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Published: Friday, April 29 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Something's fishy here. ICE doesn't just deport somebody. They have a triage method of deporting the most dangerous felons first.
And the whole family??? What's up with that?
Perhaps they were previously deported.
Perhaps they were fugitive absconders (aka defied a deportation order).
Perhaps this is a PR ploy from the Obama administration to make a point. After all, it's amnesty season in Washington again.
Sadly, I worry that we won't get the whole story from the DN due to their affiliation with the Mormon Church.

Murray, UT

Has Utah and the LDS church painted a target on itself?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Is this what we want? Community leaders being forced out of the country because of a stupid technicality on some expired visa? The only thing worse that this is if the kids are/were US Citizens who stayed behind.

This is Cherilyn Eagar's dream for this country, to deport the sterling scholars and community leaders, to tear families apart and to undermine the economy?

I don't get it. I'm super conservative on so many issues, but this one escapes me. There are plenty of Americans to fight, why fight this guy in this story?

Saratoga Springs, UT

Please note: In order to live in Utah as an illegal immigrant serious crimes must be committed. Either willful tax evasion (working under the table and refusing to pay taxes) or identity theft to obtain an ID to work. Any Utah citizen would be imprisoned for such crimes under the legal code.

These are serious crimes and no church should look upon a member as being in good standing at any level if they are willfully living as a criminal in this way. It just seems immoral and wrong for the LDS or any other Church to welcome people into The Body of Christ who willfully perpetrate serious crime on society. These crimes are not the equivalent of speeding. More on the level of fraud, embezzlement, etc

I dont know this Branch Presidents exact status but I certainly would question any church that allows someone openly committing fraud to stand as a leader in its population. Hope thats not the case here. His release was appropriate, his appointment in the first place probably was not.

The Final Word
Alpine, UT

"...we believe in honoring, obeying, and sustaining the law."

Best wishes.

I'm not quite sure why we don't deport all the criminal illegals in our prisons...as long as we are deporting people for breaking the law.

Government is so pathetic in how they administer the law.

Lehi, UT

I am tired of hearing the hypocrisy about obeying the law.

Next time you speed or roll through a stop sign, I expect you to run down the local police office, tell them what you did, and pay your traffic fine.

"He who is without sin..."

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Not sure why they're publishing his religion. I wonder how many catholics, atheists have been deported without their religion put in the title.

With that to the side, if they came here illegally then deport them. It's that simple. I'm not concerned about their belief, I'm concerned about them coming here legally or not.

He can serve as a Branch President in his own country.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Making assumptions on immigration issues is very dangerous. ICE officials investigate so many cases they don't have time to target specific groups. Drug dealers and saints are all on the radar of ICE officials but some hit the news and some don't. This happened to hit the news because he is a Branch president. Our country is founded on laws and until a law changes it will be enforced. If this family broke immigration laws they should pay consequences regardless of their efforts. This whole idea of "upstanding citizens" etc. is a joke and needs to stop. Simply opening the borders is going to be a very, very, dangerous policy for our country. Letting people go freely without proper immigration doucments is going to be very, very dangerous. We as US citizens need to work together to come up with a solution working with lawmakers to fix the current system. Defending those who break immigration law or any other law for that fact really destroys what our entire country was founded on regardless of how it was done. What other country in the world allows open immigration and lets people come in and out as they want?

Draper, UT

Indeed, I wonder why this man and his family are getting special attention by ICE. They don't just deport you for illegal alien status, just ask the millions that are still here. Something made him stick out from the crowd.

Galveston, TX

@The Final Word

Immigration is a complicated issue both in policy and practice. You can't solve the issue by deporting everyone (at very least, how do you propose to pay for the enormous cost of identifying, rounding up, and transporting all 11 million-or-so "illegal" immigrants?)

But whatever your stance on policy, there is scriptural support for both sides of the coin. (Mercy not robbing justice, and justice not robbing mercy).

"...of you it is required to forgive all men."
"...Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more."

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

Sounds like a horrible family.....why him when gangests run loose? I just don't get it.

We the People
Sandy, UT

I am glad the law is being enforced.

Forgiveness is wonderful; we expect all to satisfy the penalty for breaking the law and we will forgive.

Beverly Hills, CA

"Liberal Ted | 1:08 p.m. April 29, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT
Not sure why they're publishing his religion. I wonder how many catholics, atheists have been deported without their religion put in the title."

