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Published: Monday, April 18 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Let's see how Jake does.

If he continues like he finished...

It could be fun to watch.

Orem, Utah

Poor pity the team that passes up on Jimmer, unless they already have a superstar-caliber PG. He'll be a superstar on any team that drafts him and gives him half a chance.

Jimmer has proven all his life that the naysayers don't know what they're talking about. He'll have no problem at PG in the NBA. Certainly not immediately--that'd be foolish wishing. Even Stockton took a year to get the starting nod.

If Heaps stays healthy and doesn't trip over the honor code, he'll be for BYU's football what Jimmer was for basketball.

The fun for BYU fans should continue!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Let Jake-mania begin...more fun is ahead BYU fans...Great interview Jake, showing us sneak-peak into the season ahead! GO COUGARS!!!!

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

It is time to show what you got Jake. The reins have been handed over to you, now lets put up some numbers against some good programs. Jake if you can pull off convincing wins, wins that you were recruited to provide for the BYU program, then you will be on your way to BYU QB stardom. Talk is cheap, so go out there this fall and beat Ole Miss, Texas & Utah right out of the gate in 2011 then I will believe. Nothing to impressive yet, remember the UW game Riley won that one, you did not find the endzone.

Find it in 2011

Frisco, TX

I'm not sure if Jake will reach Jimmer status, but I have no doubt that he'll create a legacy and be remembered as one of the BYU greats by the time he's finished at BYU.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Did he really say "spread your legs a little bit"?

The kid is not nearly as articulate as he thinks he is.

Otis Spurlock
Ogden, UT

Watching Jake Heaps play reminds me of a deer looking at the headlights. Quest for perfection baby!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Oh, and another thing Jake...

If you had really dominated Utah the entire game you wouldn't have been in a position to get beat at the end.

Orem, UT

Jake Heaps and Jimmer Fredette, two very impressive young men.

Otis S. and Howard S., not exactly the 'Creme-de-la-'Creme of society (crème de la crème (krm d lä krm)
1. Something superlative.
2. People of the highest social level.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Jake Heaps will have his hands full until he gets thru the season playing the big boys. With the WAC teams on schedule he'll have a winning record playing High School football teams and enjoying the BYU crowd with sugar coated almonds and seven-up!!! Should be a fun season if you're a season ticket holder!!

Mesa, AZ

Otis Spurlock | 10:41 p.m. April 18, 2011


Once again, no one has a clue what you are talking about.

By the end of the season, there was no "deer in the headlights." Your trolishness is showing.

Howard S: and if the Utes hadn't played so poorly, against a team that you obviously feel was so far beneath you, they wouldn't have needed a blocked to preserve their win. For a team that was so highly ranked, there was absolutely no domination.

Honestly Ute trolls, do you want to revisit the last five games of last season and compare who was going where?

Springville, UT

Honor Code, your description sounds so distantly familiar to... maybe like last year's Ute schedule in the MWC?

You guys are so trembling in your shorts because you only wish you had a QB of any sorts. If anyone has that "deer in the spotlight" look it will be Wynn this fall. Putting up huge numbers where I can count on my fingers the total offense against TCU and ND, yeah, you guys have certainly much to talk about and fear this fall in your weekly beatdown in the PAC-10.2. If the MWC had such a 'cupcake' schedule last fall what do you think the PAC boys are going to do to you on a weekly basis?

Here's a thought for you. What if Wynn gets injured, a very likely scenario in light of your offensive line, then what? Shreve? Yeah, baby, you've got some depth on the bench.

You guys only wish you had a quality #1 QB recruit like Jake. A lot of little boys dream of growing up and being a BYU QB. Not U.

West Jordan, UT

I'm glad Jake is on our side.

Some say talk is cheap and I agree. But we have already seen what Jake can do. Bad teams dont blow out other bad teams 4 out the last 5 games. I would argue that Jake was also pretty darn good in the Utah game. BYU was a pretty good team the final 6 games and the New Mexico Bowl was the icing on the cake. Were they great? No. But they were getting very good.

