Comments about ‘Piles of books burned in FLDS border town; would-be president cited in separate incident’

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Published: Monday, April 18 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Old Navy
Provo, UT

What a complete soap opera...

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

All my comments concerning these Washington county neighbors are always denied, but.....
I will say it AGAIN. Those people are very strange. What will become of the children, growing up in such a peculiar environment?
Burning books now!

Captain Picard
Houston, TX

The website for Americas Most Wanted TV show mentions on subject of Warren Jeffs, that Jeffs is admirer of Adolf Hitler, so it is appropriate to quote this from a German writer:

Heinrich Heine:

Das war ein Vorspiel nur, dort wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen

When people burn books, they will also burn people.

This plain scary!

Orem, UT

I cannot express my shock at this story to the level I believe it deserves without having my comment denied by the moderators. Suffice it to say, it saddens me that such a thing could happen in our country beyond words. I hope this story makes it to the front pages of newspapers around the industrialized world. It seems a terrible crime to burn books, even if the books are considered offensive or of bad quality.

Provo, UT

I think it's about time that the average members of the FLDS church stand up to all of the abuse and control--both physical and social. Burning all the donated books for a library is a sad situation, and the FLDS ought to take a stand against it.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Is there any evidence this was an intentional burning and not just a fire due to the books being over-crowded in a small, probably flamable building?

I fully believe Warren Jeffs should serve time for his crimes, but this seems like a case of assuming the worst. Why is it assumed the fire is an arson?

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