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Published: Wednesday, April 20 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Walker's never played a Single down as a PAC player. Either DNews's Dirk Farcer or ESPN"s Ted Miller are way too far ahead of themselves. Utah's rowboat hasn't left the dock yet.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Be nice.

They stamped "PAC 10.1.1beta Certified Beef" on his forehead and now he's an elite player.

Kearns, UT

Guys, the blog is a list of returning tacklers for each team. Or possible replacements for a team's returning tackler who is not returning. That's it. Not a list of who will be the best tacklers next year.

Seeing as Walker was the leading tackler last year for Utah, he returns this year, and Utah will play in the Pac-12 this year, what doesn't make sense about that?

I wish the Y would start teaching reading comprehension.

Ann Arbor, MI

250 million per sounds just about right....

It's great to be a UTE!!!

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT


"Great to be a Ute!!!"


The respect factor? "Athletic prowess"? Or just the ability to ride everyone's coattails?

"Have to say, in all my conversations with industry analysts and sources familiar with the negotiations, I have not once heard anyone say: Utah and Colorado have helped raise the price.

Not once....

...The question remains and I think its an important question :

Will Utah and Colorado increase the leagues revenue TV revenue enough to make a 1/12th split of the pot greater than a 1/10th split of the pot.

In other words: If the conference could get $200 million annually with 10 teams (for example), will it get $240.1 million with 12 teams.

Are Utah and Colorado, and the inventory/programming/cable households they bring, worth an extra $40.1 million?

Many industry analysts Ive talked to are highly skeptical about the value-added that Colorado and Utah bring to the table. They believe the per-school split would have been greater without expansion."


Wow-- That must have left a mark...

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

Of course FOX turned the deal down. They are too busy trying to prove President Obama dose not have a US Birth Certificate.

Castle Rock, CO

Interesting part in the negotiations article about doubts as to whether Utah and Colorado even bring in an additional 40 million of value. The writer thinks that the PAC10 would have likely brought in 240 million without Utah and Colorado and questions whether it was a good idea to bring them in. I would have to agree. I live in Colorado and there aren't many watching Buffs games (only in Boulder because of years of futility). And Utah is a small market with MANY alums of the U still residing in the area. It is definitely a commuter, local school without any national following. I'd be interested to see the PAC12's commissioner explain why other teams piece of the pie is getting diluted.

I think they were bummed that they had to go for their 5th and 6th choices for teams (and markets) and had to pull the trigger because they didn't want to look foolish not having landed a championship game. I see more upheaval in future years when USC and the other powers are tired of sharing their money with Utah and Colorado (similar to how the MWC was with BYU and Utah).

Castle Rock, CO

continued . . .

BYU and Utah were demanding the lions share of viewers in the MWC yet getting an equal cut. However, I think Utah and Colorado (although Colorado has a big enough market to do it when they are playing well) won't be able to bring in 20million each of value and will seem like a leech instead of a contributor.

There will be conference realignment issues again in about 5 years I bet. The bigger revenue earners will not want to support the smaller PAC12 schools any longer (and the same with other conferences).

PAC man
Anaheim, CA


"250 million per sounds just about right...."

Is that microbes per liter of that black swamp water in Michigan?


Cottonwood Heights, UT

Interesting comments on the San Jose Mercury article forums. I know one article isn't imperical proof, but I'd say most PAC-10 fans, at least those in NoCal are very supportive of CU and the UofU joing the PAC and recognize they bring value. What a breath of fresh air to read.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Veritas Aequitas

For someone without a horse in the race, you sure spend a lot of time pointing out the potential negatives of Utah and CU joining the PAC, well I mean paraphasing and cutting and posting the peices that support your agenda.

Making Sense
Herriman, UT

Ahh, Hedgehog it's great to see you came out of your hole long enough to see your own shadow. Will be another several weeks of bitter comments.

It'll be interesting how the pac-12 plays out this year with the expected adjustment to the divisions. Sad to see Colorado in the mix as they seemed to be invited for the Denver market rather than the product they market in their athletic department.

The Disillusionist
Alexandria, VA

Re: hedgehog

"250 million per sounds just about right...."

Larry Scott has interlarded his conference with two schools that add no aggregate market value. So, not really.

"It's great to be a UTE!!!"

One wonders how true this can be if you have to keep telling yourself that.

Spanish Fork, UT

Can someone please explain to me as to why so many byU fans are so interested and concerned with the Utes future? We'll be fine, and thanks for your concern. And where is sammyg? I'm absolutely shocked he hasn't commented on here yet. I'm a little bit worried about him.

Highland, UT

Wilner isn't stating anything everyone, except for deluded ute fans, didn't already know. Of course utah adds no value to the pac10 other than being a 12th team so they can have a championship game. There is little in the way of a fanbase and outside of utah and one lonely ann arbor basement utah fans are no existant.

But the truth is utah fans don't need to care about that. They got in and they are going to (eventually) get a peice of whatever pie the pac10 gets. If I was a utah fan I wouldn't care about the facts either other than the logo on the field.

Iowa City, IA

From the article
"Have to say, in all my conversations with industry analysts and sources familiar with the negotiations, I have not once heard anyone say: Utah and Colorado have helped raise the price.

Not once."

Utah and Colorado are anchors not sails. With USC on probation, not a lot of interest in the PAC 12.

Re; wallbanger- You may want to pose the same question the hedgehog, what's his fixation with BYU?

Tualatin, OR

It's funny that the Utah sports are going to continue to be broadcast on Versus.

Pocatello, ID

Holy cow,

Lot's of ignorant rhetoric on the board. Not signing with Fox was the first step to getting the deal on the open market, which is what Scott said would happen all along.

The statement that Utah and Colorado don't increase the value of the contract is a little short sighted, and it has already payed off in millions of dollars to the Pac-12 with just the addition of next year's championship game. Remember the game that wouldn't have been possible without the addition of Utah and Colorado.

It AMAZES me the lengths that BYU trolls go through to tear down Utah going to the Pac-12. We've hear everything from Utah will be bottom feeders, to they were the Pac-12's booby prize, to the fan's will stop going, won't ever get a BCS bid, to now, Utah adds nothing to the Pac-12 t.v. deal.

Hey trolls, get over it, Utah is in the Pac-12.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Ibleedcrimson | 3:30 p.m.
Cottonwood Heights, UT
Veritas Aequitas

"For someone without a horse in the race, you sure spend a lot of time pointing out the potential negatives of Utah and CU joining the PAC, well I mean paraphasing and cutting and posting the peices that support your agenda."
I have and "Agenda"?


What makes you think I have no horse in the race?

I have followed Utah basketball and football, have had many friends and relatives and play and coach there, have been too many games, and will probably attend more games than many Ute Posters.

Speaking of horses, it's not that I have no horse, it's just that I like to point out the horse fertilizer that over-zealous, arrogant Utah fans that live in hedges and bleed crimson constantly post (they never cut and paste, because that would show they read... and heaven forbid someone read the articles, so I'm very sorry if I bring the facts to you...)

Wallbanger | 4:06 p.m.

Why do Utah fans believe if you enjoy BYU sports, you are forbidden to have and opinion, or enjoy UofU sports (or the lack thereof)?

St. George, Utah

doesnt really matter where the Pac 12 goes I dont have any interest in watching them play there are so many college teams out there it is impossible to have it come down to 2 seperate teams at the end of the season and have it come down to winner take all. and as far as the teams that get picked for the bowl games thats another nightmare its not how good they played its based on who likes which school the NCAA needs to be thrown out the window and its time for a change so that a college can get into a bowl game based on their winning record and not how well liked they are.

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