Jake's confidence is sky high right now, as it should be. He knows what he can do and he knows what his receivers can do. He has experienced backs and he knows his O line is one of the best in the country. Not to mention the defense being very very good the second half of last season. The defense will finish the 2011 season ranked in the top 10.

Its a fun time for Cougar fans. Too bad its not even May. Go Cougs!!!


Wow you folks really do live in a bubble where rose colored glasses are handed out daily.
To put Jake Heaps in the same conversation as Jimmer is ridiculous, he hasn't proven a thing except that he's over-rated and has the most obnoxious ego of any non-proven athlete I've ever seen.
After spending two days at practice, plus on the sideline at the spring game, it's obvious that all is not well in cougartown. There were several players who noted the difference in how well the team runs with Riley at qb vs Jake.
I for one don't like to watch Riley's throwning motion, but if there are players who said it out loud, I can only imagine there are others who feel the same but don't say anything.
I like Bronco well enough and most of the team, but reality will provide people with a rude awakening when they realize Jake will not prove to be the qb everyone thought he would be. Can you say, Ben Olsen?

Iowa City, IA

4-man race for QB, DN. Come on. This is Jake's team.

sammyg, you should know from past posts that Honor Code is not a Ute fan or a BYU fan. Perhaps "you guys" is not a correct response here.

Boise, ID

The entire football team underperformed last year - that is the bad news. Good news is that they looked better as the season progressed and they are very young.

Heaps as a freshman had anything but deer in the headlight appearance. He was very composed in the pocket. I can't wait to see him develop. The receivers started catching balls at the end of the year. If the tight ends can get involved, the offense will do just fine.

Park City, UT


The four-man QB race is at BYU's season-opening opponent, Ole Miss.

This IS Jake's team, as noted by ESPN:

3 reasons BYU's offense will be better

1. Jake Heaps is the starter. No question waffling between Heaps and Riley Nelson severely hampered the way BYU played. The Cougars started 1-4 for the first time since 1973 and ranked No. 96 in the nation in total offense. They turned it around in the second half of the season and ended on a tear. Now, Heaps is firmly entrenched as the starter and has one year under his belt. He will be more comfortable in the offense, and BYU will have one true leader.

"The volume he received in spring ball was helpful for him with his reads," new BYU offensive coordinator Brandon Doman said. "Quarterbacks are the last line of defense, and we gave him the ability to audible and change plays. By the time we're done with 29 practices in fall camp, he will be a wise and veteran guy."

Orem, UT

Honor Code

Your jealous rants are getting really stale. Can't you come up with something more creative?

Every BYU-obsessed fan knows that BYU only had a few weeks to fill in their 2011 schedule so they had to go with teams that were available. Those same fan also know that BYU already has future home games scheduled with Texas, Notre Dame, Boise State, and Georgia Tech.

Heaps and BYU will be challenged by Texas, Ole' Miss, TCU, Utah, and Oregon State, but BYU fans are looking forward to the challenge.

btw, how many of those "high school" football teams are on your team's schedule?

Sandy, UT

If there's one thing I can count on to make me laugh in the morning, it's the comment battles on any Utah or BYU story from the Deseret News. Thanks for brightening my morning boys!

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I agree Jake Heaps has the makings of a great quarter back and should have a better year being already named the starter and having Doman as the offensive coorinator. Still, the offense is working on a new scheme with almost an entirely new coaching staff. There will definitely be some growing pains to go with that. Also, Jake put a really big target on his and BYU's backs when he told Gordon Monson that since they don't have a conference championship to play for, their goal is the National Championship. Nothing like giving your opponents some motivation.

The article about Jimmer voiced some of the same concerns I have had about Jimmer. He's got some work ahead of himself to stick in the NBA. He'll get drafted, but it will be up to him to make the improvements he needs to make it a career.

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