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Published: Friday, April 22 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Ann Arbor, MI

holmoe :They came in with an established record. Were trying to make small steps.

If the definition is "established record" means winning a lot of mid level conference games and getting exposed by legit BCS teams... then yes, "established record".

Notre Dame is an anomaly that transends religion - truly the face of college football. BCS powers knoe if they give BYu the same status, Notre Dame will ask for more.

byu= army, navy

The Disillusionist
Alexandria, VA

Re: Chris B.

"sunday school boys"

Why the bigotry against the LDS players on your own team?

Re: hedgehog

"established record": Notre Dame and BYU each have more national championships than Utah.

Just sayin'.

Draper, UT

We're not saying we're the same as Notre Dame. But we want to get an automatic BSC bid if we're in the top 8.

West Jordan, UT

When was the last time BYU ended the season ranked in the top 8 in the BCS standings? Getting the Notre Dame exemption or not, BYU isn't going to a BCS game anytime soon. They didn't do it while in the MWC with a weaker schedule, so why expect them to do it now with a tougher schedule? Why would the BCS grant an exemption to BYU ever? They will never be on the same caliber as Notre Dame and should never be treated like it. Get to the BCS first (as the rules are now) before trying to write the rules on how you should get in....prove it first.

Fair or unfair, the BCS looks for any reason to keep the money out of the hands of the non-BCS conferences and independents, other than Notre Dame. It's been unfair since the beginning, but that is just how it is. I, for one, am just happy I don't have to worry about what the BCS will do to non-BCS teams, since the PAC12 inclusion eliminates those worries. I feel for you Cougars.

Provo, UT

re: The Disillusionist

Can we stop living in the '80s uncle rico.
Cornell has 5 national championships and Army has 3, so they have better football programs than Auburn, BYU, Florida State, right?

1984 wasn't even our best year. Let's be proud of the here and now.
We don't necessarily deserve to have the same rules as ND yet, we need to prove it with our record. Our schedule isn't that difficult this year, so we will get a good start on proving we deserve better.

Houston, TX

Chris you are making yourself look ridiculous. Sometimes you have valid points or at least potential fears. However, the logic that somehow the honor code prevents you from having talent is rather bizarre.

I expect some minor modification to the BCS mainly in the form of lawsuits.

The Disillusionist
Alexandria, VA

Re: byu_num_1

"Can we stop living in the '80s uncle rico."

Easy there, num_1. Tom Holmoe was arguing that Notre Dame had an "established record." That argument certainly isn't based on ND's recent accomplishments. So 1984 is relevant to the discussion.

"Let's be pround of the here and now."

Agreed. BYU's record three out of the last four years speaks for itself. Too bad Holmoe didn't use it to make his argument.

sandy, ut

@ The Disillusionist. You smugly refer to BYU's championship in '84 as validation of their current legitimacy. Should we Ute fans proclaim our basketball team's awesomeness by referring to our 1944 national championship?

Live in the now. It's a sad existence to be forced to draw upon such antiquated success.

West Jordan, UT

I wasn't even going to respond to this one, but come on Chris B and Hedgehog... knock it off. You are both an embarasement to Ute fans or any other sports fans.

I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

Notre Dame got a special deal with the BCS because it brings tens of millions of dollars to college football and has an enormous fan base. Also, it has tradition that goes back decades and decades.

The team in Provo has neither of those things because Vegas Bowl wins don't count. There will be no sweetheart deal -- especially for a team that's basically a member of the WAC in football. Sorry.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I'm glad to finally see some concrete information on this. I have been wondering what kind of deal BYU would be able to work out and I think this is fair.

The Disillusionist
Alexandria, VA


I was citing BYU's 1984 national championship vis-a-vis Tom Holmoe's statement that Notre Dame deserved their BCS status due to their "established record." None of ND's recent accomplishments in football can be cited in support of said "established record." Tom Holmoe could have made a much better case for BYU receiving the same standing as ND.

And yes, Ute fans should by all means proclaim their basketball team's "awesomeness" by referring to their 1944 "championship" (if "championship" you want to call it).

Highland, UT


Well considering utah didn't win a national championship in basketball in 1944 you really have no point.

As far as the bcs access is concerned this is good enough. If BYU is a top 14 team they will probably get a look and if they are top 10 it will mean they are undefeated and will probably get in. One thing about the bcs is that they have been smart enough not to exclude any undefeated non bcs teams since they excluded BYU a decade ago. It puts to much of a bad light on them and the last thing they need is any more bad publicity.

The truth is utah won't be getting in either if they don't fullfill pretty much the same requirements. I don't think the pac10 has ever put a 2nd team into a bcs game have they? You have to be the pac10 champ to get in, only the SEC and Big12 can put a 2nd place team into the bcs.

The only thing utah has gained is they are automatic if they are the pac10 champ and I really don't see that happening any time soon.

Cosmo's Cousin
Holladay, UT

The Blue is the Notre Dame of the west. We have a national championship too. We beat Notre Dame a bunch of times.

We deserve the same deal as Notre Dame! Attorney General Shurtleff should demand special status for BYU as part of the plea deal against the illegal BCS.

Who's in town -- Cougars in Town!!!

Ephraim, UT

re: I Still Can't Say It

If Las Vegas Bowl wins don't count, then what do LV Bowl losses represent?

Many of you forget that it was because of BYU that at-large bids were extended to non BCS teams.

Iowa City, IA

Tom Holmoe is simply making a case for fair treatment. If you want to look in the "here-and-now" it's hard to argue that BYU doesn't have enough 'going on.' They have a solid fan-base, a well-run program, a large undergraduate student population, their own cable channel, and vast resources. It'd be hard to argue that teams like UConn and Rutgers (or most other Big East teams) deserve an autobid and leave other good schools out like BYU. With 5 BCS bowls, why shouldn't a BYU that finishes in the top-8, not be guarenteed a spot?

Winning enough to be ranked #8 is another question. Something that non-elite programs reach only with a combo of great talent, staying healthy, senior experience and a pinch of luck.

In the BCS, jus like other 'systems', if you win your games, you will be rewarded.

The BCS system has it's pluses for the non-BCS conference teams---and it has it's minuses. It's far better than the old bowl system, so Mr. Holmoe is just trying to make it better----for one team at least. Can't fault him there.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

I suppose this deal is good for right now but I hope the BCS implodes on itself and a true playoff is instituted with other supporting bowl games.

Ann Arbor, MI

"I don't think the pac10 has ever put a 2nd team into a bcs game have they?"


You just confirm what everyone already knows. You don't no much about the PAC12.

You need to look just to last year when both Oregon and Stanford went to a BCS game....

Mcallen, TX

BYU is much closer to Notre Dame caliber than the utes. Yes, you can mark it down. Face it! The Irish haven't done much to past few years, but did crush the Utes. The Cougs would never get blown out like the utes did. Period! Notre Dame has a richer tradition, but hasn't been Cougar caliber the past few years either.

Phoenix, AZ

I have said all along that this is fair and fine. BYU does not need an ND exemption.

If in the future, BYU is in the top 10, undefeated, and does not get in the BCS, it would be another huge blow to the credibility of BCS and would hopefully help quicken its' downfall.

BYU may travel well in the West and fill stadiums, but cities still do not want us because we come to games with a $100 bill and the 10 commandments and don't break either one. All BYU can do is just line up and beat the person across from you. Then let the chips fall where they may.

Go Cougs!

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