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Published: Tuesday, March 29 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

The Cougars know all about jumping ahead - See move to independence, exclusive 8-year contract with ESPN, and scheduling of elite programs like Notre Dame and Texas, September 2010

Pocatello, ID



Yes, some BYU games will be on ESPN. To my knowledge, ESPN won't be televising every BYU game over the next 8 years.

I'm also sure ESPN will be broadcasting other teams besides BYU, so I don't know how exclusive applies.

BYU has done well do get some elite programs like ND and Texas. But BYU also gets Idaho State, Idaho, Central Florida, New Mexico St. and USU, compelling match-ups, which, surely will have many eyes glued to the TV.

I'm not saying BYU's move to independence is good or bad. But the stance that BYU has somehow risen out of the ashes of the MWC and has doors opened to them that were beyond possible prior to independence is incorrect, in my opinion.

Until BYU gets a BCS deal like Notre Dame, they are still fighting the same uphill battle they were in the MWC. They will likely have more money than before, but they still essentially have to go undefeated to bust the BCS. With Utah and TCU moving on, their path is likely a little easier as they only have BSU to compete with, but still uphill.

Palo Alto, CA


BYU's BCS deal won't be quite as good as Notre Dame's, but it will be very similar to the deal they already had in the MWC - finish as the highest ranked non-AQ program with a BCS ranking of 12th or better. That is still doable with an 11-1 record.

Do you really think Utah's path to a BCS game got any easier being in the PAC 12? Sure, the Utes can do that with 2 or 3 losses, but the Utes will have to win the PAC 12 title to do that. Since the Utes have only won six conference titles in the weaker WAC/MWC conferences in the last 50 years, how realistic is it to think that the Utes will be winning PAC 12 titles anytime soon?

btw, exclusive means a contract strictly between BYU and ESPN, similar to Notre Dame and NBC. Most of BYU's home games will be televised on ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU, with the remainder being broadcast on BYUtv, which is already working on I-Phone apps so BYU fans will even be able to watch BYU games on their mobile devices.

Pocatello, ID


You're right, BYU's situation is similar to what it was in the MWC, and that is what I said in my post. I also pointed out that I think it will be a little easier because their only true competition for that spot is BSU, now that Utah and TCU are out.

As for Utah, that's a legitimate question. 50 years is certainly a long time to only rack up 6 titles, but Utah's 3 titles in the past 9 years, is probably a more accurate assessment of the current state of Utah football. Yes, I do think that Utah's path to a BCS bid will ultimately be easier. It is a very difficult thing to have a 1 or 0 loss season. It also raises Utah's ceiling to actually have a chance to play in the BCS championship game, which, realistically, is out of reach of a mid-major team.

BYU's contract is nothing like Notre Dame's with NBC, which is a truly exclusive contract. The fact that another tv entity will be televising BYU home games means it is not an exclusive contract.

papa ute
murray, ut

Nice to see that the tds are having another bad day. If you are so much better off as an Indy-lol why do you have such jealous fits every time something nice happens for the Utes? And quit comparing yourself to Notre Dame, they are exclusive with NBC! And the most followed team in the country, you lost to Utah State, imagine what Espn will think if the Aggies roll you again?

Go Utes!

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