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Published: Thursday, March 31 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Ann Arbor, MI

After reading these links it must be said again.

It's great to be a UTE!!

Kearns, UT

Can't wait to see if the Utes end up with $16,000,000 a year, or more! Sounding like the amount will be north of that mark.

But I'm sure BYU fans would still prefer Independence, right!

Springville, UT

The Mtn. starts the bidding at 2 dollars.

Springville, UT

Some nice comments on the NFL blog on the Utes.

This one caught my attention... "Zane Taylor... had a vertical jump of 26 1/2 inches."

Let's see, if Zane who weighs 308 pounds and can jump 26.5 inches why is it so hard for anyone to believe that Jimmer, weighing 195 pounds, jumps 36 inches! Pretty amazing.

I can definitely acknowledge the athleticism for both of these guys!

Springville, UT

Williary, just a quick comment about your $16 million and north of that.

The other day it was reported that the USC game might be on Sunday if the NFL doesn't work out their problems. That will be a major bummer for a lot of Ute fans, possibly a majority of them.

So before you go wishing for the moon just realize that there's a 'price' to be paid. Hope it works out.

Ogden, Utah

From the story's photograph, it appears that the poster next to Larry Scott also shows where Utah will probably finish in the PAC-12 South.

Castle Rock, CO


You are not very informed are you Williary. BYU is potentially getting 2.5 million for ONE GAME. BYU will be doing just fine. Also, BYU will have the rights to broadcast all the games on their network, where they get all the advertising dollars. You'd be foolish if you think BYU doesn't make 16 million in a year. Obviously the next year when we play the tiny schools we won't be raking that in, but Utah won't be making much money this year either.

Get more informed and then comment. If you are thinking BYU is making less than that you are a fool. We have six games scheduled with Notre Dame. Those will be 2 million dollar games for each school easy.

Independence is great right now. And we won't ever have to play on Sundays (which is important to us, maybe not to you) which the Utes will likely have to do.

Castle Rock, CO

Google "Notre Dame BYU Schedule"

Check out the SLTrib article. We will be easily bringing in that amount of money.

Salt Lake City, UT

Price to be paid? Don't think so. The game is in LA at the Coliseum. Moot point. Place will be packed. Won't be a major bummer for Ute Fans, just like it isn't a bummer for LDS Jazz fans that fill the Delta Center when the Jazz have a home playoff game, or the many restaurants that are filled with LDS patrons on the Sabath (See Little/Grand America, Chuck O Rama, etc). Observance of the Sabath Day is pretty relaxed down here in Zion.

Pocatello, ID


A very funny mtn. comment. Not being under the reign of Hair Thompson is value enough for BYU going indy.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"So before you go wishing for the moon just realize that there's a 'price' to be paid. Hope it works out."

What exactly are you refering too, please tell enlighten me? Are we talking souls here?

Ann Arbor, MI

I absolutley LOVE the idea of Sunday Ute football!!!

American Fork, UT

I think both Utah and BYU will do very well financially. Utah's will be a little delayed - not receiving a full share for a couple of years. BYU's will be less than the 15 million number being thrown around. Regardless, both will be much better off than they were for the last 10 years.

Salt Lake City, UT


Haha, I want to let you know that because the Utes are part of the Pac 12 conference, they will get 2 million dollars a year just from the shared championship game (approx. $24 M) revenue. So we get $2 M from ONE GAME too. And we don't necessarily even have to play in it (although we will).

BYU fans that comment need to keep in mind that the $16+ M from TV revenue is for the regular season. There is an additional $6+ million that will be distributed from the Conference Championship game and Bowl games.

BYU will probably get $16 M for their TV. But they won't be sharing in revenue from an entire league's success in the post season.

Can we just call it a truce already and see it for what it is?
Independence = great for BYU
Pac 12 = Greater for Utah

Iowa City, IA

Utes won't make 16 mil. They accepted scaled down compensation to enter the league for the first two years. But no matter they will be killing what MWC teams get.

Palo Alto, CA


"will get 2 million dollars a year just from the shared championship game"

Check the fine print. The Utes won't net anywhere close to $2 million dollars for the championship game after expenses.

On the other hand, the MTN pays about $1.3 million per year per team for all sports. BYU will make almost $1 million this year just from the Ole' Miss game.

Going Independent to escape the MTN is a no brainer. By not being part of a conference, BYU can schedule 5 or 6 Ole' Miss-type games a year - Texas, TCU, Notre Dame, West Virginia, and Georgia Tech are just the beginning. You'll see those games appearing on BYU's home schedule in the very near future.

"Independence = great for BYU
Pac 12 = Greater for Utah"

We'll see.

If Utah becomes a perennial middle of the PAC team with regular 7-5 seasons, are Utah fans still going to be excited about all that extra revenue?

Or, will RES attendance start resembling HC attendance?

The Planet, Earth

The Utes will now always be known as part of the .2

Midvale, UT


Considering BYU will be getting anywhere from $750,000 to $3M per game (which starts next year and not in a 3-year gradual build up), and that fact that we control our own broadcasts, yeah... we still prefer independence.

Grats on your Pac 12 move though. Utah will do well, I'm sure.

Frisco, TX

Wow! All the bantering back and forth reminds me of when I was in grade school and used to argue with my friends about whose dad made more money. Reality - both schools chose the best option and both are in a better place than the MWC.

I still think if it weren't for The MTN, both teams would have stayed and the conference would have received BCS status.

BYU's path clearly has more risk. But higher risk can equal higher reward. Can you imagine the payout BYU will receive when (not if) they go to a BCS bowl . . . and they don't share it with any other teams in a conference.

Utah's greatest risk is if independence works fabulously for BYU. Teams like USC and Texas will put more pressure on their conference for a bigger share of the revenue or threaten leaving to go independent. Long term . . . there is no way that USC will accept equal revenue sharing with schools like Utah and Washington State.

Highland, UT

utes have more guaranteed money but less upside. But the truth is utah can only get that kid of revenue through an association with more prestigious schools. That is simply the truth. Regardless they are now going to get it.

BYU may have a little bit less guaranteed but the upside is MUCH higher. Also everything they generate is theirs. There is now split. There is no division. There is no sharing. They get all of it and they are free to market their sports in multiple ways to bring in even more revenue.

My guess is BYU makes more money overall, there are just so many ways to squeeze out a few hundred grand here and a few hundred grand there and after awhile it adds up.

Both schools just improved their situations by 10-20 x over what it was. But BYU was already ahead of utah by 10-15 million per year in revenue and they are also way ahead of utah in facilities so they won't have to spend their money on those things like utah has to.

Now we'll just have to see what each school accomplishes with what they now have.

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