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Published: Monday, March 28 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Tooele, UT

@Y Ask Y

Not sure what tournament you've been following, but BYU DID reach the Sweet-16.

Most of the posts bashing BYU and Jimmer can easily be translated into one simple sentence.

"We're jealous Ute fans whose team has just had back-to-back losing seasons. If only it were football season."

SLC, Utah


Nobody cares that Reilly was critical of Fredettes game, it's the fact that he questioned Jimmer's religion for being the problem with his game.

Go back and re-read the article. He said nothing complimentary about Fredette's religion. What he said was that his Bible reading "maybe is the problem?"

If you think that is fair to say, then so be it. But let's not try to change the context of Reilly's article.

Whether or not Jimmer is an NBA stud or flop is not the controversy here. The controversy is whether or not it is okay that Reilly questioned Jimmer's religion as being a problem for his game.

Maybe that is cool with you, but obviously, for most of America, it is not.

Orem, Utah

Reilly had every right to say what he said. Its called his 1st Amendment rights! Have Deseret News ever heard of that one? After all, there are always going to be people like that out there and Jimmer will have to deal with that if he pursues on to the next level. But I didn't loos any sleep over the article since there is other issues more important in life than this!

Alpine, UT

Freedom of speech is a wonderful right, but it doesn't make Reilly's opinion right. We put this guy where he is today because we read his opinion. If you want to discredit his position, stop reading his column. His popularity is based on polls, not propriety.

Eagle Mountain, UT

My life is fuller, I can enjoy work ethic by younger and older athletes, great plays and so forth, without the negativity of smart-aleck commentator who have built up a reputation for their attempts to tear down others. We used to call those people bullies. Now we call them color analysts and commentators. I am not a BYU fan, but Jimmer, who still got 32 points regardless of how many shots it took with bigger Florida players in his face (and manhandled though he was), struggled precisely because Florida was the better team. Like to see Reilly and the others like him who no one seems to like, but who everyone but me knows, go up against Florida's bench. Heck, BYU's bench, on a solid day, would give him and his ego a run for their money. Great NCAA this year. Lots of upsets and exciting basketball. Thanks to the schools involved for making it worth watching. Butler or VCU as the champions would cap it off nicely!

liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

If someone has the time to rip a model citizen, hard working, great college basketball player, it's God's way of telling Reilly he has too much time on his hands. The world of sports has plenty of ills on it's dark side to investigate without taking a cheap shot at a good kid!

Summerville, SC

I have not read his article but coming from SEC country I bet any team in the SEC would have loved to have Jimmer and that includes Florida UK or any other team in the SEC, SO Reiley wake up and smell what the Jimmer Cooked.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Love Rick Reilly. You people are way too sensitive.
And everything he wrote was true...so what about THAT?

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Lets review. Jimmer bombs away from 3....lots of NBA players do. But he stands around, cherry picking, he can't jump over a phone book, he's soft.
The NBA will eat him alive.
He should play in Greece.

Centralia, WA

If Reilly's censors were as tough as ours his article would not have been published. He, and the press in general, live by one standard while we must abide by theirs. Jimmer is a great young man and few, if any, of his critics could square off with him even standing on a nine foot ladder next to the basket.

Look at the bright side, Jimmer and BYU delighted fans coast to coast and beyond while their critics did what?

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT

No, no, you misunderstand. BYU in general, and Jimmer in specific did NOT show up at the Sweet 16! That is why they LOST!

If the BYU that was hyped would have shown up at the Sweet 16, they would have won!

That is my point. Overhyped, overrated, Jimmer-mania... what a joke! The wishful thinking of BYU fans knows no bounds.

It is really sad.

By the way, I am a graduate of BYU. I'm just not blinded by the silly religious fervor like most others.

Rick Reilly was exactly right. Jimmer is a waste on defense. He choked and forced so many ridiculous shots. And he turned the ball over repeatedly.

Jimmer may be able to single-handedly win a game once in a while, but he single-handedly LOST the Sweet 16 game by NOT SHOWING UP!

Holladay, UT

Good Lord people, relax. Just one columnist among a nation of them. If you are going to get your feathers ruffled every time the media says something you don't like, you are going to be angry a whole lot the time. Get over it already!

Beverly Hills, CA

The people are a bit oversensitive because they put Jimmer on the level of walking on water, when in reality he is only a guy who shoots a lot and can't get his team past the round of 16.

Harrisville, UT

Riley was making a joke about Jimmer reading his bible. This is why Utah get it reputation for being a silly state. We have a bunch of people who can't handle someone taking a swipe at our local B-ball player, or even mentioning a bible!

I would love to know how old some of you are on this board. The "take my ball and go home" attitude is hillarious considering the fact most of you are likley adult men.

Iowa City, IA

Y Ask Y,

I always find it amusing when people throw around the word "overrated" so haphazardly. It is almost as if you, and others who do so, have little to no understanding of what the word even means.

The #10 team in the country lost to a higher seed, in overtime, when the field was narrowed from 16 to 8. Reason would dictate that any team ranked 9-16 that loses in the Sweet 16 would have been ranked exactly where they belong. Perhaps you could indicate the final rating that BYU received that was proven to be too high (Hint: a 3 seed losing to a 2 seed in overtime would indicate that the seeding was quite accurate as well).

Sandy, UT

All these opinions, coming from the Mike in Sandy's of the World......

Guys who never earned as much as a high school letter, are telling us how it is? Paleeze.

Talk about over hyped inflated egos, look in the mirror critics.

You losers can't tie this kids shoes.

Can't jump? Have you even watched Jimmer?
36" vetricle leap, check out his jump shots. You just completely ignorant.

Can't jump over a phone boook? Mike in Sandy, I doubt you can read a phone book.

Go back and watch, research, become informed, and see Jimmers body of work this year. It is one for the ages.

The naysayers are speaking with no knowledge or objectivity. Really you are embarassing yourself.

Cedar Hills, UT

What does Rick Reily know? Really. Did the guy play or coach college? NBA? NOPE - neither. Sports writers on the national scene are only impressed if you play for North Carolina or Kentucky. Who care what he thinks anyway. Jimmer is a first team All-American and that speaks alot louder than some writer.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Hey Bluto.

I played hockey for 4 years at Wisconsin on full scholarship.
Could have played first base if baseball was my thing, and tennis was also an option.

Jimmer is nothing more than a good player in a so-so conference.

You people need a huge reality check.

36" vertical? What.....Off a diving board?

Layton, Utah

Sticks and stones, what a jealous baby.

Sandy, UT

The truth hurts, and that's why you overly-sensitive types are mad at Reilly, at Mike in Sandy, at all of those who speak the truth.

I hope Jimmer makes it, but there are 75 players I saw in the tournament that would get drafted before him.

And his team was also taken in by this crazy Jimmermania. How else do you explain nobody else being in double figures in the loss?

Jimmer will sit on a NBA bench, or play in Europe, and sorry, but your clinging to him like some kind of savior is more embarrassing than anything a detractor posted here.

Have a nice day!

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