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Published: Wednesday, April 13 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

It's amazing how many articles Harmon can write about the BCS. How about a little creativity Harmon?

Houston, TX

At the very least there should be a playoff among the top 4 ranked teams. That would disrupt the bowl system very little. 2 of the BCS bowls would be playoff bowls and the winners would play in the NC.

A better approach would be to take the top 12 ranked teams and give the top 4 a bye. Have the bottom 8 play off to face the top 4. The winners of that round would play each other to produce the NC game teams.

2 of the 12 teams might (unlikely) play a max of 4 after season games instead of just 1 bowl game (3 extra games). Most teams would play 2 or less extra games. That is not a big problem for big time football programs.

The top 12 teams usually include non BCS teams and some teams who placed 2nd in BCS conferences.

It would be a vast improvement and would still leave the minor bowls in place. It also should increase the TV audience for the playoff bowls.

Going to the top 12 give ample opportunity for non BCS teams to make the playoffs as long as the rankings are semi honest.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

myself | 11:37 p.m. April 13, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT
It's amazing how many articles Harmon can write about the BCS. How about a little creativity Harmon?
And on a subject so irrelevant the Wall Street Journal has written on it, the President has commented on it and ratings prove is popular. Why would anyone write on such a subject?

Clinton, UT

Utah now being in a AQ BCS League changes nothing about my absolute hatred of this corrupt system. I would hope that the U's President Young doesn't sell out and would always vote to give access to the NC to the team who wins out in a playoff. Regardless of who that team is. Having lived in Big 12 country I know first hand the arrogance of Texas Longhorn fans who claimed that their program's history gave them a pass and an automatic inside track to the NC as long as they didn't lose 2 (yes TWO) games in the same year. They also tried to justify that a 2 loss Longhorn team was still more deserving than any undefeated non-AQ Team.

I hope the U, it's fans, and Administration never forget how it felt after winning the Sugar Bowl and still getting dismissed as not being worthy of consideration to sit among the elite at the big kids' table.

I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

You could end the BCS tomorrow and install a playoff, but I can assure you, the Team in Provo still wouldn't be playing for a national championship anytime soon or even ever.

Ain't going to happen. Sorry Harmon.

Apo, AP

I'll be very interested to see if Utah (and TCU) embrace the current BCS system. I hope they don't.

We'll see if the oppressed become the oppressors.

Bluffdale, UT

@ I still can't say it,

has to post again with his, Team in Provo. Here is something you will never say bro, "Utah, National Football Champions!" Or, "A Utah football player, winner of the Heisman Trophy."

For a reality check, you should visit the museum at the UIP (University in Provo) and see the only National Campionship trophy and only Heisman Trophy that have been won by a team in this state. As a, go ahead, say it, BYU fan, I could care less if I see BYU ever win another National Championship. Been there, done that. I was in San Diego that night and continue to share memories with the champ QB, Robbie Bosco. We've enjoyed the "buffet" and are still full, while the Team in Salt Lake is starving will never build a trophy case to house a Football National Championship Trophy. Enjoy all those Lady Ute gymnastics trophies. That is as close as you'll get to the Team in Provo's reality.


Nikolas Sabaan
Surfers Paradise, AU

If the sample size was limited to the top 4, the BCS computers would find ways to not allow non-AQ teams to be part of the top 4. After all, a computer derives the numbers for formulas. As for the team from provo, it doesn't matter. As long as there was a way to play their way in, just like with the U today, that's all anyone asks.

BSU, and TCU have both been worthy candidates in recent years but the computers didn't allow the matchup to take place. Time to hose the BCS and it's corrupt executives.

Salt Lake City, UT

I would hope Utah fans continue to fight against the BCS system that unfairly kept their 2004 team out of a national championship opportunity.
Even though they're now in an AQ league, it doesn't make the system right or fair.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

@ I Still Can't Say It -

Ah, the prophetic voice, wandering in the desert. Tell me, did your soothesaying get basketball right this year, "BYU will make it to the Sweet Sixteen, but no further. Ain't going to happen. Sorry Harmon. So let it be written, so let it be done."

Prior to the "Bowl Scandal" (sheesh, who woulda guessed?), I would have voted to settle on a playoff format and let the bowls figure out a system that still allows them to come into play.

