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Published: Monday, March 28 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Uncle Charles
Where freedom and liberty reign, utah

@kallen: you crack me up with your "white boy" trash talking. Jimmer has a vertical of 36 inches. He can shoot from further away from the basket than anyone but probably Reggie Miller. If you watched Jimmer run, he's not slow.

I don't know why you hate white guys but there have been plenty of guys like Jimmer in the NBA.

Jeff Hornacek
Steve Kerr
Dan Majerle
Larry Bird
Reggie Miller
Jason Kidd
John Stockton
Paul Westphal

Just to name a few....I think each of them did okay in the NBA, don't you?

And, I'd like to have seen BYU in the tourney at full strength -- will ALL players on the team. They'd have done just fine....

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

As much as I can't stand Reiley, his assessment of the Florida game alone is correct. Jimmer struggled the vast majority of the game, and especially after his 30+ foot 3-pointer near the end of regulation. He was ice cold after that and into the overtime. With that being said, enough of the Jimmer "projections." He will get drafted. Only time will tell. How many Top 10 picks over the past 5 years, which I don't think Jimmer will be, are dominating in the league? Jimmer won't dominate in the NBA, but no one can tell me he won't have a very serviceable NBA career. Also, the NCAA Tourney is at the Final Four. Time to move on from a Sweet 16 game.

Provo, UT

I love Rick Reilly's prose but this article was disappointing. His assessment of Jimmer's professional future seems a bit off but the religious cracks were the most disappointing. I would like to see if Reilly has the intestinal fortitude to address this part of his column.

Yes, a lot of people love Jimmer and with Jimmer mania there seems a lot people that also want to go out of their way to knock him off his perch. But I think BYU making the Sweet 16 and the MWC finals is a a testament to the player Jimmer is. Davies is easily the third best player on this year's squad behind Jimmer and Emery. He's also the most valuable inside player BYU has. Florida nearly made the final four and BYU was right there with them. Jimmer had a bad game and bad overtime, that is a fair and honest appraisal. But he also had games where he carried BYU on his back. His defense needs work but he isn't completely horrible there, it's just that his defense is behind is offensive game.

Too bad and very disappointing Reilly decided to go this direction.

Alpine Blue
Alpine, UT

@ nomo

Thanks for the reminder to kallen001 and others that BYU beat this exact same Florida Gator team a year ago in the NCAA's. The difference: last season BYU had at least a semblance of an in-side game with Miles, etc. This tournament Jimmer was a wounded one-man show when none of his teammates showed up for the second half and we still almost beat them in regulation.

Bottom line: Rick Reilly is a classless bigot who has targeted Mormons and BYU on numerous other articles over the years-none of them as tasteless as this one.

SLC, Utah

The problem with Reilly's article isn't the criticism, it's the Mormon bashing. The entire article is full of mocking Jimmer and his bible study, Jimmer's Mormon fans in New Orleans, and Jimmer's BYU honor code.

You can critique his game without insulting his religion, fans, and values.

That's the problem. It isn't the criticism. It's the anti-Mormon aspect.

However, Reilly is being called out for this hit piece by most of America. That is good to see.

Highland, UT

I really don't care what rick riley thinks but the fact is Cougar fans that if we want exposure and publicity then some of it is going to be less than positive. From what I have read this year the positive opinions that have been expressed by national media about Jimmer and BYU have far outweighed the negative ones.

Jimmer did have a tough game against Florida this year but he absolutely lit them up and beat them last year. He torched the elite eight and super athletic arizona wildcats last year and this year. He demolished the much bigger and supposedly more athletic Gonzaga players a few days previous. He torched the sweet 16 SDSU Aztecs twice this year and twice last year.

He is going to be a 1st round NBA draft pick and will get the chance to prove he can play in that league. All we need is to have some patience and it will all work out, it already has worked out well as BYU reached a #3 ranking this year and Jimmer is dominating the post season awards.

My point is just appreciate how great this has been and ignore stuff like rileys.

Provo, UT

Not saying that Jimmer is anything close to Pistol Pete in ability or contribution to the game but it may interest some of you that while at LSU Pistol Pete never led his team to the NCAA tournament. Yes, it was different era because only the conference champion made it to the tournament during that time but perhaps slamming Jimmer because BYU didn't make the Final Four might be a little ridiculous.

Also, Dale Brown the former head coach at LSU charted all of Pistol Pete's shots in his career. Pistol Pete averaged 44.2 per game for his career WITHOUT the three-point line. After Brown's charting efforts, he concluded that Pistol Pete would have average around 57 per game in college.

Hooper, UT

I just need to separate the two themes in reilly's rant...

Part 1) lampooning a kid and his faith
as I said in an email to ESPN...want to impress me with your in your face humor there Ricky. Make fun of an Iranian Soccer player while jabbing at the Muslim faith...whacking on Jimmer and LDS folks for being grounded and having a value system..yea you'll likely get away with it...but then thats why you felt safe enough to do it.

Part 2) lampoonig a kids game based on one performance
I've seen quotes from Derick Rose (played against Jimmer last summer), Larry Bird (do I need to give him context), too many others to count. The kid will be a good pro based on their comments. Not sure how a buffoon writer suddenly has the expertise to evaluate a kid's value in the league...I'm a Notre Dame fan, and was a Laker fan...trust me I know Ainge-like traits. The kid isn't afraid...he has mad fundamentals...what isn't Ainge about that? Ah yes the outcome of ONE GAME! Coined a new Mashup "Reildiculous" - Reilly being himself.

