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Published: Monday, March 28 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Palo Alto, CA

This isn't at all surprising for Rick Reilly who has been a BYU hater for years. For him to pick one off game as his basis for slamming Jimmer, instead of evaluating the entire season, simply demonstrates Reilly's extreme bias.

Pick any player in the NBA - Kobe, LeBron, Wade, Durrant - and you can find games in which each one of them scored over 30 points, but shot 35% or less in losing efforts.

Are you going to judge their entire seasons or careers on one off game?

Way to look for nothing but the bad, Rick!

Salt Lake City, UT

Rick Reilly in 2012

Eagle Mountain, UT

I wonder if his middle name is hedgehog or crisb.

Beverly Hills, CA

Rick Reilly tell it how it is and it isn't what you Jimmer lovers want to hear. His teamate says it best, no defense played by Jimmer. Danny Ainge 4 ever!

tooele, ut

That article was funny, at the expensive of a religion. I though. Jimmer played a horrible last game. His gift was he curse. He kept trying to make those three point shots with no luck. It seemed a bit much to say him studying his bible affected his game play though. It seemed like an overall silly quote.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA


Actually, the only ones who agree Rick Reilly's Jimmer hating rant are the very small minority of Jimmer haters, who are mostly jealous Utah fans.

The National POY honors just keep rolling in for Jimmer and the naysayers are helpless to stop the avalanche of accolades Jimmer is receiving.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

I really dislike this article, but even worse was his article a couple weeks ago on the high school kid in Iowa who forfeited instead of wrestling a girl in the state tournament. The boy said because of his faith he felt it was inappropriate to engage in a combat sport with a girl. Reilly went off in this high school kid and basically called religious people backwards. A national writer criticizing a high school kid following his convictions is completely inappropriate.

Reilly comes off as a religion hater who is very biased. Labeling Jimmer based on one game? How about Kobe Bryant's game 7 last year???

If he doesn't like Jimmer that's fine but at least present a good argument. Also the quote from Nick Marineau about Jimmer's defense could not have been complete. I know Nick and I'm interested to see how they got a quote like that out of him.

Cedar Hills, UT


Are you really comparing the Jimmer to the likes of Lebron, Kobe, Wade and Durant? Brave.

That being said, I think Mr Reilly should have written this horrible article about 3 weeks ago if he wanted to show his hate for Mormons and lack of basketball knowledge. Jumping this kid now is just a cheep shot after a stellar year.

I think I would take Russell Westbrooks opinion over Reilley's anyway.

I guess this shows how ESPN looks at byU and probably every other university in Utah for that matter. They are looking for print and eyeballs at any cost, just like the tv show "Big Love". No difference really.

Just Me

I hate byu and have for two+ decades. I have taken on people on these blogs in "friendly" banter, BUT......

I saw ricky riley's article last week and was dumbfounded and ticked.

Jimmer had an ASTRONOMICAL year and he found a way to cut him low. I've seen ricky host a RAPIST on a tv program and make him look like a saint. Now he takes a GREAT player and even MORE AWESOME kid (yea kid!!!) and makes him look like an evil fraud.

Reminds me of a place that talks about calling evil good and good evil

Riley is a PUNK!!!

Beverly Hills, CA

Sorry PAC Man, I am a U of FLORIDA Alumn but the parents went to BYU. Go Gators!

Jimmer was a good player but "Greatness" is not him. Greatness is having toughness and tenacity and defense and overall nastiness of Danny Ainge. I grew up watching Ainge and he was one tough son of a gun, unlike the soft defense of Jimmer.

Reilly calls it right. Go Gators!

