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Published: Tuesday, March 29 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Beverly Hills, CA

When did Hitler's killing of millions of people become funny? If the hood wasn't a KKK hood, what was it a coincidence?

What if it had been a guy running around in 1800's clothing with a paper that said Mormon Extermination Order? Shout of "Mob power!!!" Would that be funny?

Those who don't think this is a big deal get to live in their shell of comfort because you don't know what it is like to be targeted and intimidated with racial "humor".

Peter Coyotl
West Jordan, UT

The area around Alta is about 90% white according a recent map published in the NY Times representing data from the latest census. It does not surprise me that most parents in the area would think it was over blown.

If I was in an area where a group, say the LDS, were an extreme minority, and if someone wore garments to a school rally it would be offensive. But most parents would probably think that a suspension and any media attention would be overblown.

I guess it matters which side of the aisle you are sitting at determines how one perceives an event.

SJ Mom
Draper, UT

This isn't about this specific instance, it's about having someone to blame like two veteran administrators. Why isn't the superintendent willing to support his administrators rather than to throw them under the bus? Hmmm... there is something more going on here...

salt lake city, utah

Meanwhile, back in the real world, approximately 100 people will be murdered in the USA today. And most of the perpetrators and victims will belong to ethnic minority groups.

Where are the protests about that? Or doesn't that count?

Positive View
South Jordan, Utah

If this is a true representation of what happened, it is a serious overreaction by the district. I suspect that there was a little more to it than just a student defending his class color. However, there must be proof to show that the student intended for it to be a racist act and understood the impact of such an act on others before action is taken against him. Any action taken at that time should fit the full "facts" of the case and not just be a reaction to the fact that one or more students were offended by the act. After all, people being people often take offense where not was intended.

The same applies to the administration. They have a right to at least the same due process as the student. Unfortunately the way this incident is unfolding looks much more like a lynching. I believe that was also part of the racial history of this nation. So we treat a situation that may or may not have had intended racial overtones by using another bad part of the abominable racial history of our country to deal with it.

Did not Dr. Doty earn a JD?

Sandy, UT

Whether you think it's overblown or not, we are talking about a 16-17 year old kid being an idiot. Kids do dumb things. I think it's safe to assume that he's not a member of the local KKK Chapter. This episode has made National News. The kid wearing the pillow case (let's keep in mind that it was a pillow case and NOT a hood) has been raked over the coals. The Adminstration has been suspended. Lesson learned. I am pretty certain that everyone has got something out of this and will be more sensitive. Get the kid and admin's back in school and move on. Yes it was terrible. But no one was hurt or killed. Kids screw up. If it was your kid, you would have forgiven by now. Probably grounded him. But certainly forgiven him.

Sandy, UT

This is a tragedy all around, for our community. The comments in this young mans's blog are filled with language that is unfit for display anywhere, no matter what the topic. I am sickened and appalled that these students raised in our community obviously feel that this sort of communication is acceptable. Are the parents of these kids ever checking their computer use? Children who communicate in this manner need serious intervention, and this begins at home. The bullying language used in these comments should be a wake-up call to everyone, as well.

West Jordan, UT

I graduated from Alta. I am racking my brain trying to come up with a scenerio where something, even remotely, resembling a KKK hood would be even a little bit funny.

If things happend as described here, shame on anyone who did not just get up and leave the auditorium when this "clown" dawned his hood.

Bountiful, UT

He offended in a public way, let him apologize in a public way, and then forgive him and forget. Lesson learned.

Cedar Hills, UT

Seniors wear all black, juniors wear all white...who set that up? Black vs. white? Which teacher fumbled the ball on creating this insensitive "learning" environment. Overblown or not, why do it to begin with?

This young man was a junior this year competing for the white team against the black team. Rules his school set up.

Is he a bona fide racist? Maybe or maybe not. Someone should find out, but he's obviously at least too immature for this "learning" activity at his high school and I am guessing he's wasn't the only one acting immature at the spirit rally.

Sandy, UT

Here's the thing....
Was the kid being stupid? Yes.
Was the kid intending to do something Racist? Don't believe so.
Was the offended kid making a mountain out of a mole hill? Probably
Is EVERYONE over-reacting? YES..

This PC crap has to stop... People who LOOK for racism will find it intended or not.
Have we got to the piont where we are so sensative to offending someone else we go so overboard that we now have to watch every single thing we do? I say "get over yourself".

I know what racism is, my family comes from the deep south, aso it first hand in the 60's.

This was simply a kid doing something stupid. The principal should have pulled the kid in and have a talk. THE END!

Sugarhood, UT

Yep, just what I figured I would find here: comments from people, just like some parents at Alta, who don't understand what the big deal is.

To explain: the big problem isn't that a high school kid made a very tasteless joke. Adolescents do that sort of thing all the time, and it's actually kind of heartening that the world has improved enough that the kid didn't grasp just how inappropriate the joke was. The big problem was that the school administrators didn't do anything. All they needed to do was sit down with the kid and his parents for a talk about what happened, bring him up to speed on the history of race-related violence in this country (something a few Deseret News commentors need as much as the high school student), and make sure he understands why what he did was inappropriate.

Apparently, though, the school administrators did nothing, and therein lies the problem. The incident itself was, as many have pointed out, was intended only as a joke, not as a threat to anyone. But it needed to be addressed by the responsible adults.

Everyone clear on that?

Draper, UT

Incidents of descrimination like this are overblown.... if they're aimed at a group that is different than you. If the descrimination is aimed at your group, it is not overblown.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Anyone can be offended by anything if they try hard enough. The assumption here is that the student meant to offend and that he put the white pillow case on his head to purposefully portray the KKK. The explanation of why he did this (which had nothing to do with race) is reasonable and the student should be taken at his word unless there is strong evidence to the contrary such as him saying that it was race motivated.
People; you need to grow up. You can't prevent everyone from having their feelings hurt. what we encourage with this type of attention is a society who sues and presses charges every time someone looks at them the wrong way(in their opinion) or says something they don't like. Grow up and get over it!

West Jordan, UT

Obviously, the young man who wore the white hood is extremely ignorant and over-indulged. I don't believe he is even aware of how horrible his actions were. It sounds like parents and teachers need to take this opportunity to educate not only this student, but others like him, on the history of racism in this country.

There is not anything about this situation that is funny.

Sandy, UT

Knowing what the due process issues for all involved here, the district would not have taken the steps they have, without some serious previous issues documented. This is a sad day, and I wish everyone involved a chance to learn, heal, and move on.

Draper, Ut

The only ones making a big deal out of this are the ones that didn't see what actually happened.
It also seams odd to me that the kid who supposedly took offence to this has a father trying to sell a book about racism.

Brigham City, UT

Hmmmmm. Read the kids blog, then read the comments to his blog. Then come back and tell me there's no racism problem there.....

American Fork, UT

white, black, and red are the school colors. no one was trying to pit white against black. They were all just assigned a school color.

Salt Lake City, UT

Let's outlaw anything white (and black).

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