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Published: Thursday, April 28 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Veritas Aequitas,

Look at the history of QB's who have been taken early in the draft by bad teams and then thrown right into starting roles as rookies or second year players. It's easy to see the trend. Most of the QB's who have really made something of themselves have had a few years as a backup to develop. There are plenty of examples, not just Aaron Rogers. Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Jim McMahon, Steve Young. In fact Steve Young is a good example of why I think Alex Smith is still salvageable and can play. Steve went first to LA's USFL team and when the USFL folded wound up with Tampa Bay where he got beat up every game and never really accomplished anything. Finally the 49ers picked him up and with some solid coaching and a good starting QB to mentor him, he became a great QB.

So, yes I believe he can play and will, if he accepts the 49ers offer and Harbaugh is allowed to really work with him.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

49er Fan,

Rogers would not have faired any better under the circumstances. Neither would Tom Brady. Both of them were brought into the right situations where they didn't have to start right away. There are tons of draft analysts and NFL experts out there pointing this out leading up to the draft. Most QBs do best when they are not thrown into the starting roles right away. ESPN's Todd McShay is saying Blaine Gabbert has the best chance to succeed of all the QB's in the first round, because the team that drafted him is saying they are looking at him as the starter of the future. They want to develop him over the next couple of years, before they make him a starter. That is the ideal situation for young QBs and history has proven this over and over.

I think Alex Smith is salvageable and I believe the 49ers have proven they want to do that by not taking a QB in the 1st round.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


With all due respect, I'll take Jim Harbaugh's evaluation of Alex Smith over yours. Given he was a successful QB in college and the pros and he has shown he knows how to coach QBs.

At the same time, you are right about him not being as athletic as Steve Young, but he has had a similar road. How many years did Young flounder in TB without any real talent or solid coaching to help him succeed? It wasn't until he was pulled into the San Francisco with at Hall of Fame Coach and Hall of Fame mentor that he proved he could make it in the NFL.

That proves two of my points. One, most QBs need good coaching and mentoring to succeed. Two, if a QB has what it takes, they can succeed even if they have struggled. Now the coach is in place, I just hope the rest falls into place for him. Of course he has to accept the offer.

Highland, UT

@mormon ute

Harbaugh is hardly a proven NFL coach and the 49ers are a joke of a franchise. I wouldn't predict much success yet. Also Harbaugh was not a "successful" NFL QB, he was a pretty mediocre NFL QB.

Alex Smith is a marginal talent and if you want to go by harbaughs assesment that is fine but Harbaugh hasn't said anything to great about Smith, only that he'd keep him around.

I think Smiths upside is probably a Harbaugh type career which you can google up if you want. I have no ill feelings toward Smith but he has never impressed me as much of a talent and I think his career thus far has shown us that. Certainly the situation a player is in has an affect on his performance but I have seen far to many awful throws and unforced fumbles from Smith to credit him with much of a chance.

I don't think he'll ever amount to much but if he does I would be happy for him. He seems like a good person.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


No matter how much you'd like to marginalize Harbaugh's career, he still has seen far more QB's in both college and the NFL than you have and has much more experience evaluating talent. And he did say that he watched a year's worth of film on Alex Smith within his first few weeks of being named the Head Coach of the 49ers. That's a lot of effort for someone you just want to keep around.

Highland, UT

@Mormon Ute

Well I suppose we'll find out eventually. We do know this, to this point Smith has been a huge bust, no other way to put it. He was the overall number one pick in the NFL draft and for the last 6 seasons has performed like anything but that. Yes you have made alot of good excuses for him, some might even be correct, but the overriding theme from most ute fans is that smith has been so bad in large part because of organizational incompetence and bumbling. That may be true.

But if the organization has been so incompetent and made so many poor decisions might it not just be possible that one of those incompetent and poor decisions was making smith the #1 pick? If they couldn't evaluate any of the talent they put around him isn't it possible they made a mistake evaluating his talent as well?

Like I said I don't wish ill on him but I just can't believe that his problems have all been the fault of others. At some point, and I would say 6 seasons is plenty, it becomes obvious a player isn't good.

che loco
Springville, UT

Oh, and I can't stand the Packers. I was cheering for Chris Kemoeatu and the Steelers!

Arlington, VA

Mormon Ute

With the 49ers drafting Colin Kaepernick early in the 2nd round, it doesn't look like Harbaugh is convinced that Alex is the quarterback of the future for the 49ers.

No team with a proven starter would waste the 36th overall pick in the draft for a back up QB.

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