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Published: Monday, April 25 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Ann Arbor, MI

Looks like Zane is a shoe in to get drafted in the NFL.

I've not heard of one kewg projected in this years NFL draft....I guess the drought continues.

Scranton, Pennsylvania

"ESPN is bent on keeping SEC, ACC and Big East rights. The Big Ten has a collection of partners. And Fox took the Big 12.
The Pac-12 is the last one standing alone at the dance."

Man that must sting.
Especially when ESPN "The World-Wide Leader in Sports" signs a 8 year contract with your big brother.
Apparently a single National brand is more attractive and valuable to a major Sports entity (ESPN) than USC, Oregon, Stanford and 9 other nobodies.

I am thinking the PAC will be lucky to get 120 million. Nobody wants them bad enough to compensate for the over inflation of Larry Scott's negotiations. I'm sorry, but the PAC will NEVER hold the same value as the SEC, BIG 10, ACC, or BIG 12. Get used to it.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Beano thinks that UM will be at OSU in 2012? This is the same Beano Cook that said Rown Powlus would win not one, but two, heisman trophies before ending his college career.

I can understand making a mistake, but that is a little over the top. Then again, OSU is in trouble, Tressel is in trouble and UM would be a natural fit.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


Actually this is all great news. No sting at all and quite the opposite. By being the last to negotiate, the PAC-12 stands to gain the most as the bidding war rises to new levels. You have picked some quotes out of context to fit the negative perspective you wish were the case. The article wasn't putting anything in a negative light, but was pointing out all the positives about the situation, which are many. It's great to see another media outlet put a positive light on the PAC-12 media rights. It's looking better and better. Especially the part about football and men's basketball getting broadcast nationally instead of regionally to avoid the problems inherent in regional broadcasts.

You Cougar fans that insist on spouting off negative comments every time an article comes out about PAC-12 media rights are looking more and more foolish as you try to put a negative spin on something that is looking better and better as the weeks go on.

Draper, UT

First off, PSUYB,

It's the Pac 12. It's not the PAC. What is the PAC? The Pacific Athletic Conference?

Secondly, the Pac 10/12 is the last one because of when their current TV deal ends. And it's current TV deal ends at an extremely beneficial time. It's good to be the Pac 10/12 right now. They are about to hit a grand slam.

And little brother's deal with ESPN? Yeah, they're playing Friday night games to get on TV. And many of their games will likely end up on ESPN3. Who can watch ESPN3? That's some interweb broadcast, right?

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah


Especially when ESPN "The World-Wide Leader in Sports" signs a 8 year contract with your big brother.

First off! ESPN also signed a deal with Texas thats worth 3 times as much money as byu. Texas is a goldmine in college football. byu is not! An eight year contract worth about $6-8 million a year, is that all? The Big East and ACC schools make more money then the Y. The Pac 12 schools are about to hit $17-20 million a year.

Secondly, byu being the older brother? tell me what logic you use in referring the Y as the older brother?

Utah is the older brother because the U was established 1850, byu 1875. Utah is older! Or if your going by Athlectics mainly football. Utah owns the rivalry 54-34-4. Utah according to head to head supremacy and establishment is the "older brother"

Scranton, Pennsylvania

Mormon Ute,

Explain to me how it is just getting better and better?

ESPN has no interest in the PAC, and FOX has already turned down the incredibly overvalued offer from Larry Scott. All of the major networks know that USC and Oregon bring the only legitimate value to the PAC.

That is exactly why the media rights are going to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. But neither ESPN or FOX appears to have any interest so who will bid? Nobody has made an offer at this point.

Just because Larry Scott & Co. want the nation wide exposure and $300 million in TV revenue does not mean that they will get it? But why not swing for the fence, he has already done it once before and crashed hard.The attempt to pull in the Southern Big 12 Division to form a 16 team Super Conference failed.

If the likes of Texas, OU, TAMU, and Oklahoma State can only pull in a $90 million TV contract. How Can the PAC with only USC (currently on probation) and Oregon (never won a NC) hope to gain a larger contract?

