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Published: Monday, April 4 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Eh, I meant to say that I wouldn't bet against Jimmer starting a game his first year. (otherwise the rest of my comment makes no sense).

Saint George, UT

Go Jimmer Go in the Pro's. If it doesn't work out, you have given me many great moments watching you play. Thanks for the fun games. Your competitiveness will make you a pro in the game of life.

Salt Lake City, UT

"But James Fredette is the better individual player than Kemba Walker. Don't get me wrong, Kemba is a great player but the stats prove Jimmer is the best player of the year when considering the entire season. "

Jimmer's a better scorer/shooter. Kemba I think is better all-around which to me means more. Kemba's my PotY while Jimmer's my MVP. (There's a difference, I think Kembas the better player but Jimmer's more valuable to his team than Kemba is.) Since I'm aware that PotY and MVP can be defined differently to different people I'm not upset with Jimmer winning.

  • 7:01 p.m. April 4, 2011
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Baltimore, MD

Ah yes, the pseudo Utah fans, who are really just Mormon/BYU haters are really starting to come out of the woodwork now that they've found an ally in Rick Reilly.

Y-Ask-Y? Why should we believe you'd keep your word about the $1,000 anymore than we believed hedgehog would keep his word about not posting on any BYU article until after basketball season was over?

Alpine, UT

The final four games were some of the most lack-luster games in college sports this year. What a bore!

Salt Lake City, UT

My father once quoted an old saying, "A man convinced against his will, will be of the same opinion still."

Of course, I don't know the ages of those who post here, but if they are all grown men, I am amazed at how childish many of them seem to be. Most of them seem to be grinding an axe that has no temper in its head, except bad temper. Now, if you don't understand that analogy, you prove my point.

Now back to the subject. I think Jimmer is great - a great basketball player and a great person. He also has a great work ethic and a great personality.

And I believe he will have a great future - whether or not he "makes it in the pro's".

And I believe he will be happy, which of course is more important than playing basketball, or any other game for that matter.

If the game can bring happiness, then go for it.
If not, find something else to do.

Ann Arbor, MI

'The final four games were some of the most lack-luster games in college sports this year. What a bore"

And I'm guessing you say this because the jimer wasn't there to boost your self worth.

If you cared to watch, bot VCU/BUTLER and KU/UConn were great games.

Houston, TX

Jimmer has just as good a chance of making it in the NBA as Kemba. They both have weaknesses that could cause them to bust.

I strongly suspect that both of them will find a niche with the right team.

Whether either one will be a NBA all star is a long shot.

The only question for either is where in the first round they go.

Slim Shady 801
Bluffdale, UT

How come Reilly didn't write a negative article about Nolan Smith of Duke?

Salt Lake City, UT

No game could be as awful as that Butler-UConn game... how does a team go 3-31 from INSIDE the three point line?

hymn to the silent
Holladay, UT

Sammyg: I teach at BYU and asked my students about the Jimmer. They knew who he was, but were not "absolutely captivated" as you say. They were actually more worried about their final projects. The kid is a good baller, but the world didn't stop to watch him play...world hunger didn't go away, our boys didn't come home from Iraq...a college hoopster made a half-court shot and got the awards he deserved. Good for him. Shame on those who can't simply enjoy it rather than live a proxy life through him.

Shelley, ID

Do we really have to take EVERYONE so seriously? (Reilly, I mean?)

BYU/Jazz fan
West Valley, UT

Kemba scores only 16 points in the biggest game of his life on 5 of 19, 0 for 4 from 3 point, and 6 points coming from the free throw line? Yeah, sure sounds like a better player than Jimmer.....

Jimmer: 12-30 pt games, 3-40 pt games, and 1 50 pt. game while shooting .452 FG %, .894 FT %, and .396 3pt %.
Kemba: 10- 30 pt games, 1- 40 pt games, and 0 50 pt games while shooting .432 FG %, .818 FT %, and .336 3pt %.

Jimmer not only has better stats overall than Kemba while averaging less minutes but has certainly faced more double and tripple teams while the refs let him get hacked on a nightly basis.

Jimmer vs Kemba? No contest- Jimmer in a land slide.

Teddy Bear
Las Vegas, NV

NC Game = worst game ever (except maybe PSU-Wisc in the Big Ten tourney).

Salt Lake City, UT

@BYU/Jazz fan

Jimmer's the better shooter I think that part is obvious. However who is a better rebounder? Plays better defense? Better passer? Kemba's a more all-around player. Looking at shooting alone isn't necessarily going to lead to the right answer. Otherwise Durant would've been MVP last year in the NBA.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Walker was unimpressive in NC game tonight. He seems too small for the NBA. Didn't really take over the game like Lamb did in the second half. I wasn't impressed at all. I am sure the Jazz will trade up to draft him though......

Salt Lake City, UT

I liked Jimmer's red tie.

Mapleton, UT

I can't believe the moderators have let so many of you post negative things about Jimmer. Come on moderators, what's up?

Ernesto de Bajo
Albuquerque, NM

"If I had been banned from having premarital sex in college, I'd have barely lasted three years. OK, three and a half." --Rick Reilly

What looks on the surface like a try at self-deprecating humor is probably, in fact, a macho exageration. Odds are, he graduated a whole man. In fact, any ongoing joy is likely the charity of a saintly wife.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

I'm hoping Jimmer gets the chance to play for the Utah Jazz. Being that I'm a Nugget fan it will be fun to watch Lawson and Felton run Jimmer through a BUZZ SAW!!! Seriously!!!

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