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Published: Monday, April 25 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Lindon, UT

10 great coaches on the BYU FB team. With the talent of the players, this should be a special year for BYU FB. Exciting to be able to watch all of the games from our homes. Independence has its pros and cons, but I think the benefits far outweigh the negatives. I'm looking forward to a great FB season for BYU. Record will probably be 11-1, but could be 12-0, if things play out just right. If 11-1, the one loss will NOT be the TUN, which is coming to our place to play this year.

Frisco, TX

Independence is all about risk and reward. If an invitation to the Big12 were extended and accepted, there would be less risk and calculated rewards.

Independence brings less certainty. If the Cougs finish in the Top 20 four of the next five years, like they've done the past five years . . . independence will pay off handsomely for the Cougs.

They have the right foundation for a great football team in 2011 and an even better team in 2012.

I just hope the Utes don't cancel the rivalry game after they get beaten up by the Cougs over the next few years.

Alexandria, VA

One game at a time. I'll be in Oxford on Sept. 3.

Baton Rouge, LA

The high-stakes experiment of going independent in football begins with a season on which an unusually high level of scrutiny and requirement for success will be placed. The fortunes of this season will go a long way toward establishing the success or lack thereof in the minds the media, fans, and players--and not just at BYU.

Exceed expectations and more talented recruits will choose BYU over other schools, thus feeding the cycle of talent needed to ensure future success; viewership increases and ESPN is happy. Lose too many games and fewer athletes will be interested; viewership is not as high as it could be.

Sure BYU could recover from a mediocre season, but it would take additional years of outstanding seasons. Start out with what it takes to win now, get to a BCS bowl game, and the opportunities will be absolutely exciting for many seasons to come.

Eagle Mountain, UT

This should be a good year and with all of the experience that this years sophmores and Juniors got last year, it has the potential to be a great year. I think BYU is setting itself up to having a great year in 2012. There will be a lot of Juniors and even some sophmores with experience of players a year older. I think their recruiting will rise a level over the next year or two setting them up for a lot of success in the next few years. Exciting times for football in Utah. Hopefully the Utes will have a winning season thier first year in the PAC and the Aggies will have a breakout year and both will get to bowls.

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Doug Jardine
sandy, utah

What it resulted in was a lot of white coaches. Diversity in higher level coaching positions is once again disappearing at the Y. Come on Bronco, at least reach out to your polynesian brothers and extend a coaching olive branch to them.

Boise, ID

I think BYU has made good decisions with coaching. There has to be a learning curve and I expect some hickups along the way. Hopefully there won't be any game changers. Can't wait to start the season. Go Cougs!

Orem, Utah

Independence gives BYU football the opportunity to rid itself of the mid-major label. With this coaching staff and the renewed attitude by the players, it should happen.

Winning 10+ every year, going undefeated occasionally against a decent schedule, and playing in and winning a BCS bowl can do wonders for the perception that BYU is no longer a mid-major.

ESPN is hoping BYU becomes that team. As long as Bronco remains at the Y, I see this as BYU's football future.

Heaps certainly wants a shot at a national championship. With what's transpired with this team recently, it's entirely possible. Heaps certainly has the tools to do the job. Hopefully, the talent level of the rest of the team (and coaches) is up to the task.

Personally, I'd like to see Jake stick around through at least his junior year, meaning it might take that long to get into that game (schedule-wise and win-wise).

Orem, Utah

Even BYU's first year as an independent has a decent schedule, in spite of the patsy WAC teams on the schedule. Both BYU and two of its opponents (Texas and TCU) are ranked in one early-season poll. Wins over ranked teams will do a lot for BYU's SOS and ability to climb the polls.

Let's hope both Texas and TCU do well next year (except against BYU). Even UCF can help BYU's SOS if they continue to lead their conference.

Let's also hope Utah does well in the Pac-12, which would further help BYU's SOS.

SOS is everything in the eyes of pollsters. It defines your chance at BCS bowl games.

Wouldn't it be sweet if BYU got to its first BCS bowl game in its first year of independence? Undefeated against this 2011 schedule should guarantee that. There's enough meat in the schedule to get BYU ranked high enough as an undefeated that it couldn't be passed up for an at-large BCS berth.

Having TCU and Hawaii both late in the schedule will help a lot, too, as long as BYU wins those games.


Lehi, UT

Sometimes a new assignment is just the right medicine. The coaches should all be energized and that should transfer to the players and the field. Oxford should be a great place to start the new era in Cougar football.

Idaho Falls, ID

I am way excited for the coming season. I'd love to be a fly on the wall and find out how the team captains run the team during the next few months. Time in the weight room and time doing important drills at skill positions, and staying in shape will go a long way to a great season.

I'll be in Oxford to help the cougars start it all off. Only 4 months til fall practice.

Ogden, UT

The difference between a good team and a great team is attitude. Watching Bronco last season was great. He would not accept mediocrity from his team, or his coaches. He didn't put off making changes once it was clear things were not working.

It is very apparent to me that the coaching staff will not settle for just being good, they are looking for great. That attitude will be transferred to the players, and the results will be a team everyone will be proud off.

The future is very bright for BYU.

Springville, UT

Did anyone else read the story about Bronco's offseason training program on bleacher report?

It's a pretty good article that highlights how badly Bronco wants it this year. His focus is razor sharp! He is changing everything from his dietary habits (eating more veggies and less pudding) to his coaches to his mental approach. He's even wearing Shape-Ups so that he can patrol the sidelines more effectively.

I think the Cougs will be ready for this year! My prediction is 10-2 (both losses come to the Texas schools - Texas and TCU).

dallas realist
rockwall, texas


tcu is not even close to the team they were last year. i doubt they beat byu

St. George, UT

TCU has lost a lot. Andy Dalton, Jeremy Kerley, Tank Carder most of the defense. they will be solid as always. But not Rose bowl team like. BYU CAN beat them. Texas on the other hand? is a differant story. Losing that one.

Ann Arbor, MI

"It is very apparent to me that the coaching staff will not settle for just being good, they are looking for great"


Go ahead, say it......Quest for perfection!

It's kinda like wack-a-mole. Every spring byu spouts such nonsense and then gets wacked back into their hole by early October.

Springville, UT

Whoa! I just started posting on the site and made a prediction that I thought was attainable and realistic and I get attacked by "own." :) Oh well, it gets chippy in here, I guess.

Henderson, NV

I doubt very many teams achieved perfect seasons without first setting the goal to do just that. I'm glad BYU is aiming for it, and that they are not aiming to lose any games. It greatly increases the chances that they'll achieve it.

Spud U. Tater
Idaho Falls, ID

I see no reason why BYU shouldn't be great this coming season. Yes, the coaches are "looking for great." It's just in their DNA. With Mendenhall at the helm and a terrific staff, accompanied by wonderful young talent and premier facilities, along with the partnership with ESPN, what's not to love? Go Cougars!

BTW, I think I read an article quoting Kyle as saying, "It is very apparent to me that the coaching staff will not settle for just being mediocre, they are definitely looking for above average."
Go Utes!

Mesa Coug
Phoenix, AZ


What should we do? Should we say we are striving for a good year and a record of 8-4? No! No one does that. We need to be looking to win every game and that is what needs to be coming from the coaches and players.

I don't see the U saying they are hoping for a good year at 8-4 but they will be very lucky to end up 8-4.

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