Pocatello, ID

I really can't stand Reilly's articles. Don't know him as a person, so can't say what he is like, but very rarely do I agree with his assessment.

Now, I am not a Jimmer fan, or a BYU fan. I was happy when BYU lost, and don't know how Jimmer will do in the NBA. Very few people don't have questions about how their skill set will translate to the NBA. However, I think Reilly's characterization of Jimmer's lack of defense is a bit of a cheapshot on Jimmer. He very easily could be defending how he was coached. Rose HAD to have Jimmer score for the team to win. It was much more important for Jimmer to score than to lock down the opposing guard. I don't know, but neither does Reilly.

Reilly is just going to try to stir things up and present things to support his argument.

Harrisville, UT

nomo, one year difference on a team like Florida is day and night. Florida was the ONLY team BYU faced that had NBA size across the board. Gonzaga is a good team but small, and I don't even remember the team they struggled with in the first round.

Deal with the fact, Jimmer is NOT a good NBA prospect! That was the point of the article. I really can't believe you BYU fans can't see that. Thats why you are so disliked by Ute fans. You always think you are better than you actually are.

Jimmer, great college player. Bad first round draft choice for an NBA team (based on his size and athletic ability).

Maricopa, AZ

Everyone bashes Jimmer for not playing defense, including the players he drops 35 points on. Go figure.
We have a guard on the Phoenix Suns who also gets bashed for not playing defense.
He's won NBA POY 2-3 times.
A scrawny little guy names Steve Nash.

And Utahcountyyute, relax, no one is comparing Jimmer to James or Jordan or Nash, so stop with your little spin game.

We are simply making the point that these great players have had bad games, and/or don't play much defense and have gone on to have amazing careers.

Jimmer will have his chance to quiet the nay sayers some time in the future.
But knowing him, he will show the class the neither Reilly and a few others here seem to lack.

Harrisville, UT

@Uncle Charles: WOW, now Jimmer is like Larry Bird? This is why BYU fans get trashed by people in the media. You fans are myopic, you only listen to each other. The difference is Jimmer is a scorer! Nash scores and passes and is TALLER than Jimmer.

You find me a 6-2 white shooting guard who is a good player in the NBA (within the last 15 years) and I will admit I am wrong.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I though Reilly's article was a brutally honest evaluation of Jimmer's performance in the last game. Jimmer is a gifted offensive player with amazing range, who could not guard his own shadow, and who has a questionable future in the NBA because of his lack of size, quickness and defensive shortcomings.

IF Jimmer had been as great as everyone wanted him to be, he would taken his team of blue collar players upon his shoulders and shot them to victory. He did not! Instead he had a miserable night of shooting. Neither in the MNC Championship game nor in the NCAA tournament game withFlorida, did he produce. Those situations/yardsticks, where if a player is truly great, his performance will carry his team to victory.

Who cares how many total points Jimmer scored against mediocre teams, over the course of year/career, when it really mattered and championships were on the line, Jimmer did not produce.

Orem, UT

Slow, white point guards that play/played in the NBA? John Stockton and Bob Cousy come to mind. Not saying it's a sure bet Jimmer will measure up (and I wish he'd played smarter against Florida), but he is bigger, stronger, more athletic. He will learn to play defense. No guarantees, but I like his chances.

Reilly is an attention-seeking goofball

Layton, UT

Take the hype of the last several weeks, take Rick Reiley's article and somewhere in between is reality. Fredette is at times an unbelievable talent on offense but basketball is a team game. For all of the talk of a historic season the "team" shared a regular season title, lost in the conference tournament, and exited the NCAA tournament in the sweet sixteen. Fredette and Emery posted historic individual numbers in relation to their program, but if it is a historic team there is a pretty low standard.

Springville, UT

by the way hedgie, we all know who 'owns' the exclusive rights to the word 'exposed'. It was defined last year. Do numbers like 7-47, 3-28, 3-26 mean anything to you?

An Oscar Robertson Trophy winner is hardly 'exposed'.

Chalk another "soul crushing" wrong prediction by wedgie and company. It's gotta hurt, doesn't it?


Hooray for Jimmer and company!

Highland, UT


And you are qualified to rate NBA prospects how?

You see this is why BYU fans feel such a disdane for ute "fans" like yourself. You think you know what you are talking about but the truth is you are simply voicing your hate and nothing of any substance.

We'll see how Jimmer does in the NBA and then we can revisit the topic.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think there are valid criticisms of Jimmer, particularly on defense so Reilly probably has a point... he just went over the top.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

To Duckhunter: Exactly.

Provo, UT

FYI Uncle Charles: I wouldn't consider Jason Kidd and Reggie Miller "white" players. I think Kidd is biracial (not sure about Miller), but Kidd considers himself African-American.

Now Jimmer's game is a lot like those players in many aspects. He is much better shooter than Kidd but not quite the defender or passer. I won't say he's the shooter Miller is either, though he might have more range, Miller was a great shooter in the college and pros (against the best competition--Jimmer's unproven). Miller is also taller.

I wouldn't say that Jimmer couldn't become a real good NBA player. He's got more game than a Steve Kerr in the aspect of creating his own shot. Kerr was a three-point specialist who didn't really create. He relied on Jordan to drive and dish. Kerr was a good ball distributor but I wouldn't say he had anything on Jimmer on that area.

I think if there was a player Jimmer reminded me of most it would be Jeff Hornacek, in some ways. Horny was a good shooter and could create his own shot. Horny played better defense.

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