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Published: Monday, April 11 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Somewhere in Utah, UT

No, thanks, Mitt -- don't need you, don't want you.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Great Man. It won't happen, because who needs a great business anyways. It's not like we're in any sort of financial troubles.

Barack will continue to spend like crazy, and we'll be ok with it because he's promised it will work.

"I will cut the deficit in half in four year"

barack obama

The joke hasn't even been close

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

Vote for Romney so he can send more jobs overseas. In addition, he will legalize gay marriage nationwide and insure we keep our new National Health Care Bill.

BYU Deek
Spanish Fork, UT

Chris B, I genuinely like your comment.

We the People
Sandy, UT

As a candidate, Mitt has flaws. However, I will vote for him unless a better candidate surfaces. Obama is a disaster and needs to be a one-term president.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

These egotistical maniacs will never be able to accept the truth, so........
They have to "explore" because they did not like the answer they received the first time. They will continue to "explore and study", "explore and study", until the money is gone(and who's money are they using, anyway?).
Their brains do not appear to work like the rest of the human race.
Some of these guys, Mr. Romney and Mr. Gingrich, for instance, just cannot understand, "NO, WE ARE NOT INTERESTED", for an answer.

Brigham City, UT

Mr. Romney is admirable and would make a great president; he should be congratulated for having worked in the "private sector" all his life." I wish Utah's Senators and Congressmen (excluding Matheson of course) had the same passion and experience and resume in the private sector.

Salt Lake City, UT

'SALT LAKE CITY Mitt Romney announced Monday he is forming an exploratory committee for a 2012 presidential run, a key step in what would be his second White House bid.' - Article

Who is ACTUALLY running?

Not just saying they are, to get your money.

oh ye confederacy of dunces
Flushing, NY

Enough with career politicians in Washington. Let's elect someone who understands fiscal responsibility--someone who knows what it means to run a business and manage a budget. Bush Jr. was a fiscal socialist, and Obama is far, far worse. The spending must stop if we are to maintain the fantastic standard of living we enjoy in the US.

Henderson, NV

I thought he already did this. Or am I mixing this up with last time? What exactly would an exploratory committee do that hasn't already been done? We've been seeing polls and speculative opinion pieces for months now.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

As long as the winner of the 2012 election is not Obama or Pelosi, we as a nation will be better off that we are now. If Romney wins, all the better. He has the knowledge and experience to set this country on the right track. If he doens't win, then it shows that America's priorities are messed up big time. I Romney runs and doesn't win, I will ignore all complaints by democrats about the economy being in poor shape.

For all the success Obama has had, we might as well have elected Steve Young. Young would have probably done the job better, too.

St. George, Utah

let me help out Romneys committe I will not vote for Mitt Romney -- and his religion has nothing to do with it I would rather go through another 4 yrs of Obama

Somewhere in Time, UT

This is so interesting the way all the crabs (who like to pull others down)come out in force whenever there's an article about Mitt.

Mitt is the candidate most qualified with both private sector success and executive public sector experience. He's been making all the right moves in preparing himself for this new run. I hope he makes it. Ronald Reagan didn't make it the first time either. He came back after four years of Carter and won in a landslide. I think Obama is even more of a dismal failure than Carter and we can't afford four more years of destructive incompetence.

We REALLY need Mitt's ability. And.....he doesn't have a messy personal life as some other candidates do.

Sally Smiles-a-Lot
Vernal, UT

If Mitt runs, I will definitely vote for him. I believe he has the financial experience and savvy to lead us out of the quagmire we are in. Of course, it would not happen overnight, since we didn't get here overnight. But he has a great track record when it comes to rescuing corporations in distress, or the Utah Olympics, for example, and corporate America...and that includes all of us, since we all deal with multiple corporations...definitely needs rescuing. No candidate is perfect, but I like Mitt, and although I don't have any money thanks to reduced working hours and increased expenses, so therefore I can't donate, I will get to the polls and vote.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Last time MItt(Is he some famous baseball player?), wanted to run for President, he told the public " The really great thing is" MITT IS VERY WEALTHY AND CAN PAY FOR MOST OF HIS PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN".
Just now checked out his Internet campaign site......
Mitt is asking for donations of $10-$2,500. Credit card and payments ok(Oh, boy!). He wants all of our personal information, as well.
Ok, now were not we all impressed with him in the last campaign because of what is written in the very first sentence!!!!!
What kind of money is he making nowadays? How are his businesses doing now? Has he closed any? Sent any overseas? Laid off workers?
Read he recently sold a fabulous home he owned in the Park City area.
Sounds like Mitt may be experiencing something "different" with his finances.
How can he be "THE ONE " we need as our President?

Cedar Hills, UT

Out of all the Presidential candidates to date, including the 'anointed one' Mitt Romney is the most qualified to lead our country out of the disaster of Bush/Obama. Please run and please run over the oppostion.

Cedar Hills, UT

Looking at Mitt and judging him as an economic leader I feel like Mitt is the best of the bunch - on either side. I think Mitt has the experience, and the record as both a governor and CEO to make a pretty strong case. I really don't see anyone out there that is better.. or even close. You migth argue that Mitt has a problem with RomneyCare and other issues but I think the BIGGEST issue for most Americans is the economy. It's not just jobs its also lower taxes and dumping Obama regulations on business that is destroying everyones wealth. I trust Mitt. Will he get elected? Probably not but he is the best candidate.

Henderson, NV

Actually, I would have to say the most qualified person eligible to run for President would be George H.W. Bush. I wish he would run with Bill Clinton as his running mate. If you're really interested in experience, it doesn't get any better than that.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Enough with career politicians?
Romney is the son of George W. Romney (the former Governor of Michigan) and Lenore Romney.
He ran as the Republican candidate in the 1994 U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts but lost to incumbent Edward M. Kennedy.

Romney won the election for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002, but did not seek reelection in 2006.
He signed into law the landmark Massachusetts health care reform legislation, which provided near-universal health insurance access via subsidies and state-level mandates.

During the course of his political career, his positions or rhetorical emphasis shifted more towards American conservatism in several areas, though his stances on many other issues have been inconsistent
Candidate for the Republican nomination in the 2008 U.S. presidential election.

Another Career politician.

Salt Lake City, UT

they have this same news story over on Fox News. you should take a moment to view some of the comments being posted there to get an idea how the conservative crowd outside of Utah feels about Mitt. be forewarned though, it isn't pretty.

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