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Published: Wednesday, April 20 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Palo Alto, CA


Your "cast in stone" speculation, is just that, speculation.

The PAC 10 could have sweetened the deal a little to entice Texas A&M to change its mind.


The PAC 10 could have tabled expansion because being able to add a championship game wasn't going to produce the financial windfall they were hoping for.


Texas could have decided to join the PAC 10 without the rest of the Big 12 south. If you review history you'll discover that Colorado and Texas were the original teams discussed when the PAC 10 was considering expansion before the Big 12 was created.

Suggesting that Utah was a lock to be invited to the PAC 10 is misleading and just a bunch of Utah homer drivel.

Utah was only invited because Larry Scott jumped the gun and invited Colorado to lock Baylor out of the picture, and Scott had no other viable options when the Big 12 south backed out of the deal.

Murray, UT


My "speculation" comes from the reporting of Chip Brown in Austin, Texas who covers the Longhorns and the BIG 12-2. Where does your speculation come from? From my experience is that it is fans like yourself who make things up. I stand up what I wrote. Take it or leave it.

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