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Published: Thursday, March 31 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Syracuse, UT

Amen. #21 allow strength of schedule to play into college football rankings. Yes I'm talking to you Ohio State and Florida.

Provo, UT

I agree mostly except for a couple of baseball issues.

1) Get RID of the DH in the American League and play baseball.
2) No need to get rid of baseball games unless you go back to 154. The cool thing about baseball is that you can compare players from all eras for the most part. There can be more double headers etc. and also the way the playoffs are structured with rest days between the games vs. how the sport is generally played in the regular is the real culprit for November baseball. This wasn't a problem until the last few years even with the 162 game schedule. That is what needs to be retooled, not lesser games (but 154 could be a reasonable cut because that is how baseball used to be).

But overall a good list. I would like to see NCAA athletes get a stipend or something and perhaps that would lead to less corruption. And I would like coaches to be put on probation etc. if their programs get out of line. It is usually the program that gets the sanctions and the kids that suffer and the coach still gets paid.

Uncle Gadianton
Salt Lake City, Utah

Here's a twenty-first suggestion: Shorten the NBA season, so that each team plays every other team twice, at home and on the road (I believe this adds up to about 60 games). Two games could played every weekend, starting with Thursday/Saturday and a Friday/Sunday schedule. (Like the NCAA Tourney). Some games could be moved to Mondays, particularly during the last half of the season.

This would eliminate the back-to-back games where some poor road team staggers into an arena after catching a 3:00 am flight from who knows where, and then sleepwalking their way through a game that they have no chance of winning.

Having all games on the weekend would allow the NBA to benefit from the publicity that NFL teams enjoy: Everyone will talking about the matchups for the coming weekend. It will also allow players to spend more time at their own homes, rather than 7-10 days on the road, living out of hotels. Fewer games means less revenue, but it will open up arenas for other events.

Provo, UT

On further look on his football playoff, just like the NCAA basketball tournament all conference champions should get a chance. That's 11 conferences and five at large. The point of a tournament is to be inclusive. If the BCS system was used or even this suggested playoff system, teams like Butler wouldn't even be in the tournament. And on further look, in college basketball get rid of the conference tournament. Certainly it doesn't do the little conferences any good to have their #8 team somehow win the tournament and get roasted in the first round. Make sure you are sending your best representative and make the regular season actually mean something besides seeding for a stupid tournament.

Eagle Mountain, UT

This is a very good start. I can't see any of them I don't like. I would get rid of everything on NBA all star weekend except the actual game and the 3 point shooting contest. The dunk contest is a waste of time. I like the idea of some one on one except it would just be another ego feeder for what should be a team sport.

How about a hard salary cap in the NBA.

Provo, UT

I love #1. A tournament style playoff for college football would be great.

I think the NBA should do what England does with soccer. Keep the D league as a third tier but divide the current NBA into a first and second division. Games are focused mostly within the division but division losers are relegated and division winners are promoted. With so many teams it would create a few other interesting scenarios of meaning to follow besides the playoffs. Heck, do the same thing with baseball. So many teams have nothing to play for year after year so make a few divisions and create a system with promotion/relegation. Of course the business of sports wouldn't let these ideas fly but it would sure add some excitement.

x, CA

20 great points. Thanks for the thoughts. Excellent sports article!

Orem, UT

You missed the Number 1 needed change in NCAA sports--

* All referees should be pulled OUT of the NCAA conferences and placed in a pool of national referees. They do not work for any conference, and they answer to a national organization of referees, where they are ranked and judged on their abilities, skills, talents and lack of mistakes.

When officials or calls are in question, teams/coaches can go to a governing board and have calls looked into. A report should be made public when errors are made.

Logan, UT

Great list! I wholeheartedly agree with everything said here! (I admit, I don't much care about baseball...so that sport can do whatever). But the suggestions for NBA, NCAA B-ball and Football are great. The powers that be will never let it happen, but there would be so much more parity and sports would be fun again! Too bad money has essentially ruined sports.

Re: Boris. I think that's a great idea too, but I think they should do it for NCAA conferences too. Have 4 regional conferences with different tiers. Winners in Football move up, losers move down. Do the same thing for basketball. You keep regional rivalries relatively healthy, the best programs will almost always stay the best, but the other programs will have a chance to get better. "Olympic" sports can all just stay in geographically based conferences that don't change. Everybody is happy, money is saved and it's fair.

