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Published: Friday, April 15 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Wow! The witch-hunt mentality around here is stifling.

What part of "I don't have access to the data" don't you people understand?

Instead you would like to heap accusation upon speculation and try to demonize me?

Good luck with that. I will not be joining you in your witch-hunt, nor will I defend the abuse of statistics.

I have said nothing about the Deadspin study one way or the other. My silence on the subject cannot be interpreted one way or another. For you to do so is exactly the unsupported speculation and biased posturing I was criticizing. Keep doing it and you only prove my point.

Orem, UT

Your silence as a so-called "statistical" expert is deafening.

By your own admission, the study is based on incomplete data, which only an amature would try to use to form a statistically valid opinion of BYU's honor code enforcement practices.

The fact that you're willing to allow your school and alma mater to be slandered without criticizing the obvious flaws in the study, shows that you're only concerned with unsupported speculation and biased posturing when it calls into question the validity of a study that supports your own personal bias against BYU.

You're defending the abuse of statistics by your "convenient" silence.

Provo, UT


You prove my point.

Without data.

Lehi, UT

I worked with a property manager for BYU students. We often had to kick kids out for honor code violations. None of them were black. The black students I knew there kept the honor code. Athletes might be there for different reasons. But we really can't expect anyone to say "oh, you got someone pregnant? Well we'll have to kick you out, unless you're a minority."

I'm a minority, I went to BYU. I loved it. I never saw anyone treated any differently. In fact, it seems that blacks and whites date each other more at BYU than any of the other three schools I went to.

I am still shocked at those critical of anything BYU has done on this one.

What is our wolrd coming to????

Deadspin is simply showing their own bigotry by painting an entire people as racist because a minority student made a mistake and chose to stick with the honor code and accepted responsibility. How foolish does that make deadspin?

Lehi, UT

Just read the last comment, first page. I want to say that I know several people recruited by BYU and none of them were taken to any sex or drinking parties. That is the most absurd claim made so far. Does anyone take Deadspin seriously??

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