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Published: Tuesday, April 19 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

New Mexico, UNLV or Saint Mary's would all be better options for J.J. because he'd have an opportunity to play in the Big Dance a couple of times during his career, rather than being part of a rebuilding project for the next three years.

Iowa City, IA

Stay at Utah, JJ. It will pay off.

Ann Arbor, MI

Oliver Johnson was never offer a scholarship from Oregon or Utah

Salt Lake City, UT

"The latest sign that running after TV money is going to kill the golden goose for college football: The Pac-12 will televise games on Thursday and Friday nights this season."

For months the kids on the hill have been beating their chests about BCS teams not having to play Thu and Fri night games; in reality, the PAC 12 will be just as much a slave to the television schedulers as non-BCS teams.

Iowa City, IA

I'm unsure how many Ute fans have actually been "beating their chests" about BCS teams playing all of their games on Saturday (for instance, Hedgehog has clearly been in favor of Sunday games), but I would agree with Lonestar that BCS and non-BCS conferences alike are becoming slaves to TV contracts, which is a little disheartening.

And while I prefer my college FB to be played on Saturday, one or two games a year on a Friday or Thursday probably won't be the end of the college game. The bay area author even stated that Stanford had many more fans in its stands in the 60s and 70s, yet they've been playing on Saturday all of this time. So it's probably not scheduling that as key as the fact the games simply will be televised.

So that logic seems lost. I mean, I love attending games: the atmosphere, the pagentry, the excitement---even in losses. But TV offers an appealing alternative that may just keep the stands around 50K in Palo Alto. Even on Saturday afternoons.

Highland, UT


Actually many of the ute trolls on here have been making comments for months about BYU having to play games on Fridays, Thursdays and even claiming they would have to play them on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It was done in such a way as to make it appear that it was a done deal and BYU was simply being used by ESPN to fill time slots because of their contract. They also bragged utah would now be playing all their games on Saturdays.

Of course it was all false as BYU only has a couple of non Saturday games and certainly none on a day like Tuesday. utah on the otherhand will not be playing their games all on Saturdays and might very well play more weeknight games than BYU. They will do this because the pac10 tv contract will dictate they do it and they will have no say in the matter.

Now I personally do not mind games on Thursday or Friday nights although Fridays interfere with the High School games I attend. But calling the ute trolls out for their intellectual dishonesty and hypocrisy is certainly legitimate.

Taco Salad
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I officially dislike Boylen. Before I felt for him and was sorry things didn't work out. But now he is acting as an agent for the players that signed at Utah like J.J. O'Brien. This is bush league and unprofessional. Despite what Jim may think, student athletes sign to play for a school, NOT THE COACH. This is clearly stated in the NCAA Letter of Intent. But I guess it is obvious why Boylen never succeed in getting players were UTAH across their chest meant something.

Bottom Line
Draper, UT

Ouch on JJ, ouch on Johnson. Saturday games will be reserved for the elite of the Pac-10. Here is to Thursday / Friday / Tuesday games.

West Jordan, UT

I agree with Taco salad on this one. Why are we even putting quotes from Boylen in the paper. We should not promote this kind of activity from him.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Of course it was all false as BYU only has a couple of non Saturday games and certainly none on a day like Tuesday"


Because your in the "know", can you tell me the exact days and times for all of BYU football games next fall?


Iowa City, IA

Ouch. How sad to see this year's Utah player exodus becoming a repeat of last year's. This appears to be a new tradition for Utah basketball.

For the (hopefully) minority of Ute fans who think that being a part of the Pac-12 makes a school more attractive in every way, this begs the question: Why would a talented player even consider transferring from a "big conference" school to schools from "lowly conferences" like the MWC and the *gasp* WCC?

Reality check: For every USC, Florida, and Texas there is a Washington State, Iowa State, Vanderbilt, Maryland, and DePaul.

Salt Lake City, UT

Lonestar runner
You are mistaken. The big deal with Saturday play came up when the conference tv deal was formed. At the time espn wanted the MWC to schedule games on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as well as cut the money by 2/3. Only then did Saturday play become a big deal.
All BCS conferances have played for years and will continue to play non Saturday games. The Pac 12 may even play on Sunday if there is no NFL. Although, Saturday is optimal, there was never a choice in this regard. The Pac 12 and all other BCS conferences have some non saturday games. I have not heard any Utah complaints on this issue, to the contrary many have comented about the bennifits of a national audience that playing on a Thursday, Friday, or even Sunday provides
Where is this insecurity coming from?

Tooele, UT

to Hedgehog: Why would you want to know when BYU is playing this year. The ONLY time that you watch BYU play is when they play the U.

Highland, UT


Since you are obviously incapable of using the google I'll go ahead and enlighten you. LOL

Saturday Sept. 3rd - Ole Miss
Saturday Sept. 10th - Texas
Saturday Sept. 17th - Utah
Friday Sept. 23rd - Central Florida
Friday Sept. 30th - USU
Saturday Oct. 8th - San Jose St.
Saturday Oct. 15th - Oregon St.
Saturday Oct. 22nd - Idaho St.
Friday Oct. 28th - TCU
Saturday November 12th - Idaho
Saturday November 19th - New Mexico St.
Saturday Dec. 3rd - Hawaii

So let's see....9 Saturday games and 3 Friday games. It was actually 10 Saturdays and 2 Fridays but BYU dropped Louisiana Tech and added TCU and that is a big money made for prime time tv game on a Friday night. The Friday night USU game is traditional because that is conference weekend and has nothing to do with tv schedules.

The Friday night games all have a scheduled 6pm start whereas the Saturday games do not yet have a starting time although BYU home games traditinally start at noon.

Not a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in the bunch although as I said weeknight games don't bother me, I actually like them. I coach football on Saturdays so I have more conflicts then.

Las Vegas, NV

Dish out all the digs you can Provo fans, bottom line, your not a BCS team or in a BCS conference. Enough said!

Surfers Paradise, AU

WOW! The boot polish must taste pretty good huh hedgie. You and all your troll kronies like otis, chrissy, naval, wilary and the rest must all have a little "foot-in-mouth" disease after that one.

Of course for $20 mil per year (supposedly), the U will do anything the network tells you to do. I'd rather watch dancing with the stars than pick up a U hoops telecast on a Tue/Wed night.

Would it be accurate to say the U hoops program has more coaches than actual players at this point?

The Disillusionist
Alexandria, VA

Re: bigutefan

Let's talk about the bottom line: UofU football will be middle to bottom of the Pac-10.1.1beta, i.e., no BCS bowl appearances in the foreseeable future. Utah basketball will be at the very bottom of Pac-10.1.1beta basketball ... for the foreseeable future. Bon appetite!

Draper, UT

I personally like the occasional Thursday and Friday games because I can catch all the other CFB action at home on Saturday if I already went to the Utes game for the week. The downside is that there isn't time to tailgate on a weekday night game after work, so only 1 or 2 of them is nice.

Highland, UT


I agree, I like an occasional Thursday or Friday game as well. I really don't see what the big deal is but there have been quite a few ute trolls, like wedgie and howie, that have been making a big deal about it for the last several months. I notice they no longer seem to think it is that big a deal when utah has to play on those nights. Typical behavior from them I suppose.

South Weber, UT

Gosh Duhkunter you really hurt my feelings.
On the matter of O'Brien there's that pesky free agency option raising it's head. I'm sure Coach K2 will be is a bind for a year or two but ,to me, patience is time well spent. It does sounds like Boylen isn't doing Utah any favors. Articles like this makes it looks as though he is helping the former recruits in choosing new schools.

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