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Published: Saturday, April 16 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Orleans, IN

Remember the TEA PARTY will kill any new amnesties, including so-called Immigration reform, Sanctuary States, Chain Migration, The dream act or any underhand way of passing any more AMNESTIES. Learn more about the astronomical costs and Statistics at NumbersUSA. It's your America; not the 20 million plus foreigners and not the politicians who cower under the bombardment of open border lunatics. Join a local TEA PARTY and become an activist in the tens of millions other others fighting for jobs, cutting obsolete government agencies, building the real border fence and station permanent National Guardsman. Make E-Verify mandatory to catch criminal businesses hiring illegal aliens and make it a enforced police policy for every jail to use Secure Communities to fingerprint and process all individuals to verify their immigration status.

The country is in the worst predicament of owing Chinese and foreign investors over 14 Trillion dollars and now want more taxes from ordinary Americans. So if this is the case, why are we not removing economic illegal immigrants from our shores? Hundreds of billions would be saved and, then would start returning jobs to our own citizens and legitimate residents.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

So I guess its "extremist" to want Utahs jobs to go to ACTUAL LEGAL citizens?

"Extremist" to just want existing immigration laws enforced?

"Extremist" to want the state of Utah to quit spending 400 million per year on the care and upkeep of illegal foreign nationals?

All of us "extremists" DO VOTE and we'll be watching the Utah legislature a little more next year when they're up for re-election.

Ogden, UT

Mr. Mero is pushing his agenda and ignoring facts, calling people names, and relying of false images to get people to side with him.

It is not "extremism" to want people to obey the law. But that is what Mr. Mero would like to label me just because because I feel the law should be obeyed. And Yes I feel that the traffic laws should be obeyed (For all of you that are going to use that as an excuse not to obey immigration laws).

To Quote Mr. Mero "Because, of course, that plan doesn't exist; because, of course, that plan would be inhumane and un-American; because, of course, it would involve a massive police-state effort, devastating families and costing millions of dollars."

No police state necessary Mr Mero, You simply enforce current laws. That would include no jobs and no public services. The illegal immigrants to leave on their own accord.

And when you say "the end justifies the means", you are never correct. The end never justifies the means. The methods used to get to the end are just as important as the end itself.

Saint George, UT

We can't afford to take care of our own citizens. It's a no-brainer. Illegals know they are, well, uh....illegal. It's so simple. Illegal, no services. Illegal, no job. Illegal, go home and come in correctly.

Salt Lake City, UT

Is possible that you have not heard of HB 469. This is sad, because if it is allowed to work, it may just solve most of all the immigration challenges we face. I believe it makes HB 116 obsolete.

It throws out over 100 years of US case law about immigration, creates a way for Utahns to sponsor people from around the world, providing the immigrants are not in the US illegally.

HB 469 claims that there is NOTHING in the US Constitution that grants the Federal Government power over Immigration and prior to the Case Law noted above, the States had that Power.

It tells the Federal Government to protect our boarders, create rules for granting citizenship, but we can take care of immigration, thank you very much.

The sponsoring principle of HB469 provides a limiting factor of how fast immigrants can come, makes sure they do not place a larger burden than we can handle, and is more like co-signing a friends car loan. It is the truly unique piece of the puzzle. With it, you don't need HB 116. Someone here illegally could find a sponsor, go home and come back with permission.

Kaysville, UT

Mr Mero is spot on. The majority of Utah citizens are not "extremists" or "ultra right wing" or "left wing". HOWEVER, the extremists are active and as a state we have a system that allows these people to control the parties. Normal everyday Utahans as a general rule do not attend the mass meetings where delegates for the various parties are chosen. Extremists do attend in mass.
This is true with both the Republican party and right wing extremists and Democrats with the left wing extremists.
This system needs to be changed to allow everyday moderate Utahans of both parties to select representatives that actually represent the majority of citizens and not just the right and left fringes.

Brer Rabbit
Spanish Fork, UT

From the article, "Mero also wrote that during the legislative debate he never heard the "Deportation Caucus" pitch a plan to remove the more than 100,000 undocumented immigrants from Utah. Because, of course, that plan doesn't exist."

Mr Mero, members of the Sutherland Institute, along with their financial supporters from the SL Chamber of Commerce know full well what Mr. Mortensen and the Utah Coalition on Illegal Immigration propose for the reduction of illegal aliens in Utah. It is, and always has been, "Attrition Through Enforcement." The continuing talking points about rounding up and deporting 110,000 illegal aliens in Utah from the Sutherland Institute is getting a little tiresome.

The real driving force behind the support for illegal aliens in Utah, is cheap labor. In my opinion Mr. Mero's name calling is driven by the financial supporters(cheap labor employers) not by the majority of Utahns. The term "extremist" always depends on someone's point of view. I am sure that there are plenty of Utahns that would consider the Sutherland Institute "extremist."

