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Published: Tuesday, April 26 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Sure, and it would be watched by the same 100,000 mormons who would watch any other bowl byu played in.

Here is an idea byu, why not have an undefeated season and play in a BCS game?

Or is losing too much fun?

Highland, UT

I am starting to like independence more and more. "Soveriegn" I definately like the sound of that. With a willing partner like ESPN such a bowl could become an excellent destination with a very nice payout. I would think with a few years effort it could get it self some nice tie ins for some good teams. I doubt it would ever become one of the very top bowls but of course the Fiesta Bowl was once a start up small bowl. BYU helped to build that one into a great bowl. The Holiday Bowl also grew because of BYU's involvement. They have a track record of building bowls up.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Please don't start their own bowl game. That doesn't make sense. I'm not too crazy about the tie-in to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (are you serious?), but I LOVE the tie-in the good ol' Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego. I love my Cougs, but if they really want to "put their money where their mouth is," why wouldn't they think their record will speak for itself as an independent BCS at large school after the next 2 years. I imagine they would hope their BCS at-large options would be much better by that time frame. In the interim, I'd LOVE to see my Cougs in Sunny San Diego for the next 2 years!

Seattle, Wa

@ Chris B:

Why not have a winning team in basketball sometime? Or is losing too much fun?

Mesa, AZ

Chris B

What do you think BYU or any other football team tries to do?

And even when they do go undefeated, it doesn't guarantee anything in the crooked NCAA system. (The U found that out the hard way.)

What are you going to say when they do have an undefeated season and do play in a BCS game?

Let it go.

On the other hand...

There is no structure on the books to deal with a sovereign university like BYU, an NCAA source told Wilner.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

"Or is losing too much fun?"

I'm sure you would know...

Eagle Mountain, UT

@ crisb,
You left a couple of zeros off the end. This is BYU we are talking about not your school.
I think you missed the biggest point here. ESPN is interested in creating a bowl for BYU if they do not have another option. They are being pro-active to make sure BYU does get a bowl in 2011. Would they do that for your school? Would they have given your school a contract worth millions per year independent of a conference affiliation?

Your obsession is blinding you. BYU is nationally relevant, nationally respected and recognized and ESPN knows any bowl with BYU will be a money maker.
Your school? Not so much! Eventually, your school will do fine (money-wise) on those big pac coattails though.

BYU will get around to the BCS in the near future.

Eagle Mountain, UT

@ So. Cal Reader.
This is just a stop-gap to make sure BYU has a bowl in their first year of independence. I expect they will have a good season but many of the bowls that would be interested in them have their hands tied with contracts in 11.
It is cool that ESPN is looking out for them to make sure they aren't left without a bowl this year. Other bowls will make provisions in years to come and other schools will be looking at BYU to see if this route is advantageous.
The bowl picture will change dramatically in the next 5 years.

oh ye confederacy of dunces
Flushing, NY

I like it. Seize the power from the rotten BCS. Create our own wealth with a homegrown bowl game (wherein we control costs, payout,et and do so hoestly unlike the current cest-pool system) as the program continues to grow.

Highland, UT

Ah leave poor christina alone. He is jealous. This is just one more thing BYU could do and utah never could so reality simply smacked her upside her head again with this revelation. Just for fun let's recap all of the things BYU is capable of that utah is not capable of.

BYU can be independent. utah never could survive, let alone thrive, as an independent.

BYU can have it's own worldwide television station. utah...well...no.

BYU can have an exclusive multi year contract with ESPN the Worldwide Leader in sports programing and broadcasting. utah....LOL

BYU can win a National Championship in football. utah...well they tell us 2nd is better anyway.

BYU can start it's own bowl game. utah....bwaaaahaaahaaaaa

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Chris B:

There would be 100,002 to watch the bowl game:

100,000 Mormons plus you and h-hog.

That would be about 90,000 more than who would watch utah in a bowl game, that's assuming utah is in a bowl game from now on.

Robert Johnson
Sunland, CA

Sounds like a redeux of the New Mexico Bowl

Orem, UT

I think I would wait on how they do as an independent before thinking about a bowl. I am sure that if their season warrants it, they will be picked up by some bowl somewhere. Rather than go independent, however, I would hope that this is a transition time where they can eventually be invited in a BCS conference like maybe, the Big 12 (minus Nebraska and Colorado). By going independent in football, they are killing all other sport programs including basketball but more especially track. This could eventually have an effect on football, particularly on recruiting because no real blue-chipper will want to go play football for a school with no assurance that they can get into a BCS bowl game.

Iowa City, IA

@ Chris B:

Wow, it only took you 6 minutes from when this Cougar article was posted to add your comment! You even beat your reaction time for the Jimmer article today (10 minutes)! You are becoming better at constantly refreshing the BYU news pages, looking for more stories.

I think your efforts definitely qualify you as a BYU fan.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

I can see it now "The Devotional Bowl" where you'll have a "Devotional" before kick-off and the presentation will be on HD BYU. ESPN will cancel your contract and you'll be begging to get back into the WAC!!

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Is it just me, or is Chris B a plant from the Des News to get hits on the website?

Why does the kid love BYU so much that he is always first to post, and always something totally irrational? Could the kid be more far off from reality?

That, or his is paid in "Pie" by the Ute Alumni House.

Either way, Chris, you do not represent all that is good and decent with sports.

BYU is soveriegn territory. BYU is the wildcard. A BYU Bowl would "out-invite" the New Mexico Bowl.

BYU would jump to a middle of the pack Bowl first year, raise up from there, and other bowls would drop off.

BYU writes their own history from this point on. Just like they have decided their own history on the field.

Meanwhile the Utes wait for directions from Larry Scott. Tons of potential revenue, but really, Thursday night games?

I sort of wish Utah would have stuck with BYU, the team that built the U, and went independent... Together, Big Brother, and Utah could have built something special.

Now Utah is just another top-Pac wannabe.

Salt Lake City, UT

One answer to Chris B's negative comments about BYU going undefeated and playing in a BCS game is that in the past they played a harder schedule than the BCS buster teams like Utah and Hawaii and in some years Boise St. For example in 2004, Utah did not have to play road games versus USC and ND. In 2008 they played TCU in SLC not in Fort Worth.

It would have been fun to watch Utah play USC and ND in 2004 with that excellent Urban Meyer team. But could the Utes pull off 2 wins? Ditto for the TCU miracle in SLC in 2008. Would that have happened on the road in Texas?

Please, I am not picking a fight here. I was in Tempe cheering my head off as the Utes trampled all over Pitt. What I am trying to show is simply the shallowness of the negative comment. Nothing more nothing less.

Springville, UT

I think there are plenty of teams that would be excited to play against BYU in a bowl, especially with Heaps and our singy D in the mix. BYU will be a worthy opponent as I predict them to go 10-2 (only losses to Texas and TCU).

@TJ - I didn't see anywhere in the article that ESPN is actively seeking a bowl for BYU.........

All of this won't matter because BYU will be playing in a major bowl before you can say Reno Mahe.

Highland, UT

I especially found this line interesting.

"the reason the powerful football issues committee has spent hours discussing BYU in past meetings and probably will address it again this week"

This of course is relevence.

Do you think they even spent 1 second discussing utah?


Baton Rouge, LA

There could be years when BYU is not invited to the BYU bowl. Ah the scandal...

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