BYU Student
Provo, UT

Reilly is a clown. Jimmer had a bad game. So? He's also had tremendous games, games that are better than any college player has strung together this year. 52 points, thank you very much. How many times did he go for over 40 this year? So Jimmer made some mistakes. I coach lacrosse, and in my last game my goalie went nuts and saved almost every shot. I don't expect that every game. I enjoy the great performance and expect general consistency, but if he has a bad game, fine. I just want the rest of my team to help out. But BYU lost 2 starters. Woof. Reilly is a hatemonger and needs to lose his job real quick. Not just for insulting our boy Jimmer, but for general religious intolerance and bias toward one of his employer's biggest collegiate partners. Ever read his article bashing BYU back in '01 for having older players? Geez. Such an advantage, right? They get so mighty on their missions? Yeah right. I lost 15 pounds on my mission. And that's pretty common.

Salt Lake City, UT

While the way Reilly comes off in this article is trash, I don't disagree with his points on Jimmer's NBA future. If he's picked in the lottery or mid-First Round he'll be forever labeled as a bust, he's a Second Round Pick/Bench player at best in the league. I enjoyed watching him at BYU, but Jazz better not draft him.

escalante, utah

I would rather live 1 hr in Jimmers shoes, than a life time in Reilly's. Rick is the kind of guy I would like to take out behind the wood shed and talk about it with.

West Jordan, Utah

Reilly is a troubled soul. He either lost alot of money on the game, or had no game himself and is jealous of 'Jimmers' greatness. It's a darn good thing for him that he hid behind his cowardness, because if my mother could have got ahold of him he'd be seen crawling back to Bristol, having got wooped.

Carma awaits, coward!

Salt Lake City, UT

These are the type of people Michear Jordan thanked in his controversial Hall of Fame speech.

I'm not saying Jimmer is MJ (not close!) but who knows? Maybe this will fuel Jimmer a little bit.

Ann Arbor, MI

Wow, a lot of ruffled feathers.

Let me ask you BYU fans a question. Did you think this "exposure" you've been thirsting for would all be positive?


Maybe one needs to reevaluate what the word "exposure" truly means.

Bluffdale, Utah


Guess what Florida man, Jimmer has the AP and Oscar POY award. Whatever Reilly blows out of his mouth is nothing but smoke now, everyone agrees Jimmer is the best player there is this year in college basketball. Hands Down.

Danbury, CT

Reilly is way off base but what got me is that the Florida game is the FIRST TIME he'd ever seen Jimmer play!!! That's shocking and inexcusable for an award-winning writer who is supposed to know top players' games intimately (notice he'd studied college game films of Maravich - why not Jimmer??).

That said, I hope Jimmer takes to heart some of this criticism about not playing defense and not stepping it up in championship play which HE HAS NOT DONE this past few weeks!! He died in the SDSU MWC championship and then missed his first 6 shots last Thursday night and just played sloppy vs. Florida. I love the kid and he is probably my favorite BYU athlete ever, but I was so disappointed to see him play that way on the big stage. Must be hard for Jimmer to end it that way (it's not you or me or Rick that has to live with the results).

I've learned not to predict someone's future from one event.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

please reevaluate the word "exposure" for us. Shucks we aren't smart enough to know what it means. We'll just sit at you feet and learn.

Go Utes
Salt Lake City, UT

I am no BYU fan. Far, far from it. That said, and although it has pained me in many ways to admit it, Jimmer is an amazing ball player. I give credit where credit is due, and he deserves high accolades. He has been fun to watch. What has most of all enabled me to like him is his apparent lack of arrogance (which is normally a staple for too many atheltes at BYU). He has had an amazing college career--one that any other player would envy. Anyone who would judge his college career or future NBA career based on his performance against Florida has either had his head in the sand or is just plain out to get Jimmer for some irrational reason.

Reilly's article was silly, ignorant, and transparent. Of course Jimmer has many skills to further develop as he continues to play. There are certainly things to critique, but not enough to write an entire article ripping him. Most of the "critique" did not even relate to basketball but was more a rant on Mormon religion.

Very disappointing from ESPN.

Congratulations to Jimmer and BYU for such a great season.

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