mostly.

The 1st thing I would do is Run an Ice Check on the leaders and the members.

We do not have Hawaiian Wards where the Service is in Hawaiian. Most Hawaiians do not speak Hawaiian they speak English or a form of English called Pidge. The mosre local you are the more Pidge you speak. Along with 100 other tongues.

Salt Lake City, UT

If you are going to do it right (by the law book), then enforce all the US immigrantion laws equally will each illegal immigrant (for all 12 million of them).

Likewise, will the Federal and State governments, please enforce all of the current immigration laws on the books. In my limited views, US citizens are the biggest contributors to breaking immgration laws; just look at the number they employ for profit reasons alone.

Real leaders, please be consistent with your enforcement efforts in solving this very complex situation.

Farmington, UT

Can we please stop quoting Yapias??
First, he says the father didn't commit a crime. If he is not here legally, then he committed a crime.
Second, he eludes that the "right-wing" is not compassionate. I'm not sure this is a right-wing, left-wing issue. Last I saw, many right-wingers want the cheap, under-the-table, illegal labor in Utah.
Stop quoting this guy, as his underground networks bringing more and more folks here illegally is very much part of the problem!

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