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Published: Monday, April 4 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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pb of vernal
Vernal, UT

I think his comments were sort of funny. I hope you will have to donate $10,000, unless you have died because you are an aging sports write and have gone to h___, I would say it but this blog won't let me publish my comments if I say the 4 letter word, Sorry.

Salt Lake City, UT

Reilly's column is an honest take on the chances of one Jimmer Fredette to make the pros.

Let's look at the teams projected to be picking in the lottery this year, and their point guard situations:

Cleveland - Depth need at PG.
Washington - No need at PG.
Minnesota - No need at PG.
Toronto - No need at PG.
Sacramento - No need at PG.
Utah - Depth need at PG.
Detroit - Depth needed at PG.
Milwaukee - No need at PG.
Charlotte - Could use a backup PG for Augustin.
Golden State - No need at PG.
Phoenix - Could use a backup PG for Nash.
Houston - Could use a backup PG to Lowry.

Keeping it simple, Phoenix, Houston, and Charlotte are the teams with a definite need, while Utah, Detroit, and Cleveland could use depth at the position that Fredette plays. I'd give him a better chance of going to Phoenix, where he wouldn't be held accountable for his defense (or lack thereof). Houston might work too. But any team mired in losing isn't going to see benefits from putting him in their rotation, he would need the best situation in order to have any level of success as a pro.

Lehi, UT

When Riley gets sober I'll pay attention to what he says, but for now it's Jimmer time! Dosn't matter what anybody says will happen it only matters what happens on the court, and this year in colledge ball, Jimmer OWNED the hardwoods. Nobody can ball as consistant night after night. No one gave Ainge much props coming out of college, but he seemed to do OK. So will "Da Jimmahhh"

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

Okay, we all know the rules of engagement. Poking fun at ethnicity, (I believe caucasian is an ethnicity) and religion is fair game. Nice to know. The door is now open to have some fun with all ethnicities, religious persuasions, orientations, genders, newspaper editors and sports writer's mothers. I'm sure everyone will be just as accommodating as the never to be offended, happy -go-lucky Mormons.

Lehi, UT

In other words, Reilly is saying in his present response that BYU is an easy target - compared to other schools - for his columns. And now with the ESPN contract for football, look for more BYU/Mormon attacks, ridicules, etc. Watch when (not if) Heaps wins the Heisman Trophy and Reilly comes out firing - he will never win a Super Bowl, or be a Pro-Bowler, and all his other riles (pun intended). Go Cougars!

Provo, UT

RE: PocyUte
I agree. I am a BYU student and a BYU fan, and feel that a lot of "die hard" BYU fans have the persecution complex, where if someone says something bad about "our Cougs", they are attacking you, your grandma and Joseph Smith.

I thought Reilly's original article was pretty scathing and maybe not all the way true, but the man does have a point. I personally think that Kemba should have won the Naismith award.

And it's not like BYU fans are the only ones. People can make mountains out of mole hills out of any type of comment about religion, race, sexual preference, you name it. But in the end, we're all human and sometimes you just need to laugh it off when someone says something you don't agree with. Or listen. They might say something you can learn from...


Kouger, hahahahahaha, to compare Jimmer and Heaps is pure comedy. Hahaha, "when he wins the Heismann" was a joke right? He looked like he was on pace to win it last year up until he took that first snap.

Give Jimmer some credit Kouger, he's not overhyped and overblown, and he doesn't even have a publicist to thank yet. Heaps will be solid, but never will he be mentioned with Jimmer or Ainge or Detmer or Young after his career is over....but thanks for the chuckle.

Making Sense
Herriman, UT

Reilly's comments say more about him than they do about Jimmer and/or BYU.

Hedgehog's comments say more about him than about Jimmer and/or BYU.

Chris B's comments say more about him than about Jimmer and/or BYU.

Provo, UT

Reilly is right on.

Religion is fundamentally superstitious. Superstition begets inconsistency in athletic performance as the athlete engages in rituals that he believes bring about "blessings" (Austin Collie, back me up on this brau), but actually have either no relationship or a distracting and adverse relationship to performance. This is why BYU teams, having institutionalized superstition, are so flaky and inconsistent. This is why sitting in your hotel room reading the Bible (trying to earn God's blessings for the game) is an excellent explanation for why Jimmer's performance against Florida was sub-par: 37% from the field; 20% from distance; and 6 turnovers.