I dont see it?

Salt Lake City, UT

Larry Scott is going to "make it rain". Because of the size and scope of the TV package the Pac 12 is offering the money will set a new high water mark for any conference.

PSUYB - You make it entirely to easy to poke holes in your logic. Set football and basketball aside, the "Olympic" sports alone are going to garner more money than some of the BCS conferences entire tv deals. Do you know of another confernce that is going to have distribution in China, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia amognst other places? I did not think so.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Larry appears to just have "warning track" power. So sorry pac 1.2

Highland, UT


I know of one particular independent program that has tv distribution in several of those countries. That program is way ahead of the curve internationally.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


Simple, I'll answer you point by point. We have not yet seen an offer from ESPN and anyone saying they aren't interested is merely speculating. If they aren't, there are other networks ready to jump in.

Larry Scott's asking for $300 million from FOX was a planned move to get past the exclusive contract renegotiation period so he could entertain offers from other networks. Many experts have already reported, including in the article we are commenting on, that this was a strategic move and doesn't reflect poorly at all on the PAC-12 or Larry Scott. Of course you are conveniently ignoring all the experts, because they don't help your case.

Virtually every conference has put their contract out for bid when it was time to renegotiate. That's how you get the best price. Even some of the local sports writers are saying maybe BYU should have done this. By settling with ESPN so quickly, they may have undersold their broadcast rights. ESPN got a bargain.


Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

PSUYB continued...

Larry Scott knows full well the rights aren't worth $300 million. He had two goals in asking for that much. First, getting past the exclusive bargaining period with FOX so others could bid on the contract. Second, let all the players in the market know that they would have to come up with a killer deal to get the PAC-12. When you negotiate a contract you always ask for more than you are willing to settle for so you have room to negotiate.

The $90 million deal with the Big 12 was only for secondary broadcast rights. In other words, that's just for the leftovers after the tier one provider has taken 1st pick. You wouldn't know that, because you're only interested in spinning things to fit your agenda.

What we're talking about here for the PAC-12 is the whole package. Top tier events, PAC-12 channel, secondary rights, radio deals, all sports, nationwide, international, etc. It will likely involve several major media players and the experts have pegged it in the $200 million range. Kick against the pricks all you want, but those are the facts.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


Yes, but there is no revenue associated with that international tv distribution.

Lowell Chad
Tempe, AZ

I was looking at BYU's football schedule and noticed that there are only 3 games listed as being broadcast on ESPN on the Cougs website. I thought all the games were on ESPN in primetime slots????

Scranton, Pennsylvania

Lowell Chad,

ESPN will be broadcasting the Ole Miss, Texas, Utah, UCF, Utah State, TCU, and Hawaii games so far.

Lowell Chad
Tempe, AZ

What do you mean by "so far?" I thought all of the games were on ESPN. And why doesn't the Cougs site list the games you mentioned as televised by ESPN, I wonder?

Pedro Sanchez
Magna, UT

Larry Scott es mui intelegente!

Springville, UT

the Mtn. respectfully raises its bid to $12 and sincerely hopes the bidding will move a little faster than its broadcast signal.

Salt Lake City, UT

Duckhunter -
as usual you have missed the point completely,
1. BYU isn't a BCS team and not in a BCS conference which was the comparison.
2. BYU gets its money from ESPN not from it's own tv station.
3. The demand for the Pac 12 in Asia has been well documented and reported on.
I do not care for these sports but the fact remains that the added content and markets that are available for this product are unique to the Pac 12 and will help it garner well over $200 Million as a total package.

Highland, UT


I got your point it is you that missed mine. BYUtv does generate income in those other countries and is a completely different setup in them. There are Mormons, and BYU alumni, in large numbers in all of those countries and BYU has athletes on their teams from all of those countries. In otherwords they have interest in those places, and demand for their sports, already.

But even if they didn't get any revenue, which they will, it gives them alot of exposure, exclusive exposure, that other schools do not get. It attracts students and recruits and converts.

In otherwords they already have what you only hope the pac10 might get.

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