Now, I don't know. Shoot, they could take a year or two to figure it out, but for Pete's sake, NCAA, let the captives go free!

Whether or not BYU ever rises to the top again.

Salt Lake City, UT

Let's see...the BCS is being approached from the judicial branch and the legislative branch, and the current president has said he will do what he can to see a playoff happen. This should be an interesting experiment in politics.

International Cougar Fan
Tacoma, WA

Think of all the tax revenue Obama and his cronies could get if he created a playoff system in College Football. Go get those rich and greedy people Mr. President.



If you are so fulfilled by what happened almost three decades ago, then why watch football in the new century? By your logic, BYU should have closed up shop back in 1985, knowing that "it can't get any better than this."

But to most sports fans, "what have you done for me lately" matters.

I am a loyal Ute fan, but I have to agree that the Utes' chances ever winning a national championship in college football are very slim. That being said, I hope to be proven wrong. Hopefully sometime soon.


Regarding the BCS:

It has several flaws, but it continues to get better. That being said, I would still much prefer a playoff of some kind.

Since 2004, the formula for non-BCS teams, while arguably unfair, has been simple - finish the season undefeated and you get a BCS invite.

Utah, TCU, Boise State, and Hawaii have all gone undefeated in the last 7 years, three of them twice. For Cougar fans who aren't content to look back on the ol' glory days, just hope your team goes undefeated. You'll see the Cougars get a BCS invite - I promise.

w bountiful, ut

Why has it taken so long for legal "experts" to see that the only way to bring the BCS to justice is through anti-trust legislation? Could it be because the old boy network in Congress and in Justice have secure ties to the same conference institutions which illegally perpetuate this financial thuggery upon the "unworthy" masses?

This has never been about fairness and never will be. It is about the blatant theft of resources by a few self seen elite conferences. The corrupt distribution of wealth within the BCS ought to send both right and left wingers ballistic, but for some reason it hasn't.

Why? Money talks and the BCS walks.

Cardston, Alberta

The two bowl games between the top four teams were very close games but I guarantee the viewing audiences were not anywhere near what they could/would have been had a format been followed: 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 with the winners meeting in a contest for the almost real national championship. Only the fans from the states involved even watched the two bowl games. NCAA basketball was proof that rankings and seeds are completely flawed. Football rankings are nothing more than a crap shoot. The beauty of the Big Dance is that 68 teams had a shot and that every team has to bring their "A" game every night. None of the #1 seeds even made the final four.

Somewhere in Time, UT

About time!

Lehi, UT

Follow the money.

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

Seems to me what Dick was getting at was to take a look at what happened in Basketball this year. Under a BCS typs system the winner this year may not have even Had a chance be in the tournament.This happens often in football under the current system.Every team ought to feel they can have an equal chance if they have an exceptional season. Utah should have had that chance at least twice in recent years,also Boise State, TCU and I'm sure others.I'm not sure what will cause change,but if we stop talking about it and writing about it it will never change.Kudo's to those who try to keep it on the front burner and in the minds of those who have influence to help make reasonable changes.

Palo Alto, CA

The days of the BCS are numbered and when future generations look back on the BCS-era of college football history they'll marvel at how stupid so many people could have been to be using computer formulas to help decide the major college football national champion.

They'll laugh at old timers who try to explain that preserving bowl "traditions" was more important than having a playoff.

The only chance Utah has of ever winning a national championship in football is through a playoff. The BCS computers will never put the Utes in the BCS championship game.

Otis Spurlock
Ogden, UT

Nothing is perfect, that includes the BCS. However, the BCS is great!!

I liken Harmon's attitude to someone who secretly desires what they can't have and haven't earned yet. Kind of like someone who lives in a trailer park jealously admiring the mansions of Beverly Hills.

Harmon, the answer to all your woes is easy. Win a couple of BCS Bowls and attract the attention of the elite BCS Conferences. TCU and Utah did it. It's not rocket science.

I really wish that BYU can beef up and improve their game so that one day they too will be invited to play with the big boys of the BCS. Until then, whining is counter-productive and won't help BYU win any BCS Bowls.

Happy Easter everyone!!

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