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Published: Friday, April 15 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Moab, UT

Australian summer is over. It is fall now, approaching winter.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

The running backs are looking good at the U. Now if the rest of the offense can get going we'll be in good shape.

I hope Alex Smith takes the opportunity with the 49er's. Harbaugh seems like the best coach to get him back on track. He knows quarterbacks and I'm sure he feels Alex can do well in the offense he plans to run.


Thretton is a great rugby player but he hasn't done anything yet. Anyone bragging about him are worse then the fools down south that talk about NC for their cewgs. Just wait until the games are played and then do your bragging

Spanish Fork, Utah

Big news... Did you see where they listed him on the list? Right there second to last with new Ute rivals (Washington St.)

Ann Arbor, MI

Seeing the Thretton has never played a college football game...that's some pretty high praise.

I think most ute fans are grounded enough to not jump on the "Heisman" bandwagon before a player hits the field....we'll leave the to College down south.

Salt Lake City, UT

I hope Harbaugh can turn Alex into the QB I thought he would be. The one that would turn the franchise around and lead us back to the SB. its not all Alex fault, we had some terrible coaches that knew NOTHING about offense, and how to develop a QB.

sacramento, ca

alex smith makes ryan leaf look like an all star....sad isn't it?

49er Fan
Provo, UT

@ nunya

Amen to that!

Hampstead, NC


What a shock. The player who has never played football isn't #1 on the list of potential 1,000 yard rushers for the conference.

Nobody has any idea what this kid can do, how his rugby skills/mentality will translate to football. I know I'm curious to watch.

Bountiful, UT


Reading Comprehension - FAIL

He is listed second to last only because the top candidates are listed by school, ALPHABETICALLY!

Salt Lake City, ut

Hope he can become a great rusher, he looks like a bruiser! I cant wait for the Utes season to begin!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Did you see where they listed him on the list? Right there second to last with new Ute rivals"

So ah just out of cursiosity how do next years BYU rival, Army, backs stack up to the Y's?

Highland, UT

I fail to see how this means he is on anyones "radar"? They wrote one line mentioning his name in a blog that simply mentioned one rb from each pac school as a potential 1000 yd rusher. By that standard we could make similar lists for every single conference listing every team in every conference and one "potential" 1000 yd rusher from each.

It was like whoever wrote the blog made a phone call to each schools pr person and asked "will you please give me a name of a rb on your team" and then made a list.

Springville, UT

Sure, getting mentioned is something, congratulations.

Wonder how many sacks, interceptions, fumbles occurred today with only 4 coming across the line? Can't wait to hear!

Springville, UT

Thretton update... 4 yds on 2 carries at the Red vs. White scrimmage. Ouch.

Big dose of reality today for Ute Nation. A lot needs to happen between now and August.

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