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Published: Monday, March 28 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Judging Jimmer based on one single game, a game he played with a sore calf is foolish.

What if he had only seen two games this year? BYU @ SDSU and BYU vs Gonzaga?
Wow, Jimmer and the Jimmerettes would be invincible.

I will allow Jimmer to have an off game.
I will also allow Rick Reilly to write some really foolish articles if that is his desire.

I may also exercise my right not to read his stuff.

Draper, UT

kallen oo1.. BYU beat Florida last year..I know according to you the entire Florida team changed from a year ago. This year Florida is so much better with all their NBA type players. So much better it took overtime to beat a BYU team missing their leading rebounder and inside presence. Wow I'm impressed.

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT

With their talent and stats, BYU should have gone to the Sweet 16.

Why didn't they?

Just read Rick Reilly's article. He nails it!

Jimmer is a scoring machine, there is no question. But he is extremely OVERRATED by all the BYU faithful who have had such a disappointing history: BYU has made it to the Big Dance more than any other team without ever making it to the Final Four! That makes BYU the biggest "wannabe" team in the history of NCAA basketball.

Despite his inflated abilities, Jimmer was not able to change that harsh reality.

Harrisville, UT

@courgars1: your argument indicates that you are putting Jimmer on par with the top point guards/athletes is so ridiculous. Size and speed is the number one thing scouts look at. For BYU fans commenting on this page to not understand that size and speed is a HUGE deal in recruiting players.

Rose, Williams, Paul all play defense. But even they can't stay in front of the guards in the NBA. The three I named are elite athletes. You obviously never played sports and understand the difference between pro and college athletes. I like Jimmer and think he deserves to be player of the year considering the team he had around him. I was rooting for him, I enjoy when locals do well nationally. But, I don't worship him and am a rational person who knows 6-2 slow guys don't fare well in the NBA. It's not a matter of "can a guy try and play D" it's a matter of does he have the "ability".

You guys are like a kid being told Santa isn't real. Grow up

Murray, UT

Espn should strongly consider canning Reilly for such a foolish article. Hey Reilly why dont u go back and watch the entire season and look at Jimmer's entire body of work instead of drawing conclusions from one game. Every great player has off nights and an off night for Jimmer still resulted in 32 points and 5 assists. Lets also not forget Jimmer wasnt the only one having an off night, his teammates also shot poorly (14 of 42), so he didnt exactly get much help. Bottomline is Jimmer impacted his team in a positive way both on and off the court and was the most dominate player in the nation over the course of the entire season that is why he has been named POY by several publications.

That's A Good One
Meridian, ID

Uh, Y ask Y, check your "I hate BYU" notes sheet brother, they did go to the Sweet 16.

Iowa City, IA

Rick Reilly doesn't care about being right, he cares about his popularity and his "showtime". And it's easy to see how he gets his popularity: stirring the pot (see also Glenn Beck and Keith Olberman).

When it comes to BYU, he's the yang to Dick Harmon's yin.

When you have such hype like "Jimmermania," there is bound to be a backlash. Why are so many fans surprised by this?

So, Rick Reilly gave plenty of soundbites to be proven wrong..but he's already moved on and left all 80 of us on this article deal with his aftermath.

From a journalism standpoint, that's money.

Fender Bender
Saint George, UT

I didn't find the LDS comments in Reilly's article to be offensive, although they weren't very funny either (more like tired and unoriginal). And I don't think Reilly should be fired over one lousy article either.

However, it does seem like LAZY journalism to judge a Jimmer's career and professional potential based on only one game when he shot poorly.

Provo, UT

Y ask Y:

BYU made the sweet 16 BTW, consult your bracket.

They actually played up to their seed and lost to the higher seed Florida from what was considered a high powered conference (SEC).

