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Published: Wednesday, April 27 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Mesa, AZ

Wow,what will the trolls think about this? I am biting my nails in anticipation.

They had so much to say about ESPN and a possible bowl game. What wisdom will they regale us with today?

BYU is rising in almost every single category. All around the country the vast majority of people are aware of BYU, their programs and even some of their challenges. What's better, (outside of our resident trolls on this board)most people have positive impressions of BYU! I remember well, when more ill was spoken then good, but now almost everything I read (from coast to coast) has BYU gaining ground.

And just in case you were wondering...

Nope. I still, couldn't care less about the PAC 10's junior members.

Mesa, AZ

Oh yeah,

I would still rather be independent.
I would still rather play in the WCC.
I would still rather have my own deal with ESPN.
I would still rather have my 1984 National Championship Trophy.
I would still rather have had the chance to see Jimmer play.
I would still rather have my attendance at BYU's events.

than be U.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

UNLV is putting together a strong basketball staff.

Sort of what I had hoped Utah would have done getting ready for the PAC-12.

Springville, UT

BYU is taking charge here. I see a lot of momentum built up with the whole Jimmer-riffic season we just had. It's not like the cupboard is bare. If anything, I see this as an opportunity for the Cougs to show that they are not a one-hit wonder.

Riverton, UT

Typical BYU...always trying to grab the headlines.

Didn't Utah Basketball grab some headlines this year too? Don't they deserve a little more exposure as well?

I'm sure Squeegee and Krissy will make up for the media void.

Iowa City, IA

Woooooo!!! Nothing like being comapared to the top programs in the nation. Way to go fan base! Of course that is a great indicator of a team that wins and wins often!!!

Can't wait for this fan base to show it's enthusiams across the nation. Go Cougs!

Lubbock, TX

Not really that important, but BYUs winning percentage in SLC was 100% (which includes delta center contests). utahs? Not even worth calculating.

Ann Arbor, MI

7 of 7 comments all referencing the Utes.

Thanks little bro. We'll send you a PAC12 postcard inwhich you can live vcariously through.


AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

And Hedgie you just could not resist commenting on another BYU article. Big fan you are.

Tennessee better look out. BYU is not far behind and another year will have BYU with an even larger fan base.

Go Cougars.

Seattle, Wa


if you weren't trolling a BYU article you wouldn't know these comments existed.

Kind of like the age old philisophical question: "If the Utes lose to Oral Roberts, CSU and Air Force at the HC in front of 15000 empty red chairs, and no one sees it, did they really lose those games?"

You're accusong Y fans of Living vicariously through their rival? The only reason anyone knows you're alive is because of your comments on BYU articles.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

You sort of got that right...what utey's hate worst to admit is that BYU does get a lot more of the starry bannered headlines for it's sports programs. That's always been a problem for utey's...and always will be. I liked how Veritas Aquitas summed up utey obsession with joining the PAC in the blog acompanying the related Utah article. One utey fan ranted on about leaving behind places like Laramie, Wyoming, Ft Collins, Colorado and Albuquerque, New Mexico. He simply said "Dude... to the other 10 PAC teams...you just became their Laramie." Gotta be one of the best top 5 comebacks so far in any of the Utah related PAC discussions. And as usual we find our little buddy Hedgie still miserably camped out on the edge of the Great Black Swamp up near Ann Arbor again utey tooting "No Joy" in uteyville.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

BYU is no longer part of the MWC................so who cares???

Sandy, UT

BYU's "Increase" in Attendance This Year, was Larger than Utah's Total Average Attendance.

Eagle Mountain, UT

@ honorCode

Apparently you still care. And BYU nation appreciates you.

BYU will have an excellent Basketball team next year. They will have a less experienced but very talented guard lineup and will have an excellent front court. They should be deep enough to play 8 or 9 in their rotation and should be back in the NCAA tournament. They have some excellent recruits on their radar. They have raised themselves a notch this year and should stay there now.
Great time to be a Cougar fan.

Provo, Ut

Get lost U trolls! Didn't you see Jimmer complete our QUest for Perfection?! We are on a different plane now.

Do do do do Cant touch this!!!

UC Baller
Salt Lake City, UT

My team is from out of State...but a simple observation...

BYU fans...where were you the last 7 years when I moved here? Can you say bangwagon fans? We all like a winner, but easy on the "we are the greatest fan base" comments when I would take my 3 year old to a game and it would be 3/4 empty not too long ago. Bandwagon defines BYU Basketball. Everyone knows the BYU fans are fickle and are the best stagecoach drivers in the land.

Utah. Poor Utah. You want deperately to even get a glipse of a bandwagon so you can not drive it like BYU fans, but just get the chance to ride on it. No local players, bad schemes, poor record, boring bball, etc. I sure hope both teams rise and be the best teams in thier conferences like in football. It just makes things fun.

I think the WCC will get boring real fast; and Utah Coack K will turn it around, but not to the top. We need to face the fact that football will dominate a lukewarm basketball project for both schools for the next several years.

Orem, UT

UC Baller

"when I would take my 3 year old to a game and it would be 3/4 empty not too long ago... I think the WCC will get boring real fast"

Your analysis is way off and smacks off out-of-state homerism.

I've been to most of BYU's home basketball games during the Dave Rose era and except for an occassional late-December game after the students had left, the Marriott Center has never been 3/4 empty during the last six years.

The WCC will be different, but there are some very good teams in the WCC and Rose is already beefing up his non-conference schedule to compensate for the WCC not being as strong as the MWC. BYU will continue to make annual trips to the Big Dance and, as long as Dave Rose is BYU's head coach, BYU basketball will continue to be exciting.

Ann Arbor, MI

Get lost U trolls! Didn't you see Jimmer complete our QUest for Perfection?!

What does perfection mean? Must have everything to do with morality and not performance on the court.

let's review
1. Did not win out right the MWC
2 Did not win the MWC tournement
3 Did not win the sweet 16 game
4 Did not win the elite 8 game
5. Did not win the final four
6. Did not win the NCAA championship

Salt Lake City, UT

Honor Code | 4:10 a.m. April 28, 2011

MWC teams care about BYU although the reverse is not true! They diss BYU, pout and threaten (very childish) not to schedule games until they look at the draw BYU has. The MWC will sink even lower without TCU, BYU and Utah. Bye, bye, er...ah, what was your name? Oh yes, MWC.

Provo, Ut

hedge- Jimmer made the nation fall in love with BYU again. He did more for college sports around here than anyone in recent memory. He single handedly packed the marriot center. It was awesome. To bad you didn't see it. Perhaps if you had been there you would understand and be a fan of Jimmer and BYU!

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