Seeing that many in Utah seem to "know better than the Prophet", his religion does matter. The LDS Church took a stance on the immigration issue only to have the First Presidency challenged by their followers. They have been doing their best to wriggle out from listening to the man they sustain as Prophet.

How many of these people who now disagree with President Monson and the LDS Church policy were the same people condemning those who disagreed with the LDS Church stance on Prop 8? Tables have been turned. Religion in this case is significant because he is a Branch President, someone of leadership in the church and community.

The anti illegal immigrant LDS flag bearers are scaring people away from investigating and joining the church. I believe they will all be accountable to a higher power some day.

Provo, UT

It's so tiresome to read, time and again, people's assumptions about one's immigration status. There are myriad ways to become illegal, and crossing the border is but one of them. What if these people came here legally but allowed their status to expire? If you think "fixing the border," will fix the problem, you don't understand that there are larger problems at play. After all, once someone get in, how do they stay? Cut off people's lifeblood that allows them to stay and you solve the border problem. The border is a band-aide and band-wagon issue.

This is the only country (of 4) that I've lived in that doesn't have a national ID card that actually identifies a person (face and finger print) and that must be renewed regularly. It's too easy to fake your ID in the US.

Cedar City, UT

As advocated by the Church and admonished by Deseret News, we need to change the laws and make our good neighbors citizens.

The same scenario has played out in our past. Women broke the laws to obtain the right to vote. American Indians fought for their freedom. In my lifetime, blacks broke the laws to become full citizens. As did their supporters (e.g. Freedom Riders).

Today we have laws that are flat wrong, as the Church suggests. Let's change them!

As in each time in our history, whenever we have extended full citizenship to those among us, our country has been blessed.

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

The article did not say what the violation was. ( "Oh that men could see a little clearer or judge less harshly where they do not know." )

Salt Lake City, UT

'Not sure why they're publishing his religion.' - "Liberal Ted | 1:08 p.m. April 29, 2011

Perhaps because his faith was actively trying to keep his illegal status a secret?

*'Source claims state (Utah) finds, but hides, immigrant ID theft' - By Lee Davidson - DSnews - 09/02/10

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

His being from El Salvador makes this whole issue fishy. During the Bush presidency we worked out an argreement with El Salvador and also one with Honduras in which we essentially gave their former residents in the US permanent status here. El Salvador can not afford to have their nationals in the US returned. That would double the population of El Salvador.

If this man had fled the equally if not less represive government of Cuba he would be a legal immigrant with no threat of deportation. It is just that the El Salvador government repressed people under a different guise. There is no reason that we should deport this family. It is built around a refugee system that was politically slanted instead of recognizing the real concerns of those who flee repressive governments.

Florissant, MO

First of all, this is Utah, this is the Deseret News and LDS owned newspaper and this is about an LDS member of the church. Thus the reason to tell his religion.

So proud of you Utah law for getting rid of those good families, you would not want people who contribute to society to stay, you need to follow California's way of doing it, especially San Francisco, just look the other way for those that commit crime and murder.

There are a lot of rapists, murderers and gang members that come to this country illegally and are still here. And there are good families that come here illegally, I do not condone either, but my heart has softened and I do think that those that are here contributing need to be offered a more fair chance.

But alas, instead they send the decent ones away and keep all those that are taking and oh, yeah, they do give, they give in crime.

Salt Lake City, UT

Here's another:

*'Mormon-Owned Paper Stands With Immigrants' - By JEREMY W. PETERS - 09/19/10
- NY Times
'SALT LAKE CITY Joseph A. Cannon is nobodys liberal. (sic) The Newss push for a more liberal embrace of undocumented immigrants has led to a collision between its editorial mission and its conservative, mostly Mormon, readers. But if this issue seems to stray from the reliably conservative politics of The News, Utahs second-largest paper behind The Salt Lake Tribune, that may be in part because it is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.'

If this came off as 'anti-mormon', I apologize. My intent was only to show the growing trend with some fo the LDS faith.
I do NOT agree with immigration in America today. While the laws are clear, prefer to look at the 'human factor' when addressing immigration.
Not to mention the fact that big buisness makes HUGE profit on hiring someone who has ZERO access to legal defense, and offer's them less than minimum-wages.

I guess, in this case, I can stand with some of the LDS members on this issue.

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