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Published: Wednesday, April 20 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Gilbert, AZ

Goodbye MTN; hellooo ESPN/BYUtv!!!

Can't wait for September.

From Montana
Billings, MT

Don't forget the "other sports" Rugby, Lacrosse, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Swimming, Track and Field, and #2 Mens Volleyball and Womens volleyball, and womens basketball. They have all had a great year. I have also missed others. Talk about exposure - it has been great if only the paper would print more. Think about the e-mail from a fan from Zimbabwe watching live during the last televised Rugby game.

It looks like an exciting year ahead.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Wonder if Brandon Davies ever gets tired of seeing his name run through the Sports News on a weekly basis? If I were him, I'd be perhaps looking to move to a new school where he can have a little peace and tranquility!!!

Spanish Fork, UT

Exposure attracts athletes like flames attracts moths. Wins will come and go. The program will attract more and more athletes from around the globe and especially in the far reaches of the USA where decisions to accept scholarships will be greatly influence by Mom and Dad being able to always watch their son or daughter play football, basketball, Olympic sports, etc. BYU may or may not win championships, but they will grow and that is every organization's purpose.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm extremely impressed with how forward thinking BYU is in the technology world. Through their website, BYUtv, and their affiliation with ESPN, BYU will be making a big splash, while us fans get to enjoy the ride.
Big props to BYU.

Ann Arbor, MI

Looks like Dick needed to throw out this article to counter act ( and ease the pain of the kewg fan) the looming mega deal the Utes will be signing with the BCS PAC12.

Sad really.

Orem, UT

Honor Code

I know Brandon Davies personally, and no, he's not at all concerned with the media attention. Brandon isn't blaming anybody but himself and he's doing everything he can to get his life back on course and return to playing basketball for BYU. His best friend is on the BYU football team and is currently serving a church mission. Brandon couldn't ask for a more supportive coach than Dave Rose and he's never even considered transferring to another school.

Saint George, UT

HC, shows the difference between you and Brandon. I don't know Brandon except by the action of the team. I know coach Rose and how much love and concern he has for the young men that play for him, outside of basketball.

HH, only you and the commiss of the pac10 are saying mega deal, and of course the u will not have a full share as they and colo don't bring anything to the table. No matter how big the deal, the u won't eat at the table for a while. AS the saying goes, even the dogs gets the crumbs from their masters table. Eat and enjoy.

As refered to the MTN, anything the Y,U, or TCU get will be better.

Wish my aggies could step up, maybe. Go aggies

Salt Lake City, UT


Your insecurity is showing. Again!

Utah's mega deals mean nothing to BYU fans. Besides, Utah is going to need every penny they can get just to pay for all of those fired head basketball coaches. Whatever is left over will go to upgrading Utah's facilities to the level of the facilities BYU already has.

On the other hand, BYU has increased its own revenue significantly over the past year and BYU was already one of the few athletic programs operating in the black. It takes more than money to build a great athletic program.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

@ Honor Code

Wishful thinking? Glad your not his advisor. He's already paid the publicity price here and is now engaged in repairing the damage. Going somewhere else would just rip the scab off.

Nice try though...

Lehi, UT

Cougars faced some real challenges this year. Rebuilding the football team and Honor Code issues can consume lots of time for the media folks. BD update sounded positive for him. And thanks for the troll update for a looming Ute mega deal that might help our little bros from the north.

Boise, ID

The exposure is huge. The opportunity for mom and dad, friends etc. to watch games anywhere in the nation or world is great for BYU sports and BYU in general. I hope the men's soccer team gets some games on BYUTV. Go cougs!

Karchaj, A.V.

I don't think that there has ever been a more exciting time to be a college sports fan in the state of Utah. Both of our teams (Utah/BYU), as well as Logan State, have great things going on. The PAC moveis so exciting not only for the athletics, but also the cultural and academic side. Will the U become Stanford, UCLA, and CAL? Nope, but the affiliation is unprecedented in what it allows in terms of university collaborations. Please don't scoff at this notion, it is a reality of academia that allows collaborative efforts by affiliated universities, even if that affiliation is only a base affiliation in athletics. The U has a road ahead of it in which AAU status will be sought and granted in the next 20 years, that process in and of itself will improve the university year by year. As for BYU, I agree that as a private university it is doing the best thing for its interests and will have plenty of success. I also like the affiliation with WCC schools who hold like values. BYU will enjoy these new affiliations and Dave Rose will have them dominating that conference.

Mesa, AZ


Mega Deal? That's laughable. Utah won't even get an equal share. I am not even sure you get a half share. They are like the green horns on Deadliest Catch.

I would rather be BYU who gets all the money of their own deal that be a beggar at PAC10 + 2 junior partners.

Besides BYU fills their venues and get to keep all their Bowl winnings (which they sell out their potions every year).

No one has any idea what BYU's deal with ESPN is,but I am willing to bet, they feel just fine.

Not sure why you care though, oh that's right, you don't like BYU. Or is it that you like them a little too much? With the attention you give BYU it seems like you got a little crush.

Oh, it just got awkward.

Eagle Mountain, UT

@ honorcode and hedge:
It is a matter of honor, integrity and class. You still don't get it do you?

FYI for you trolls;
On fox sports it was reported that Zeke Pike, a 5 star recruit and the #3 rated QB in the nation in the class of 2012 has committed to Auburn. He is quoted as saying: "I felt like God was calling me to come to Auburn".

I laughed just thinking of what the no-class crew would be saying if this had been a BYU commit that said this. All of you attacking your keyboards with "both" index fingers so you could hurry and be the first poster.

Surfers Paradise, AU

BYUtv question here: Do others that watch sports on BYUtv see a smaller picture surrounded by a thick black border of about 2-3 inches. I have a HD tv with HD signal from directv, but when they show sports on BYUtv, the screen shows up much smaller than full size. Just wondering if this is a common thing.

Mesa, AZ


That is going to change when they start broadcasting in HD, which they are not doing yet.

Salt Lake City, UT


I have an option on my HDtv to expand the picture to full-screen, but anything not in HD, to me, still looks fuzzy.

Orem, Utah

Doesn't the TV provider also need to pick up BYU-TV's HD channel?

On DirecTV, you can have both, or just the non-HD version of a channel. Right now, DirecTV only shows the non-HD version.

Same issue with BBC, which shows HD stuff, but only in barred views because DirecTV doesn't carry BBC's HD channel, just the 480 dpi (regular) channel.

It'll be interesting to see how many carriers pick up BYU-TV's HD channel when they become full-blown in broadcasting it this summer. I'd hate to be stuck with low def BYU sports next year.

Has ANYONE seen anything about this? I haven't seen any articles on it yet.

Surfers Paradise, AU

@Starfarer, thanks for the note. I have other non-HD channels that take up the full screen though. BYUtv must restrict their picture size for sporting events. Regular programing is full screen.

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