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Published: Wednesday, March 30 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Palo Alto, CA

"Utah lost out on signing Wilmington, N.C., prep star Stilman White. The long-time Ute fan, who received offers from BYU and Utah State, but not from Jim Boylen, has decided to become a North Carolina Tar Heel."

Did Boylen do any recruiting this year? I've only heard of one new player coming in who wasn't on the roster this season.

That's A Good One
Meridian, ID

If Larry Krystkowiak becomes the Ute head BB coach I might just have to stop looking at the Ute's program an ongoing laughing stock. Kristko is a great guy and a great coach. We loved him when he coached the Stampede here in the CBA. Hire him and I will likely pull for the Utes again, though being anything short of a welcome door mat in the PAC-12 for the foreseeable future isn't likely.

Sandy, UT

Sunday game, and ANOTHER reason a certain school will never be invited to the big leagues. It will be an awesome showdown!

Ann Arbor, MI


Great point. National exposure for everyone outside of provo.

Eagle Mountain, UT

A major beatdown on national television is not the type of exposure your team needs in it's first year with the big boys.

Sherwood, OR

"The Utes are 6th"

This is a little higher than I have them but The Bleacher Report knows more than I do. I had Oregon State above Utah simply because they have a good returning QB. I think Colorado will be tougher than expected. 6th would be a great start and very doable. Especially since they don't play the two best teams in the conference next year (Oregon and Stanford).

Re: Ken "Sunday game, and ANOTHER reason a certain school will never be invited to the big leagues"

Exactly. It was simply several university presidents saying they will not allow a religious school in the PAC10. BYU understands that and decided to chart their own course. In the end, both schools did what was best for them and both schools will be better off because of it. To assume the PAC10 compared BYU and Utah as apples to apples is naive at best.

Huntsville, Alabama

UW fan here. You folks should check out Ted Miller's ESPN PAC-10 Football Blog (no, I don't know why they haven't changed the name yet). He had a nice rundown on quite a few teams and their progress in Spring Ball. It looks like USC is just ravaged with injuries right now, not a lot of kids participating. I can imagine Utah having quite an opportunity for good exposure if they can beat SC at home on a Sunday. It's doable!

Ann Arbor, MI

"This is a little higher than I have them but The Bleacher Report knows more than I do"


I susepect most people know more than you. Do you understand how Bleacher Report works? Any shlub can publish on that site. For All we know they allowed the likes of "bluto" to write the article.

Move along now. Youve embarrassed yourself enough.

South Jordan, UT

Having a Sunday game is supposed to be an improvement, according to at least one poster? If the game is in SLC, what kind of attendance do you think there will be? Be sure and have the bishop move church meeting times to accommodate the rush to Babylon.

Ann Arbor, MI

UTAH vs. USC - National exposure on Sunday.

Nothing would be finer.

It's great to be a Ute.

Holladay, UT

I can't believe Boylen missed offering the kid from NC anything maybe he thought the kid knew basketball and could see there was none at the U now. I hope whoever comes in knows Utah and it's nuances. I also hope they know how to coach (play, motivate , educate, recruit, etc.)

Murray, UT

The article also emphasizes that there are a lot of legal hurdles in contracts to make this happen. It is purely conjecture. I don't see it happening. For one thing there will be NFL football in the fall. There is just too much money involved for anyone to walk away.

Huntsville, Alabama

It's at USC. Your concerns are valid, you should communicate them to the Utah athletic director. I'm sure accomodations can be made. Oh, and I'm UW Huskies fan living in Alabama that likes Utah and, like me, there are people in the PAC-12 who are somewhat ignorant of your concerns. Folks'll be more thoughtful once they understand. Even us Babylonians.

Naked Truth
Salt Lake City, Utah


The fact that Dirk Facer quotes Bleacher Report's rankings means he gives them some credence. When's the last time he quoted you? I suppose since they didn't vote Utah #1 next year in the conference means they're a bunch of "shlubs", right?

Sherwood, OR


Thanks for the clarification on the Bleacher Report. I actually have a job so I don't have time to troll the internet all day so any information from you helps out a lot. From now on I'll consider the Bleacher Report as written by people that have more zeal than intelligence (same consideration I give to your predictions).

ps..You should probably let the Utah beat writer in on your information too.

Seattle, Wa

@ Oregonian:

Where do you have Oregon State finishing this year? Here in Seattle the talk is UW v Oregon and USC sanctions and that's about it. Seems to me that other than on the road at Oregon, the conference schedule looks manageable in terms of home vs. away games.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Great Scott (PAC-12 commissioner) Pro-active in promoting a great product - PAC 12 football. I too doubt it will happen but what if it does? National exposure (for the league and new member Utah); Utah vs USC(!!!). As I understand the arrangement Utah would get its full share of conference revenue from this game (additional $'s directly related to Utah's membership in the conference) And I would bet the $'s are BIG. Sunday replacement for NFL - WOW!!! AND WHEN WE WIN!!!!! EXTRA WOW!!!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"If the game is in SLC, what kind of attendance do you think there will be?"

Google is your friend!

Go Utes
Salt Lake City, UT

College football games should not be played on Sunday. That is very disappointing that this is a possibility. I had thought of going to the USC game, but I won't if it is held on Sunday.

Arlington, VA

It'll never happen. The NFL will get its act together longer before September. Pre-season games might be sacrificed, but not regular season games.

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