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Published: Wednesday, April 27 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Costa Mesa, CA

He ditched the U for a lower paying job. Why would he advocate for them?

Draper, UT

Did he? What was his salary at the U and what is his salary at UW?

Farmington, UT

Does this sound like another good-old boys club, like the US Congress and BCS schools or what?

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah


Does this sound like another good-old boys club, like the US Congress and BCS schools or what?

It sure does! Another club that byu will not be invited too!

west jordan, ut

Re bleed crimson:
You could also be invited to join a gentlemans club. So what? Just because its private doesnt mean its better. Of course, we could concede that point and apply it to university ownership....

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

The University of Florida is an AAU school too. Fmr-Utah President Bernie Machen, who now heads up the Sunshine State's flagship institution, also had designs on qualifying Utah for an inviatation to that exclusive academic circle. Perhaps we should be reaching out to him as well.

I would love to see Utah elevated to the AAU's esteemed confederation.

Logan, UT

What? I thought Utah had already made it to the promised land? Why do they need this guy to be their advocate?

Farmington, UT

@Bleed Crimson

Who said anything about BYU? I'm talking about the elitist attitudes of the PAC 12, not all of whom are members. Do you really need the AAU to feel you are a quality university? Apparently, in your eyes, it is necessary.

I'd say you're a bit paranoid about other schools that are no longer in your conference, but that's nothing new, really. Utes were pretty upset with the BCS in 2005 and 2009 and now that they're in the PAC 12 they think the BCS is just wonderful. (Surely you remember the previous unpopularity of the BCS on the hill.) Guess what---they haven't changed, you have. They are still the same elitist program they always were and you'll have a tougher time now that you are playing the likes of UCLA ansd USC instead of Utah State and Weber State. Good luck---you'll surely need it. And tell us how great the Las Vegas Bowl is, now that it is likely to be your bowl, assuming you are eligible for post-season play.

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah


Dude, Its a joke! Chill out! You Y fans take things too serious. There is no guarantee the U will even get into the AAU. There is a chance they might. Which will boost their academic profile along with the Pac 12 membership.

Springville, UT

As soon as you get your ACLU membership to 75% then Mr. Young will put in a 'good' word for your little school.

Sandy, UT

Oh the desire to be accepted by the World.

Utah once again begging to belong to a "Group". A very liberal, socialistic minded group at that.

Like the insecure 7th grader, doing just abut anything to "Belong".

Sad and Pathetic. Akin to Hollywoods weekly award shows.

Some stand on their own merits and priciples, while others dig the Group-Think.

Followers vs Leaders......Utah follows, BYU leads.

Idaho Falls, ID

I think the AAU is the perfect place for the U to play basketball.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

university of utah???...Research Giant???...Oh yeah...the ones who gave us Cold Fusion. Remember back in 1991 when the world ended it's dependency on Fossil fuels. The ones who made it possible for us to go to Warp Drive in our Hummers. Some (supposedly) top researchers i.e. Stanley Pons of u of u and some guy from Great Britain named Martin Fleischman. They've got to right up there at the head of Utah's list of top researchers and will undoubtedly ensure the u of being welcomed into the club.

Murray, UT

No MWC school is a member of AAU. All of the schools in the Big 10+2 are members of AAU including new member Nebraska. Since the PAC 12 and Big 10+2 conferences are closely associated in every way I would think that the other PAC 12 schools would want and encourage AAU membership for Utah. Arizona received AAU membership six years after joining the PAC 10. I predict Utah will get an AAU invite in six years or less.


"Oh the desire to be accepted by the World". There is a big sign at the entrance of BYU that reads, "The World is Our Campus". Please go and enjoy your little world.


Please do some research and report here how many grads of the J. Rueben Clark law school at BYU are members of the ACLU and how many have served as directors of the ACLU for Utah. I know of at least two previous directors of the ACLU for Utah that graduated from the J. Rueben Clark law school.

N. Las Vegas, NV

Why can't a school, any school, get to the
"promised land" on it's own merits? What's wrong with this picture?

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Oh boy...you crack me up...You use the ACLU as a measurement of creditbility...Wow...Now I've heard everything... I'll quote Collin Cowherd in his response to a caller who was trying to portrey golf as the last sport where someone can lose and be a gentleman about it. "Blah...blah...blah...nobody cares!!!" The ACLU has a horrific win to loss ratio. People join them for only one reason...to attempt to make a name for themselves...usually from a single case. They wait and wait like a bunch of hungry vultures just to try and get their hands on that once in a lifetime case. To make headlines. That's your measurement of research success??? Do you really think that kind of rational is going to buy the University a membership in the AAU. You had a much better chance with The Cold Fusion angle before that blew up in your faces.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Sorry VegasBart. Meant to direct that last commentof mine to The Dutchman. My Bad...I was laughing too hard about his ACLU comment....sorry!!!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Wow the brown shirt censors are out in force today, I love how Stockton can bring up Pons in attempt to disparage the U's accademic credibility but if I mention Steven E. Jones it gets censored.

Before you start casting stones you better take a close look at your own house, BYU has it's own legacy of whack jobs, if you don't beleive me google the above name.

Chris B's momma
Idaho Falls, ID

My son plays AAU basketball. He's in the 7th grade league. I think they could have beat u last year!

Atlanta, GA

Utah's inclusion in the AAU would make a certain amount of sense, but this is an organization that moves at a glacial pace. Georgia Tech only joined in 2010, in spite of being in the top ten of best public universities for several decades. All of GT's graduate engineering programs are ranked in the top ten internationally; Utah has nothing comparable.

I think being in the Pac-12 will help Utah's case and develop its programs, but nobody should hold their breath.

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