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Published: Monday, March 28 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Layton, Utah

Ask VCU how much they care about what any clown ESPN "experts" are saying. See Dickie V.

Denver, CO

I live in Colorado. In fact I live quite near Mr. Reilly. Notwithstanding Mr. Reilly's celebrity status, from what I know of the individiual his comments in either SI or on ESPN have no relevance. I refuse to read him or watch him.

Draper, UT

Mike in Sandy ..Should'a could'a would'a sounds about right so how did that hockey thing go? NCAA player of the year? I didn't think so. I noticed none of your other could have sports were basketball but your on an expert on it!.Interesting...

Layton, Utah

So what NBA team do you scout for again?
Yeah I thought so. So how about you name those 75 players better than Jimmer, who averaged more points a game, has more range and has more wins, lets's hear your "expert" picks..,,,, crickets
I have watched a lot of the tourney games and for one I was not impressed at all with Sullinger from OSU. Deibler, Craft and Lighty are all better than he is in my "expert" opinion.

Olympus Cove, Utah

Lia/Mike in Sandy

"good player in a so-so conference"???

The truth is the jealous whiners can't stand the fact that Jimmer has already received numerous National Player of the Year awards and was the LEADING vote getter for AP 1st Team All American, so the only thing they have left to combat their own insecurities is bury their heads in the sand and pretend that a hatchet job by a BYU/Mormon-hating hack represents reality.

I'd love to see Mike in Sandy try to cover Jimmer's cross-over dribble.

Cedar Hills, UT

the proof will be in the pudding - the NBA draft. If Jimmer is drafted and then makes a team and then contributes ... all the other noise from the Rick Riely's of the world don't mean squat.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

I didn't like the column, but did Reilly (often one of my favorite writers) speak the truth?

"A little Maravich?" No. He is not as good as Pete in any phase of the game -- except defense.

"As good as Ainge?" No. I saw Ainge make a steal by diving from behind a player and catching the dribble like it was a fumble. Saw him hammer breakaway dunks like Karl Malone. Fredette and Emery broke his records... by playing more total games. Ainge was high school All-American -- in three sports. Starter in NBA and MLB.

"Fredette didn't have a single game-winning shot all year." Not true. He didn't have a buzzer beater, but did have game winners: "Trailing by one with 10 seconds to play, BYU gets a go-ahead 3-pointer from Fredette, and Charles Abouo ices the game with two free throws" Seems like that 3 was a winner. It also seemed like the runs he made to crush Elite 8 San Diego twice were game winners, as was the 49 against Utah, the 52 against New Mexico, the nine assists against San Diego, his performance against Gonzaga...

Brigham City, UT

Reilly is (like most media) cynical and loves the NBA status quo of gang culture and resents any player changing that image.

West Valley City, UT

I totally agree with Rick Reilly's article. Jimmer doesn't play defense and is the definition of a "ball-hog". The reason why BYU lost the game is because Jimmer played no defense, and because he made the offense one-dimensional.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

I saw Reilly interviewed about Jimmer, and didn't find it as objectionable. What I objected to in Reilly's article was his focus on the weaknesses in Jimmer's game, rather than a complete review:

Is Jimmer a defensive force? No. Is he "the best offensive player in the world," as Durrant said? No, but you better guard him when he comes out of the tunnel.

Do you think the Heat, the Magic, the Lakers, the Celtics, would want to have the kid on their team? In a New York Knicks minute!

Is he "slow, can't jump" as some on here said? You'd have to be blind to think that. He elevates on his shot -- as many analysts have said -- better than most. If he's slow, what does it say about the guys he's blown past the couple years -- some of them All-Americans themselves? He's missed some dunks -- happens nightly in the NBA.

The religious references just felt off, too.