Like I said in original post. I generally like Reilly. IMO he's a great writer. But obviously he has some anti-BYU (or anti-Mormon or anti-religion) bias. This article is disappointing. Again, his research on Jimmer seems shallow but the anti-religious (BYU/Mormon) flavor or tone is more disconcerting. And I also don't like journalists piling on college kids, if he was in the professional leagues and making a living I would be more comfortable with this piece.

Jealous U
Alpine, UT


Get back to us when you learn something about NBA basketball because obviously you don't have a clue.


You should check out Dan Patrick's castigation of Rick Reilly's Jimmer-hating article. Do a google search and you'll find that considerly more than the 80 bloggers here felt Reilly was way out of line.

Bluffdale, UT

kallen, grow up? That's the best you can do? I never put Jimmer in the same class with Williams or Paul, you were the first to mention them in the same breath, not me. I was simply giving a defense for Jimmer. Like I said earlier.I have no idea how Jimmer will do in the association. I will freely admit to that. You however, act like you are the number one scout for all NBA teams. We all know better. Until we see him play a season or two in the NBA, NO one really knows what he will do; including you. If there were really a sure fire way of knowing what a player would do in the NBA, Jordan would have been the number one pick. Get the point? In reality, it sounds like you are the one who is far removed from sports of any kind because you are claiming to know something that no one really knows about a player. Jimmer may or may not make it in the NBA. I have no allusions either way. Do you?

Bluffdale, UT

BTW kallen, Steve Nash was not drafted for his size and speed, so according to you, NBA scouts and teams even get it wrong sometimes. Oh snap!

Cedar Hills, UT

Jimmer is first team All-American. Enough said.

Provo, UT

I was at that game in the Huntsman Center when Santa Clara beat AZ. He (Nash) was the best player on the court and well thought of by most scouts then...

Harrisville, UT

Oh so we are supposed to discount Riley for being a no-nothing hack but Dan Patrick knows all about how good Jimmer will be? Like Rick Riley or not he is a very popular writer with a number a best-selling books. I don't care much for him but he is a successful sports writer.

So Riley should be fired because he thinks Jimmer will be a flop? Please, or is it that he said LDS people were uncomfortable on Burbon St? Wow, what a bigot! He states that he thinks Jimmer is a very good kid who reads his bible. Oh no! Let's get him fired!

He watched Jimmer and gave his opinion that Jimmer looked slow and undersized and came to a rational conclusion that he will struggle in the NBA.

And when a reporter asks Westbrook and Slone if Jimmer will be a good NBA player do you think it would be a good mfather them say "no, he is slow and will be limited"?

International Cougar Fan
Tacoma, WA

Rick Reilly is going to get Jimmered!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Y ask Y

What exactly has Utah done in the tournament besides always losing to Kentucky? Even in that meaningless 1944 season, the Utes lost to Kentucky in the real championship tournament of the day.

Lake Elsinore, CA

BYU popularity poll ...

1) Jimmer Fredette
2) Ty Detmer
3) Steve Young


76,347) Bryant Gumbel
76,348) Rick Reilly

Great day for Mr. Gumbel!!

West Jordan, UT

I find alot of these comments very interesting. If you say anything negative about Jimmer you are all of a sudden a BYU hater. If you say anything about Jimmer not making it in the NBA, you know nothing about the NBA. Let's face it, unless you are an NBA scout, you don't really know it Jimmer will be drafted in the first round or not. The wait is just driving everyone to the point that they have to lash out at everyone else. It is time for everyone to quit speculating and try to find some patience. It will not effect you personally at all if Jimmer makes big in the NBA or if he tanks.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Jimmer will never last in the NBA.......(see Plaisted, Hansen, Bower, Cummard, Tavarnari).

It's a known fact that Jimmer can shoot, he just can't defend and you have to be versatile in the NBA. So if you want to get "JIMMERED" may I suggest that you move to Europe, Israel or Russia........then you'll see him play!!

It's a tough pill to swallow Kitties!!! Face it, embrace it and be ready to find a new Coach in the upcoming weeks.

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