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Published: Monday, March 28 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Houston, TX

The only thing I know is, Jimmer will make a bigger name out of sports than, Rick who again?

Sandy, UT

@Mike in Sandy

Ok Uncle Rico.
Woulda coulda shoulda

Nice Fable.

Check out Dan Patrick's retort on Rick Reilly regarding Jimmer...Fox Sports radio....can you manage to find it?

He's well aware of Jimmers 36" verticle. It's all over youtube and in Jimmer's game archives, CBS showed one 3 pt. shot against Gonzaga in slow mo, over and over again, he was well beyond 3 ft vertically.

Nothing worse than someone who pops off, when in reality they are clueless, because they have not watched nor studied Jimmer.

Do you base all of your opinions, judgements etc. on such shallow research and knowledge?

Jimmer had 24 scouts at the BYU-SDSU game in Provo, 3 GM's including Pat Reilly.

I was there, were you? Have you watched every minute of every game of Jimmer this year? did not think so.

In the next few months he'll have a multi-million dollar bank account, why? Because he stinks, according to you?

No, because grown men HAVE done their homework, studied his body of work, and are willing to plop down millions for his talents..

Now go back and dream of Taking State.

Salt Lake City, UT

When Dan Patrick, another ESPN employee, calls Reilly's article a sham, you know Reilly's just hypocritically creating a media storm that he claims was falsely created around Jimmer Fredette. Let's ignore this self centered, money grubbing idiot, and get on with our lives. We know who Jimmer is; what he will become is up to him, not someone like Reilly and his ilk.

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT


Touche. You make a good point. I was not as clear as I should have been. I meant Jimmer and BYU were "overrated" as perceived by the diehard fans (the LDS community at large).

But you are right, the NCAA RPI formulas ranked BYU just about right. In fact, BYU's RPI was #1 for quite a while, but with the loss of Brandon that resulted in losses late in the regular season, the NCAA tourney committee wisely gave them a lower seed.

Of course, I could always point out that the current Final Four proves that a number of teams were officially "overrated", including BYU. But let's not haggle over technicalities.

My point remains: the overhyped Jimmer did not "show up". 37% from the field; 20% from distance; and 6 turnovers - not what we should expect from such an allstar talent.

Corona, CA

Rick Reilly is a sports writer. He can voice his opinion all he wants, he gets paid to do so. BYU fans take it so personal. Jimmer Fredette did take a ton of shots vs. florida and a lot of them were bad. Is that not true?

Corona, CA

Jimmer won't be able defend those guards in the NBA. He's not a great defender or passer.But he can shoot.

Alpine Coug
Alpine, UT

Honestly, what don't you understand about having an off-night? It happens. And it sometimes happens to the very best. Anyone remember Koby in the 7th game of the NBA finals a couple of years ago? It not only happens to individual stars, but to entire teams as well.

Personally, have you ever had an off day-when nothing seemed to go well at work or at school or home? Of course you have, we all have days like that-probably scores of such days. They even wrote a song about, "Mama said there would be days like this."

You have to admit that Rick Reilly had a really bad day when he wrote this article about Jimmer. One of his worse pieces EVER. Glad there are guys like Andy Katz and Dan Patrick pointing this out to him in national forums.

Of course, there are the BYU/LDS haters among us reveling in the put-down of Jimmer. Pretty sad. No really sad.

Tooele, UT


It's funny, when Max Hall and Austin Collie said things to the press that we clearly unproffesional, many people were ready to have them tarred and feathered. But when Rick Riley aims his unproffesional comments at Jimmer, BYU and the LDS Church, you and many others are more than quite delighted.

Tell me, who's the hypocrite now?

By the way, who mentioned Allen Iverson?

Chris Degn
Seoul, Korea

BYU took Florida to OT! Jimmer's teammates were shooting cold. Their best big was on the bench not the floor. The Florida players (like other teams before) took swipes at Jimmer. Cut on his chin, sore leg. Cougs had no bench, Gators did. Jimmer did what he could to get the win, but came up a little short after running out of gas. And his poor game in the Sweet 16?: 32 pts. That would be anyone else's GREAT game.

Reilly? He takes advantage of Jimmer's no-win situation to create a yellow journalism cheap shot that he knew would be sensationalistic given all the awards we all knew Jimmer would win. Well, he got his attention. In the celebrity realm there's a saying, "Even bad press is good press." Reilly knew what he was doing and probably doesn't care.

Bottom Line - Jimmer became a national phenomenon because he embodies the American Dream. A little guy with a big heart and a great work ethic can achieve a dream! That translates to the NBA. He lives to prove others wrong! Wait and see.

Payson, UT

i was not going to respond to this yet it needs to be said. a true christian has tolorance and forgiveness in his or her heart. this is not a time to hate. it is a time to unite and reflect on a great year in college sports. all teams be it football basketball baseball ect. my ancestors left nauvoo with nothing. together with the multitude carved out an empire in a wasteland. religious persecution is still prevelent today. i say we all need to take a step back and reflect on what was done in provo. the davies honor code is not new to byu. its simply how its done. and most of the nation took notice. well done byu well done. and jimmer and jackson thankyou for more byu memories. rielly will get his due. he only hurt himself. plenty of positive to read about from other writers. lets put this behind us and move forward

Tooele, UT

@spud 6:22

Big thumps up to your comment! One of the best ones I've read. Thanks!

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