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Published: Monday, March 28 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Draper, UT

If Jimmer doens't do another thing in basketball he has already done more than most people will ever do. an NBA career has noting to do with what he did for his school and his fans. I'm not a BYU fan nor a follower of JF but you people on here acting like somehow JF is a failure, better look in the mirror real hard. RR comparing stats from 30 years ago is also BS, college basketball has improved quite a bit from those days. Jimmer lead the nation in scoring at 28 points per game, if that's so bad where is the rest of the nation. defenses are better, players are faster, stronger and bigger and no I don't think Pistol Pete would be averaging 55 in this day and age. Rick grow up and stop acting like the hater you are...

Kearns, UT

Riley was harsh, no doubt. Really just a case of bad timing, sort of. I'd wager this is the first and only game of Jimmer's that Riley has watched. But he was valid points, that were even expressed by Jimmer's teammate, and shouldn't have to be defended by BYU fans.

Jimmer doesn't play defense. His teammates know that, his coaches do a good job of hiding him in defensive schemes. This doesn't necessarily mean he can't, although if you read some NBA scouts opinions he can't, but that BYU doesn't need him too. Although in a pretty direct way, Riley is just pointing out what everyone knows.

Jimmer has not been as efficient scoring without Brandon Davies. Go look up his shooting percentages since Davies left. He's had more of the load placed on his shoulders, and his efficiency has suffered. Still putting up the points, just taking more shots to do it. Just facts.

Jimmer is a terrific college player. Worthy of his All-American status. But isn't Riley correct that he failed to carry his team on Saturday?

Saint George, UT

RE: BYU Student
Yes Jimmer had great games but how many of those were against sub par teams? I respect Jimmer and think that he was a great "college" basketball player. Rick just laid out his performance in a big time game against real athletes and showed how that could be the same story in the NBA. Jimmer followers have been talking all year and then one guy makes a few comments and you all freak.

Danbury, CT

After reading ESPN's other article on how Jimmer will do in the NBA, it sounds like most of these guys caught the last game only of Jimmer's illustrious career. What???

Nothing from the crew that's been watching him since early January. This is really pathetic of sportswriters who get paid to know their stuff and at least watch some games. You can diss Jimmer for a bad last game but to throw the entire year out with it is pure garbage.

Syracuse, UT

@JJJHS Funny, I used to live in Florida and follow the Gators and I have never seen your comments from several of the blogs there. Me thinks I smell just a BYU hater who just doesn't want to admit it, but follows everything they do and waits for the "right time to make an intelligent(?) remark.

@ hedgehog...careful (again) your green is really showing through again. You are so NVS of everything BYU that it is really comical.

Plano, TX

two things:

1) Rick Reilly - consider the source, then ignore it.

2) Jimmer didn't look all that with it in that game - except for a few brief flashes.

Of course, I've read a few pieces by Reilly which should have had him rolling toilet paper instead of the news presses too.

Jimmer will be a fine role player on the celtics, watch and see.

La Crescenta, CA

I don't get Reilly. Whether you like BYU, Utah, Florida or whomever, why was he so vitriolic in his evaluation of Jimmer? The kid is in college. He never said he was perfect. In fact, he's pretty humble.

I reread that article several times to make sure I wasn't missing some sarcasm, but Reilly was laying it on thick in every paragraph. He also took a few unecessary shots at Mormons. As other have pointed out, is it a bad thing to avoid getting drunk, watching strippers, and whatever else happens on Bourbon Street? And why does Reilly care? I'd like to think there is more to him than just poking fun at Mormons, but he doesn't give me much work with.

For me, Jimmer was a pleasure to watch this season. BYU doesn't get many of these years in basketball, and this year I loved. The loss to Florida was tough, but I was impressed that we came within one point of beating a Florida team that had a lot of big time athletes.

Thanks to Jimmer, Emery, and the whole team for a great year.

Silly Rabbit
Magna, UT

You cant compare Freddett with Marivich, different times and different styles of B-Ball. Just like you can't compare Lebron-Kobe to Jordan different times and different types of B-ball. Yea with that no hand check rule like nowadays Jordan would have averaged 40-50 a game. How about comparing Duncan to Kareem, D-Will to Stockton, anyone to Magic, you just can do that. Jimmer is Jimmer he had a great run hopefully its not over, and to whomever this Rick Riley is, well he has his opinion we dont need to like it and I dont agree with it, but thats his right. Comparing who was better Jimmer or Ainge well watched them both play and they were both fun to watch, but I would have to give the edge to Ainge because the shorts that they played in back then couldnt have been too comfortable :)

Yes I know who Rick Riley is, never liked his stuff.

