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Published: Monday, March 28 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Danbury, CT

The problem isn't that Jimmer isn't perfect (far from it) - it's that he's had this amazing career and Reilly caught his last game when Jimmer lost and played below his average. I find it pathetic in this age that a supposedly reputable writer would only watch what is dished up on East Coast networks.

What about all the NBA players who played with him last year or watched him this year?? I'd take their evaluations far more seriously. Jimmer will do just fine - the rest of us (including Reilly) will only make a pittance by comparison in the next 10 years...

Salt Lake City, UT

"As other have pointed out, is it a bad thing to avoid getting drunk, watching strippers, and whatever else happens on Bourbon Street? "

I think what he was trying to say was that being in that kind of...environment might possibly make BYU players uncomfortable and somewhat off guard. Not that it's bad that they're avoiding it. Of course he misses a very important detail with that logic...what city is the MWC tournament in? Vegas.

UoU 1991
Park City, UT


"Jimmer is NOT a good NBA prospect!"

Better keep your day job, because your moonlighting as an NBA scout isn't going to work out.

Jimmer will be a lottery pick.

Chris Degn
Seoul, Korea

Shame his column has no comment capability. Guess we gotta tweet him and e-mail his network, folks!

Idaho Falls, ID

Does Rick Reilly still write? Ever since SI dumped him, I thought he was hosing down butcher shops.

utah by5
York, PA

Pretty sensitive people now a days. I think it is fine to criticize Jimmer on the game he played. The thing is BYU lost in OT to a very good Florida team. It wasn't that bad of a loss. I'm a big Jimmer fan, I think he takes as many shots as he does because that is the game plan and the hand that is dealt to him with the team that is surrounding him. The fact is without Davies BYU couldn't play the same style of basketball. With the team that they had I would have liked to see them run more motion and make teams work on defense - something like what Butler runs would fit that team well. That being said you have to stay with what got you to the sweet 16, and what got BYU to the sweet 16 was all Jimmer all the time.

Centerville, UT

Jimmer's offense has been amazing, tremendous, and rarely seen. So when I raise a concern about his lack of defensive play (non-existent) I am quickly inundated with expressions of shock by family and friends.

I love watching his offense. But his complete lack of effort on D makes me embarrassed. Did the coaches really allow him to wander around on offense doing nothing?

I don't know Jimmer at all. But my stereotype of players that only make efforts on the offensive end, and no effort on the defensive end, is that they are lazy, glory seekers, and stat-line fillers.

Having said that, now allow me to pull a 180 turn around: Jimmer played 40 minutes of basketball, or pretty close to that, in nearly every game after Davis went out. He had to have become tired, and worn down. He even looked thinner to me at the end. He hurt his calf. He was being grabbed, pulled, knocked, and worn down by playes throughout the game to tire him out. I thought he played a gutsy game. He was probably saving energy on the D so he could contribute on O.

Riverton, UT

Bad press is better than no press at all, and the Cougs have done VERY well.

Harrisville, UT

@UoU: You are right, some team will draft Jimmer in the lottery to try and sell some sideshow tickets, just like Adam Morrison. There stats are almost identical from college. Morrison is one of the biggest busts of all time. Slow and totally ineffective in the NBA. Face it your golden boy is going to be just like Alex Smith.

Harrisville, UT

Lets get one thing straight, Stockton and Nash were never considered slow.

Jimmer cannot play the shooting gaurd in the NBA. On most teams the shooting gaurd is the best athlete they have. So Jimmer will have to play point in most cases. How do you think Jimmer will handle D-Will, D. Rose, C. Paul, R. Rondo!

Its laughable, his 3pt shooting will be meaningless when these point gaurds run past him at will, then post him up at will.

I won't even mention him gaurding D. Wade, Kobe, Labron... Hahahahah..you guys are crazy.
He will be a niche 3pt player that teams use at certain times.

Karchaj, A.V.

Reilly went about making a point in a low-class way. Jimmer's play was sufficient to point out all of its deficiencies, but Reilly was way out of line presenting his case the way he did. Felt like an attack. Poor showing Rick.

AZ Dave
Chandler, AZ

Take a Chill Pill guys. Real classy to attack Reilly for his opinion. Out in the real world, people can disagree and not get attacked for their views. You know, someone else might be right sometimes

Ann Arbor, MI

A NBA general manager will lose his job with the drafting of the jimer


Bluffdale, UT

kallen001, some of what you say makes sense, but the problem is some of what you say oozes hatred. If his size is such a problem, then why were most of his points scored on driving layups among the trees after he had blown past the "NBA caliber gaurds that were on Florida's team"? You make no sense. Steve Nash can't play a lick of defense, but has been the NBA Player Of The Year. And to say that Paul, Williams, Rondo and Rose are such great defensive players is laughable. Pay attention, when do you see those guys play defense against each other except in rare instances. To say defense and NBA in the same sentence is an oxymoron. If you watched any of BYU's games, you would have seen Jimmer blow past several "NBA" caliber players to get to the hoop.
Can he make it in the NBA? Who knows. According to Frank Layden,Kevin Durant,Westbrook, D-Will, and Sloan he can. So really, who cares what you think?

Mt Rushmore
Arlington, VA

"A NBA general manager will lose his job with the drafting of the jimer


That's one of the funniest posts all day.

Since when are you known for your prognostication skills hedgehog?

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT

I thought Rick Reilly's article was SPOT ON!

Way to go, Rick!

The idol-worship of Jimmer must cease now!

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT

Y Ask

"The idol-worship of Jimmer must cease now!"

Don't worry, Jimmer worship as never been a problem for you.

Rexburg Reader
Rexburg, ID

Isn't "lopsided overtime" kind of an oxymoron? If a game goes into overtime, doesnt that suggest the game could have gone either way? In the game I watched, it seemed BYU had an excellent shot of winning in regulation. Its not like Florida blew out the Pizza Delivery Guys by 30. To me, most of Ricks arguments dont hold water and many are simply stupid and some are even degrading. I agree Jimmer didnt have his best game Thursday, although he DID score 32 on a bum leg, but this definitely wasnt one of Ricks better columns either. Come on Rick, you gotta look at the body of work. Jimmer had an astonishing career and season. His growing cache of hardware clearly shows your opinion is in the minority!

Bloomington, IN

Hedgie, when was the last time one of your guys merited the full attention of Reilly article, or really any article at all from a national stand point?

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Springville, UT

AZ Dave... classy would be for Reilly to write a piece without his religious bigotry splattered in it.

I'm reminded of the quote, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

I'm not saying Reilly is evil but let's face it, he ain't no saint either and this article clearly demonstrates the guys disdain and mockery for things moral and decent of the LDS faith and others.

As I mentioned previously he could have chosen to render his opinion differently, instead he spews his vitriol and many defend it or shall we say lap it up like "a dog goes to his own vomit."

People may debate the facts but it's the way this guy presented them. He failed miserably and in my humble opinion I think it's very appropriate to call the guy out.

So in all honesty, in light of what Jimmer accomplished all year and then this one game would you have written an article in this manner? I hope not. We say things in jest in our rivalry but this is too much.

Now... you be classy!

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