The Reader
Layton, UT

I usually do not agree with Paul Mero, but his paper on extremism is excellent. Read his paper and then read the comments about his paper and you see exactly what he is talking about. He is so correct in his description of extremism in Utah. Like most zeleots Utah extreme right wing wouldn't believe Paul Mere if all patriots who wrote the constitution came to life and told them Mero was correct. Well done Paul Mero!!!

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The Sutherland Institute is going after "right wing extremists". That's funny, I thought they were right wing extremists.

South Jordan, UT

I agree with Paul Mero because fear is being used by people who think they are more righteous than the rest of us.

Provo, UT

Anyone who name calls is not someone I respect. Political correctness is nothing more than manipulation to herd the masses to where they want them to be. Many people are so afraid of being labeled that they will chose political views that keep them from scary labels.

We need to have the courage of our convictions and ignore the immature name calling that scares the weak and the uninformed. How sad that what was considered mainstream American thought 30 years ago is now called extreme. We didn't move, they did.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I choose to follow the 2008 Republican Platform plank concerning our national security and immigration. I do not think that this is extreme right wing. It respects the contributions of Legal immigrants. It also condemns employers and businesses who participate in and condone identity theft, human smuggling for their cruel exploitation of human beings, along with the financial contribution of funds to organized criminal cartels and gangs.

The Sutherland Institute would be wise to replace Mr. Mero to maintain its integrity.

Salt Lake City, UT

I would have liked to comment with some good reasoning, but apparently it is too 'extreme' and it gets censored, so i will have to settle with reading others.


Mero thinks those who disagree with him "Extremist"?

I am far from a tea party member, having voted Democrat for 30 years. I doubt Bishop Wester is an extremist. Mero needs to accept the fact that people can have different opinions than him. With 9% unemployment, 140,000 people here illegally, I don't think we need guest workers or have our legislature invite more people here illegally.

If people don't like the action of our legislature, they can vote them out. That's the system Mr. Mero.

Bountiful, UT

Barry Goldwater said "Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice."

Salt Lake City, UT

On the first account and with Paul Mero at the helm of the Sutherland Institute, how can the institute its self be considered as a truly conservative think tank?

Secondly, Mr. Mero is demonstrating and deploying all of the tactics used by the Neoliberal left. When he is backed into a corner or feels his opinion may be overridden by a majority of the population, he resorts to personal and group character assassination and the same old tired Neolib talking points nativism, racism, bigotry, you know the routine.

If an individual, group of individuals or the majority see Comprehensive Immigration Reform as failed policy; and see enforcement first and then possible concessions for non-criminal illegal aliens as separate incremental steps to attain the same result, Paul Mero and the Comprehensive, compassion crowd go ballistic.

1986: The first Compressive Immigration Reform installed amnesty without a hitch, while enforcement was ignored and put us where were at today. Why not reverse that failed policy and enforce immigration law, round-up and deport criminal aliens and then offer those remaining illegal aliens an application to work legally in the U.S.?

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

A new race card has been added to the deck. It's called "Rightwing Extremist."
Actually, I think it was created by Homeland Security in cooperation with the SPLC.
Race cards are used when countering logic and the rule of law.
The Sutherland Institute ought to be ashamed of themselves for using race cards.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Mero and his tiny band of followers does not speak for this conservative.

Opposing illegal immigration in any form is the morally as well as legally correct and principled conservative position.

Kearns, UT

Thank You Mero and Sutherland Institute for coming out of the closet with this wonderful article. For years we have tried to show that Sutherland Institute was a liberal left wing organization. You have just now shown this to be true. Sutherland Institute is a Constitution breaker organization. Thank goodness we have patriots in this state to hold Mero at arms length. Thanks again Mero for exposing the liberal agenda of Sutherland Institute. Thanks Deseret News for this article.

Viva la Migra
American Fork, UT

It sounds like Mr. Paul Mero struggles with extreme arrogance. Too bad this is blinding him to the reality that many people disagree with his "extreme" views on welcoming thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens into Utah to work in low-paying jobs, while downplaying the ramifications.

I believe most people from here have a sense of fairness and justice. We cheer when the good guys win, we hope that working hard and being honest will pay off with financial and other success.

The notion of allowing/encouraging hundreds of thousands of people to blatantly disregard many laws, cheating their way to "success" and taking advantage of our welfare state while victimizing many people in different ways is contrary to the values I have and most of the people I know.

Now that Utah's a magnet for illegal aliens, it will be fascinating to watch and see how long it takes for the increased demand for welfare, ESL and other programs bankrupts the state. I'm going to watch from afar.

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