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Published: Wednesday, April 13 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Penguin Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Well, you've staged quite a brilliant defense for dear Glenn. And with such spunk and attitude. Nicely done. Now, if only Mr. Beck were more moderate. Sigh. But, I guess conspiracies can't really be moderate, can they?

Old Scarecrow
Brigham City, UT

This story is spinning so fast it may go flying right off my computer screen at any moment.

Oahu, HI

Can we all say TMI (to much information). I do not listen to Beck much any more, not because he is bad, but because he is a 3hr Commerical.

The Glenn Beck Show has become a Commerical Having a Radio and TV Show at the same time is very often to much.

I hope he gets to spend a little more time with his family. It is more that Beck Fired Fox then Fox Fierd Beck.

Maybe he just wanted to stop. Have you ever Quit a job on good terms, just because you did not want to do it anymore.

He has enough money he could stop right now and do nothing else ever, and his kids could be near do well and his grand kids also, way way into the future.

WE do not want Beck to wind up doing a Dr. Laura.

Anon 64
Oahu, HI

With or without Beck on Fox the World Still turns. Yes the Sky is ealling in, but there is Not Much You Can Do About It.

Salt Lake City, UT

Jason Wright is absolutely correct. The Mainstream Media would like nothing better than to see Glenn Beck fail. They try to disparage his routing out the Marxists in the Obama administraiton, by calling him a prevaricator. But anyone who has watched his show knows he uses their own words - which are embarassing to them to be found out.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Why Fox fired Glenn Beck" headline is hardly indicative of what the story actually says.

Is this merely a lazy headline writer, or poor choice of words, or is it confirmation of the very points the story makes that the media distorts Beck and is out to get him?

Enquiring minds want to know?

And, I am not even a fan of Beck's!

Omaha, NE

The first question that comes to mind is whether Jason Wright is as far off the true story as the other news sources he talks about. Maybe he is not as relevent anymore as he once was. The fact that his numbers beat other non relevent shows does not make him a winner. I do not hear co workers talk about him anymore like I used to. Just like the flags that everyone flew after 9-11, they are either old and faded or not there anymore.

Cedar Hills, UT

I love Glenn Beck's show a lot, and very much admire his creativity also. Hope he will be successful in the new era.

Durham, NC

So let me understand this.... in effect you are saying that he is like the hottest quarterback in football, and that every time he has the ball, his team scores. But despite this, he is soon to be a "free agent" and his team has decided to pre-announce that they will not be resigning their star player.... just because he is just too good.

Now maybe the media is a bit different. Maybe too good of ratings is a bad thing. Perhaps, just perhaps, Fox decided they were tired of fighting off advertisers for that time slot, so they decided to cut lose their star property. Sort of like the Colts cutting lose Manning because the headache of all those season ticket renewals becoming too big of a head ache.

Or could it be that Beck suffered the same fate that a lot of other shock radio people suffered when they made the transition to TV? This would fall into the same category as Howard Stern being cut loose while he was at the top of his game, and despite his rating being through the roof.

Beck got let go not because he was too good.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Thanks Jason. I knew he wasn't fired, but the wrong story seems to be going around. Unfortunately, not that many Americans will read this story.

Springville, UT

It looks as if Jason Wright is looking to make certain he has a future with Glenn. Why else write a pro-Beck article for the DN? Talk about preaching to the choir, Utah is the one place where PR isn't needed for Beck.

Yuba City, CA

You met with him about a potential project together and then I'm supposed to believe this story is unbiased?

Santa Monica, CA

Sounds like Jason has hitched his wagon to a falling star. This article reminds me of the kid who has been placed in the corner on a time out and is still jumping around saying, "Look everybody! I'm still doing things!!!"

South Jordan, UT

I don't think many people doubt his creativity. He's been saying imaginary things for years.

Sandy, UT

What's laughable, is when they state that Becks's ratings have plummeted 30%.

They take a snapshot spike in his ratings, during the Health Care/Election coverage, and then create a false baseline.

Like Obama taking the average National Deficit of 2-4 hundred billion, to 1.5 trillion his first year and then treating 1.5 trillion as the new annual deficit norm.

With Beck they use his 3+ million viewers ratings spike in that one month period, and then treat that as the norm. It's not.

Hannity, O'reilly, Grethe etc. also peaked at this time and then dropped, yet nobody is saying that their tratings have plummeted?

Reality is, Beck has averaged about 2 million viewers for each year. Taking singular snapshots is deceptive by design. It's why you just can't trust the MSM anynmore.

Michael Jordan had some high water marks of 70 points or so. Where his 2 week or one month average may have been 40 or 50 points. When he leveled off to his 30 points a game average, did people say his scoring has dropped by 30% or 40%?

Beck still beats his competition by 4-5 fold.

Lehi, UT


Glenn Beck's propaganda machine crossed the bridge from zany indignation to lunacy. Once the public understands that you're certifiable, well, nobody really feels comfortable in your presence.

working class
Salt Lake City, UT

Beck is a hate monger, and his act is wearing thin. I used to be scared to death of him - that is no longer true. I have never felt esteem for the guy even though I share his faith.

silas brill
Heber, UT

[ ... the grind of a daily show handcuffs Beck. ]

What a joke. Sorry your eccentric boss lost his job as a fiction writer.

Saint George, UT

I loved Glenn's TV show and will miss it. He took current events, tried to connect them, and then predict what it will mean to us in the future. He tried to show the motivations of influencial people (good or bad) and what they believed in, and what they are trying to accomplish. There is no other news show that does this. He will be greatly missed on a daily basis and his fans will search him out through other media. One of the most important themes in the Book of Mormon is for us in the latter days to recognize and stamp out "secret combinations" so they don't destroy us. I think Glenn Beck has been faithful to this plea. "Well done Good and faithful servant".

Eagle Mountain, UT

Thanks Jason for a good positive story on Beck. I am so tired of the negative articles that are so far from the truth. Beck has talked about a transition for a long time. It came as no surprize. He was already going in new directions.

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