Lee Corso
American Fork, UT

Ever since "Who's Your Caddy", which was very good if you haven't read it, Reilly has been a complete zero. A one trick pony who loves to kiss Tiger's butt and appeal to old white guys who golf and that's about it. He's become a joke in the sports journalism world.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

To Nomo: What exactly is a "hater"? Is it someone with a different opionion than yours? Reilly may be dead wrong in his opinion of Jimmer(probably is). Jimmer may be passed over by 3,5,7,or maybe even 10-12 NBA teams in the first round of the upcoming NBA draft. Are they all "haters?" How about Harmon? In a March 10th column he wrote about Jimmer " It doesn't look good to complain. I don't like Fredette doing it on the court. But if you are Jimmer and miss shots, the drives and getting calls or lacking them loom as a big part of your game." Hater?

Highland, UT

I invite all of you to go to Rick Reilly's article on ESPN and send him and/or ESPN an email telling him how off line he was -- of course he probably won't read it because he is too busy putting his head where it shouldn't be. However, after I clicked send I felt much better for having done so.

Also, I am so sick and tired of hearing that Jimmer didn't play defense. If he gave the same type of effort on defense that he did on offense, he wouldn't have been nearly as effective in carrying his team in points and offensive production. Coach Rose knew where he needed Jimmer to be 110 percent, and that just happened to be on the offensive side of things.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA

1984 for life

Sometimes "other opinions" are simply fueled by hatred. If you're only looking for the bad in someone, that's all you'll ever find.

Reilly hates religion, or at least has absolutely to respect or appreciation for it, and his columns have reflected that biased attitude for years.

Harrisville, UT

The Rick Riley article was totally fair. When you are a college basketball player that is talked about by everyone, all day, and you shoot 3-15 from the 3pt line and have to take 29 shots to get 32 points in the biggest game, you are fair game. When you have a thing called "JimmerMania" and you play like crap, you deserve some heat. Are people really saying that Riley is off base by saying Jimmer is no Pistol-Pete? Come on, Jimmer didn't make the elite 8 and people are saying they are the best college B-Ball team ever in Utah! Sorry, the 97-98 Utes made the Final Four and played in the Championship. Don't insult Andre Miller with JimmerMania...

Springville, UT

Does one game define Jimmer? I think not.

Reilly mugged Jimmer much like the referrees allowed Florida to mug him... at will. Reilly is a pitiful excuse of a writer and a bigot as well.

It was a 'below the belt' cheapshot. Could have been written differently and still got his point across. What a ZERO.

Draper, UT

Who cares.

For one, columnists are paid to write non-sensical, "controversial" garbage, not rooted in reality. We have several columnists in the SLC who do the same thing.

Secondly, not everyone is going to have undying love for everything BYU. Yet many BYU fans seem to think they are being persecuted everytime someone writes something that is anything less than 100% glowing praise for BYU. Believe it or not, people are not out to get BYU. Everybody does not hate BYU. If everyone does hate BYU the way many claim, how do you explain two SI covers in a row, the player of the year awards and all the glowing praise of Jimmer and BYU from around the country? It takes a lot less than what he wrote to bring out the BYU persecution complex, so who cares?

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

To anti-BCS: Didn't answer my questions about the NBA teams or Harmon. Let me add another: How about the BCS, haters? Or are you a hater since you go by anti-BCS? My question isn't about Reilly. Personally, I see no importance in his writing and his opinions are meaningless to me. ESPN also has a "5 on 5" segment where 5 sportswriters give their opinions on various subjects. Subject 5 today is "What kind of NBA career will Jimmer Fredette have?" Some of the opinions are not very good. Haters? Fortunately for Jimmer, he should have the opportunity to prove these people either wrong or right. That's the way it should be.

Harrisville, UT

The reason the "last game" was so important is because Florida had a deep roster of very long, athletic, guards and big-men. If you evaluate how well Jimmer does against smaller players on teams like Utah, Colorado State, even San Diego has shorter players than most of the ACC and Big East Schools. Jimmer was graded against and NBA sized team in the highest pressure situation and he didn't play well. Its a fair assesment. It doesn't mean he will be a sure thing NBA bust. You have to accept the fact Jimmer is a slower, white, 6-2, shooting gaurd. How many of those play in the NBA? 0

Bountiful, UT

You can complain all you want, the article speaks truth.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah


"Maybe one needs to reevaluate what the word "exposure" truly means."

It's gotta be so hard for you.

One tiny glimmer of hope from a disgruntled writer...

and then more national POY awards trump all of Reily's negativity.


BYU fans are thoroughly enjoying the avalanche of national exposure BYU has received this year, despite the yapping from occassional ankle biters.

Draper, UT

kallen001.. your argument might have some merit if BYU and Jimmer didn't beat Florida just last year...Try again..

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