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Published: Wednesday, April 13 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

"Coach (Fred) Hoiberg hes a great guy, said Clyburn, who said he plans to take summer school classes at Iowa State. I want to get to the NBA. Im hoping he can get me there.

Anyone care to explain this kid's rationale? I wish him luck. Winter is very very long and cold in Iowa not playing basketball.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Probably because...even though it might be embarassing to admit... Utah might actually have standards for players to actually live by too. Maybe winning isn't everything at the U also. Do You think???

The Disillusionist
Alexandria, VA

Clearly, winning isn't everything at the U.

Pocatello, ID


From what I've heard, Clyburn was out the door as soon as Boylen got axed. It was something he was seriously considering once Boylen's job was in serious peril. I've also heard his Juco coach has been in his ear the whole time. it doesn't make a lot of sense, and ultimately I think will hurt him in his attempts to make the NBA.

As I've said before, Clyburn leaving doesn't bother me that much. If O'brien ends up leaving, then I will be very bummed, but Will was only going to be here for one year, and I don't have very high expectations for next year anyway.

sacramento, ca

do we really have to point out the obvious?

Syracuse, UT

What a train wreck! Rumor has it that another player is looking hard at leaving. He is talking to other schools to see what offers he gets. Many High School kids and JC kids have now scratched off the u as a place to play. They want no part of the derailed system for their 2 to 4 years there.

Chris Bryant


yes, Chris Kupets is leaving the program. Boo hoo.

"Many High School kids and JC kids have now scratched off the u as a place to play. They want no part of the derailed system for their 2 to 4 years there"

can you substantiate this claim with even one name? or are you just spouting off?

Look, its going to take time. But, Larry K can offer these kids a chance to come in and play right away in the pac-12. That is going to attract a few kids.

Pocatello, ID


It sounds like people feel the same way about BYU with Hauns Brereton bailing.

Syracuse, UT

@ pocyUte

BIG, BIG difference between a player who is already at a school and is enrolled and someone who is looking for a place to go and play!

@ Chris Bryant

Having played a little college bball, I can tell you that all HS players talk to each other and word spreads very quickly about problem places. NO ONE wants to play at a school where a lot of players have left over a couple of years, not to mention a change in coaches. That spells problems and not a place where you want to be, given the stress of college and practice and all that goes with starting up college life. Just try to put some logic into the situation. The situation on the hill is a complete train wreck. u will not get "quality" players for several years. Good luck with that!

Pocatello, ID

Eddie spin it how you want. Either way, he didn't want to be at BYU. There are plenty of BYU fans here declaring players are leaving Utah or not even considering Utah because Utah is down right now. Maybe that's right, maybe it's not. My point in mentioning Brereton was only to say there are many reasons why a player choses to stay or go, and we as fans aren't privy to all those reasons.

It'll be interesting to see how things shake down with coach K and the Utes. I love the staff he's putting together, and I'm not particularly disappointed in the known departures (although if O'brien leaves I will be significantly bummed out). One key player who has already said he is staying is George Matthews. If O'brien stays, I think the two of them will form a very nice nucleus.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Where did you miss the part about Brereton deciding not to go to UTAH as well...probably a more crucial point since Brereton was without doubt seeing a sinking ship there with a fired Coach and players jumping ship. Daaaaaaah what part of that didn't ring any bells.

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