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Published: Wednesday, April 27 2011 3:00 a.m. MDT

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Centerville, UT

A while back I was talking to some non-LDS co-workers. They had watched a bit of our conference a and had visited a sacrement meeting or two and commented on how borning the speakers were. How they weren't like the pasters they were used to. I explained to them that the words are supposed to convert not the emotion of the speaker. They just looked stunned at me and then agreed that that is probablly better.


I feel I have to disagree. The words themselves, whether those of the star spangled banner or the scriptures, were recorded BECAUSE there was such strong emotion. I think we owe it to both to read them, study them, then convey them with the maximum understanding we can of the emotion of the situation.

Tucson, AZ

@JuliannaG I think you are not quite getting the point. I do not believe he is saying "sans emotion." Quite the opposite: he's saying there is MORE emotive content and meaning when it is about the text and the music, not the performer.

As a professional musician (choir director) I agree with his premise totally. And that IS what church is all about. You see, when you are not the true church, you have to market your church. You attract parishioners by your music, speakers, etc. etc. We have the spirit. We do not have to market our church. It is not "sold" to anyone. As a convert, that is one thing that attracted me to the church. There are so many churches today that seek to entertain more than to worship, either through music or sermonizing.

We all love artists who truly feel what they are performing and not to point the attention on him/her. Ironically, that is when the artist actually shines the most.

Monroe, UT

The column states "the elders" but as I recall, the anthem was sung by a group of sister missionaries and elders! The article should be corrected to point that fact out.

I am not finding fault, just feel a correction/clarification is in order.

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