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Published: Tuesday, April 5 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Naked Truth
Salt Lake City, Utah


One year? Ha! It's like 5 years until you're a full-fledged member! Or is it even more than that?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I might be 10 years or 20 but it will be somehting you're not a member of a BCS conference!

Huntsville, Alabama

Every fan in the PAC-12 is excited about the new Divisions, the new members, and especially the exposure. I'm a Washington fan living in Alabama, and if I get to see my Dawgs more, I'm all for it. Oh, and BoringGuy, you'll find out that the whole PAC-12 is a murderers' row. Nobody goes through the whole schedule unscathed. Is Utah good? yep. Do they belong? sure do. But the days of consistent 10 win seasons for you guys are gone. You'll be glad to win seven and go bowling. If you do go undefeated some day, you'll have earned it.

Naked Truth
Salt Lake City, Utah


Pretty typical Ute attitude. Just happy to be there. Much like throwing parades for second place which you convince yourselves is more prestigious than a National Championship!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Just happy to be there"

No actually just happy to be where Y fans never will be.

Go PAC-12

Naked Truth
Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Ibleedcrimson,

"No actually just happy to be where Y fans never will be."

You mean like in National Championship Land? Ahhh, poor little utes.

Salt Lake City, ut

Why are you guys talking about byu who cares! Lets just talk Utah football.

Holladay, UT

Naked Truth,

That was nearly 30 years ago. Give it up already. I wasn't even alive in 1984.


I agree that there is way too much time spent on these comments strings exchanging tired insults with one another.

That being said, it is interesting that ESPN is making a trip across the United States looking in on roughly 20 football programs, and their new partner, BYU, isn't one of them.

Maybe they will catch the Cougars at a later date, but if ESPN Tour tee-shirts were going to print today, Provo isn't one of the stops.

In my opinion, both schools will be fine. BYU will millions more from football starting this fall, and Utah will have to wait longer for their big money bump.


You may not think of "Cal, Wash. St., Washington, ASU, and UCLA as murderer's row," but it's a lot tougher than Colorado State, Wyoming, New Mexico, San Diego State, and UNLV. Next year's Utah football schedule , particularly with two tough out of conference opponents (Pitt and BYU) will almost certainly be the toughest one they have ever played.

I'm looking forward to see how things pan out, but every Utah victory (and I hope there are a lot of them) will be truly earned.


Oh, and bye the way, I suspect that Urban Meyer's connection with the University of Utah may have helped the Utes make the tour schedule.

Pocatello, ID

I love that Urban called Whit, "Brother Kyle," when he saw him, and after Kyle referenced BYU, Urban said he still couldn't say it. That was pretty entertaining.

One Nil to the Arsenal!
Gilbert, AZ

Naked Truth:

NCAA titles that have an asterisk next to them don't count. You only had 36 votes in 84'. It was no way close to being unanimous. Washington got like 19 votes that year. You didn't beat anybody all year that finished in the AP top 25. You played the 5th place Big 10 team in the Holiday Bowl. Should I go on? Or do you realized how pathetic that year was. Great season, but not NC worthy. The BCS was formed because of BYU that year. So please refrain from using that crutch. Compare that to Utah's season in 2008. The Utes beat 4 top 25 teams. Not to mention TCU and Alabama were ranked in the top 10 to end the year. We spanked Alabama in their own back yard in the Sugar Bowl. Getting the picture now? We received 16 first place votes that year in the Coaches poll to Florida's 46.

If we were playing in 1984, we would have been National champions. Not to mention there's the undefeated 2004 team.

Please Y fans, please stop with the references to your magical 84 season. Your case has no merit.

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