No matter how you try to spin it, Jimmer lost that game for the Cougars. Jackson was hot from behind the arc in the first half, but Jimmer hogged the shots in the second half so Emery got no chance to contribute. If I was one of Jimmer's teammates, I would be almost as ticked off at Jimmer as I am at Davies! These two guys completely let the team down!

I agree with Reilly. And I will throw $1,000 into the pot along with Reilly.

sandy, UT

Did you see what riley said about the new men's bb coach on the hill? That's right, nothing. Why, because Jimmer and BYU basketball are all that the nation cares to look at in this state. Any attention is good attention, right? If riley doesn't think Jimmer will start, he is delusional. Has he ever seen what happens when the injury bug bites? Look who is starting for the Jazz right now. Jimmer is as good as Watson, hands down.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

For all of those who are just too slow on the uptake about why Jimmer appeared to be lacking on defense this year. I think you are going to be quite foolishly suprised when he actually proves you wrong. Why I say that is because you people haven't got the slightest clue as to what was going on this year. With both of the BYU's best big men i.e. Chris Collinsworth and Brandon Davies out for most or a significant portion of the remaining part of the season Dave Rose made a significant but highly unorthadox coaching decision to try and compensate for their absence on the court. The entire key to BYU's success without Collinsworth and Davies on the court centered on keeping Fredette in the game. To spell it out for those not able to grasp what actually was taking place. Rose had Fredette intentionally backed off on Defense to keep him out of foul trouble. Fredette averaged over 38 minutes a game of playing time...That's almost unheard of in college basketball. Most of his fouls were offensive. You are absolutely dead wrong if you think Jimmer can't play defense.

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Junction city, Oregon

If we think jimmer wouldn't read this article and be affected by it, maybe we should take the same road. It's always lonely at the top of the ladder......

rock springs, wy

Two things are certain: Jimmer Fredette is a better basketball player than Rick Reilly is a writer and Jimmer Fredette will be an NBA All-Star before Rick Reilly wins a Pulitzer Prize.

Bill Freeze
Lindon, UT

On the Jimmer analysis Reilly has undoubltedly consulted Bob Knight and used the same intuitive process that the General used in sizing up Larry Bird. Jimmer will do just fine in the NBA...no thanks to Reilly!

Silly Rabbit
Magna, UT

Where's Stockton??? Well first its near Tooele and second great comment, you are right on, I didnt follow the Y much this season until March. I know that Jimmer was being ridden like a horse and playing major minutes, and up until that last game he delivered at the end.......

Ann Arbor, MI

" This is why sitting in your hotel room reading the Bible (trying to earn God's blessings for the game"

God doesn't care about basketball... at least mine doesn't.

Holladay, UT


You're lucky you live so far away in Michigan. Those of us in Utah have to deal with this attitude every day. If you dare question the skills of even one player in Provo, it's like the end of the world or something.

To boot, you have all of these media types encouraging BYU fans and making them believe they really are something special and superior to any other college, especially the U.

The Riley ordeal is just the latest example. Whether Jimmer can play on the next level is a legitimate question. What's more, and let's be honest here, Jimmer really doesn't enjoy playing defense.

The Disillusionist
Alexandria, VA

Re: hedgehog

"God doesn't care about basketball..."

How do you know?

"at least mine doesn't."

Clay figurines tend not care about anything.

I do agree w/ you about Reilly though: "he's funny to boot" (especially when one is wearing boots w/ steel toes).

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Rick Reilly was accurate in his description of his play against Florida. My problem with him is Reilly judged Jimmer by his performance at one of the worst games he had ever played this year. There was no balance.

The POY award is for the best COLLEGE player, not the player most likely to succeed in the NBA. If you asked coaches around the nation who the one player is they would most like to add to their team, it would be Jimmer. They can run a zone defense in the NCAA. Jimmer would have the most impact even if he can't play defense.

The entire BYU offense was built around Jimmer. They had to keep him in the game. I am sure that coach Rose told Jimmer not to foul. Not bad advice. Jimmer just did not take chances. It was a good strategy for the team this year.

Jimmer erased Ainge's scoring record but did not start his freshman year like Ainge, and Jimmer was fighting Mono last year.

Jimmer was nothing short of incredible.
Rick Reilly's article was absolutely not credible.

Salt Lake City, UT

I wouldn't bet on him starting a game his first year... even if he's how reilly thinks he'll be, he'd probably be drafted too early, land on a bad team (minnesota? Kahn loves his point guards) and then start due to everyone else being abysmal. Or there could be injury troubles with the team he gets drafted by (see: Jazz, Utah)

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