Highland, UT

Excellent article. All of which are common sense.

I used to be a basketball fan. Since the 90's I quit watching. The officiating was so predictable! It really has destroyed the game. Maybe they need to hire people who know nothing about the game, teach them the rules, and let them call the game. The NBA game has its glam still- but the product is corrupt.

Finally, college football is the biggest disappointment of all! College football is such a great sport- that is until the end of the year. The current individuals in charge are holding 90% of the nation in bondage. Enough already. There would be 20 times the money and we would have a TRUE national championship. Those college playoffs would be more popular than any sport in the US.

Highland, UT

None of this will ever work. There is to much common sense in it.

Frisco, TX

Good article, and a good list. I disagree with #15 - I think pitchers should be required to bat in all leagues. But I'm 100% behind a playoff system in college football. I like the 16 team idea, but even if it were 8 teams it would be better than how it is now. With 8, each BCS conference gets 1 team and then 2 at large teams. Strength of schedule needs to carry more weight in college FB. Too many teams are focused on playing the patsies for their non-conference games. Nobody wants to watch those.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Here's a twenty-first suggestion: Shorten the NBA season"

Here here, the games in the middle of the season are flat out boring, they just go through the motions. If you're one of the handfull of elites, games are little more than practice, if your everyone else, it's just get through it and on to the next city.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

The argument against #13 is UConn, who may not have even made the tourney without winning their conference championship.

The argument against #12 is big schools losing freshman to the NBA is bringing parity to NCAA basketball. It is one reason VCU and Butler made the final four, it is one reason those schools can retain their coaches (why go to a bigger school with more pressure when you can have a shot at the title coaching at the school you love?), it is one reason MWC, WCC, teams can compete. It is also one of the reasons Utah doesn't have a coach yet. Why move to a lower tier Pac 12 team when you can stay at an elite team from a "lessor" conference and make the tournament?

Overton, NV

On the DH in baseball:

I agree that it needs to be one or the other; either get rid of it completely or make it universal. And since it is pretty much universal other than the National League, I'd have to say getting rid of pitcher hitting has to be the choice. But you can't have different rules if the two leagues are going to be facing off.

Case in point: Chien Ming Wang. Guy hurts his foot running the bases in an inter-league game; doing something he's not used to doing. How many major league pitches has he thrown since? Next to none. Switching rules may have ruined his career.

Salem, UT

Another change should be to raise the basket to the height of 18 feet, then it would be more a game of skill than height.

Logan, UT

I disagree with #13.
Conferences should be able to pick their automatic representative to the NCAA tournament, whether the season winner, or a tournament winner and not be forced to chose one or the other.
Examples from this year:
WAC/Big South/A-Sun: USU, Belmont and Coastal Carolina were runaway winners during the season and their conferences should be allowed to pick them as opposed to team who may beat them on a last second shot in the tourney. USU and Belmont won their tournaments, Coastal did not.
WCC/Horizon: Teams at the top are too close to call a winner. It's better for a conference to have a tournament to decide who to send. How different would this year's NCAA tournament be if the Horizon regular season winner, Milwaukee got the auto bid instead of Butler? The conference was lucky in sending the tournament winner.
Ivy: The Ivy gets around the rule by electing not to have a tournament. But this year a tie forced a playoff between Harvard and Princeton.

I think the conference should decide what criteria they want to use to send a team as their automatic representative

Draper, UT

Correction on #4:
"Youve got two baseball teams, two basketball teams, a hockey team, a soccer team (for crying out loud), yet no football team"

They have 2 hockey teams (LA and Anaheim are same TV market, right?) and 2 MLS teams: Chivas and Galaxy play in the same stadium. Mix that with the Sacramento Kings might be moving to Anaheim for a 3rd NBA team in the area, and I think they've got enough.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

I love them all...

May I add one?

How about we make the college football Nationional Championship more important than winning a BCS Bowl?

And if you hang a banner that states you won a BCS Bowl Game, right next to it, you have to hang a banner stating that you lost (got blown out) the Vegas Bowl to a WAC team.

Truth in advertising....

Otherwise, you are phony wannabes...

David R.
SLC, Utah

I don't like any of them except #1.

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