Reilly often takes heat from other writers. Jealously. He's he most awarded in sports. But this seemed a little Pete Vecsey to me, and even Vescey would consider that an insult.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT


If anyone else on the team had been hitting that night, Jimmer would've passed more. He had nine assists at San Diego when his teammates were on. Abuou was horrible that night, Hartsock bad, Emery started hot and then went cold. Jimmer was the best option at the time. It just happened that the whole team was cold, despite good looks. Yet they still went to O.T. against a team that missed out on the Final Four by O.T.. They were inches from the Final Four. Sometimes you win the Derby, and sometimes you lose by a nose.

Idaho Falls, ID

OK. We saw that Fredette was not infallible last game. He sometimes shoots when he should pass and he could play better defense.. . .but, the way he played was the role assigned to him by Coach Rose. He was SUPPOSED to shoot a lot and win games for the team, and he was SUPPOSED to play defense so as to not get in foul trouble. Rose could have pulled in the reigns on Jimmer but (to his credit) he didn't. If you look at Jimmer's total body of work this year against many quality teams, his performance deserved suparstar status. He WAS terrific. To say otherwise is just plain ignorant, or out of spite for him, his school or his religion.

There is always room in the NBA for someone who knows how to score.That, indisputably is exactly what Jimmer does better than any college basketball player in the country. To say he won't get drafted and play in the NBA (barring injury) is just plain ludicrous.

Having said that, I would agree that Jimmer is probably not quite as rounded of a ball player as Ainge was.

Saint George, UT

Does anyone remember Larry Bird's Indiana State game against Magic Johnson and Michigan State in the NCAA Championship game. Larry Bird was the POY and scoring leader that year. In that championship game he could not have thrown the ball in the Atlantic Ocean he was so cold. He was a senior and Magic was a Sophomore and Magic and Michigan State won the game. Did that one game set the tone for Larry Bird's NBA career? I think not. Jimmer's future will be determined in the future.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

To SPortscenter,

I'd just check him into the boards. Just like what is going to happen when he takes his nonchalant, "watch this' attitude into the NBA.

Harrisville, UT

Its funny, when Allen Iverson shot the ball 29 times and went 3-15 from the line you same fans call him a ball hog and a thug. When your precious Jimmer does it, its because thats the "game plan".


Tooele, UT

There are many people out there that try to justify the fact that James F. played soft on defense. Have these people ever heard of the old saying "defense wins championships?" Obviously, if he was told not to play hard on defense,then it is not surprising that the team only went to the sweet sixteen. If James F. played soft defense on a Majarus coached team, he would be on the bench.

Provo, UT

A person who is really good will always be panned by small people who only worship what they see in the mirror each morning!

scenic view
Baltimore, MD

Mike in Sandy

You'd have a hard time checking him into the boards, while you're screaming in pain from two broken ankles.

What you call "nonchalant" is simply a hardnosed competitor with extreme confidence.

Jimmer will be banking NBA big bucks, while you're still dreaming of what it would have been like to play professional sports. If you were really any good, you would have at least played on a minor league team.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

To jarka-rus: I'm confused. Is this ESPN and their "experts" that you are bashing the same ESPN that is a "partner" with BYU sports to take us to a level yet unachieved? Reilly is a nut is the obvious answer.

Silly Rabbit
Magna, UT

Well I have watched many high school players over the last decade as a high school coach, and all I can say about Fredette is to get as good as he looks on the court offensively he must have spent a lot of time in a gym growing up, what a gym rat. Instead of all of us putting the kid down over the simple game of basketball, why don't we look at him as a person. Well some people say he acts cocky on the court, (insert sarcasm here) uumm yea I have never seen another basketball player act cocky while playing, yea never. This kid has worked hard to get an education paid for, he wasnt highly sought after out of high school to play for a big college so it looks like his hard work has paid off.
I know, I know but what about the defensive end of the court, well have you ever seen a kid alone in a church gym late at night working on his defense, yea me either.
If you dont like the kid leave him alone, but you have to admire how hard hes worked.

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