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Published: Wednesday, April 27 2011 5:30 a.m. MDT

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Kent Larsen
New York, New York

It is unfortunate that Trent didn't do a bit more searching before posting this article. He may have found my annual list here:

Major League Mormons

Kent Larsen
New York, New York

To make it clearer, "Major League Mormons" is a post on the Mormon blog Times and Seasons.

This system doesn't allow posting urls, so I can't give the link. But it should be easy to find by web search.

Bountiful, UT

Your article missed one of your Best LDS pitchers JJ - Josh Johnson of the Florida Marlins Era 1.06 record 3 wins 0 losses

DR Hampton
Portage, MI

Adam Rosales of the Oakland A's is LDS. Duane

In Arizona
Mesa, AZ

I would like to see a list of "Mormons not in professional sports and what they are doing to help the world".

Montesano, WA

This one of my pet pevees, I do not like how some pople in the church hold sports people and those in the media on high pedistel, I would much more like to see how the avrage home teacher helped a person get back to church. But those are not real news stories are they. The Lord is not going to care one flying fig newton what the era is of a pitcher who is a member of the church.

Cedar Hills, UT

What ever happened to Mark Pawlek?? He bounced around the Cubs farm teams for a few years but I haven't heard anything for a while.

Salt Lake City, UT

Roy Halladay rules no matter what he does or doesn't practice. He also does great charity work.

Go Phils!

Salem, UT

In Arizona and Dadof5sons

Please don't read these articles and comment on them if you are not interested. Geesh! I think your recommendations are great but THIS IS an article about Mormons in MLB and I for one follow all the LDS athletes in the major sports and find this most interesting. I wish there were more articles out there about LDS athletes.

Kent Larsen
New York, New York

patriot, Pawelek (note spelling) was in Minors through last year, although last year he played for an independent team -- not in any Major League team's organization. Since he pitched just one game last year and had an era over 12, it seems unlikely that he will be back.

Salt Lake City, UT

Active or not, Halladay is a stud. Has been ever since he was in high school, never mouthed off and rubbed his ego in others' faces.
A cooler kid than he would indeed be a rare discovery.

In Arizona
Mesa, AZ

To Dodger Doug: From what I understand we are free to read and write what we want, as long as it is respectful to others. Are you saying you only want those who agree to be able to make comments? I would recommend to Deseret News that they do an article on "the little people", those not in the public eye and the many good things they do to help others. They are truly the famous ones.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Clayton Mortensen (Rexburg ID)drafted 2007 out of Gonzaga #36 overall pick by St. Louis, currently pitching for the Colorado Rockies 0.00 era 8 innings of middle relief.

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