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Published: Friday, March 25 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Ann Arbor, MI

Love the comments from posters on the Bleacher report article

Syracuse, UT

I hear that there are several Jr. High school coaches available. Since the utes have played like jr. high teams they may as well have a coach that will live up to their expectations.

Oh and good luck with that pac 10.2 thing.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

where's all the comments? no interest in a Red Roundup.. no interest in the Ute programs? It's a sad day in Uteville.

Sherwood, OR

Here's some places Dr. Hill could look for a new coach:

FEMA - They work with disasters all the time

NTSB - Experience dealing with trainwrecks

Firestation - They've put out dumpster fires in the past

Lottery Winners - They know how it feels when you move up to a new neighborhood but nobody comes to your party because you're still serving smokey joes and wine-in-a-box

Dr. Phil - He knows how to deal with people who aren't based in reality

Bruce Pearl - He'd look you in the eye and say "This is the best coaching job in the country"

hedgehog - Knows more about sports than anyone alive, would be satisfied going 1-30 if that one win was against BYU, and he isn't employed so he could start immediately

Reality: Maybe one player that could start on another D-1 team (if he sticks around), no recruits, no pipeline, no prospect of winning for a very long time. Let's face it, the Utah job just isn't that attractive to a high profile coach.

Springville, UT

Keep searchin'! There's someone dying for a shot at a long-term project in the PAC-10.2! Unless of course, you're one of the .2 programs!

Humor is alive in Oregon, ask an 'Oregonian'!

Pocatello, ID

lots of BYU trolls out today. Must be licking their wounds from getting Jimmered. Yeah, I know, you made the tourney, and even the sweet 16. Congratulations, in the past 30 years you have as many sweet 16 appearances as you do 1 win seasons.

Go back to Harmon

Viva la Pac 12!

Iowa City, IA

Hahaha love the hate. Bring it!

BlameItOnTheOfficials: "where's all the comments? no interest in a Red Roundup.. no interest in the Ute programs? It's a sad day in Uteville"
A: When there is actually NEWS to report, you'll see the Ute faithful on here. This article contained nothing new.

sammyg: "Keep searchin'! There's someone dying for a shot at a long-term project in the PAC-10.2! Unless of course, you're one of the .2 programs! Humor is alive in Oregon, ask an 'Oregonian'!"
A: Having grown up in Oregon, I can tell you, you'd have to have a sense of humor if you were a Beaver fan.

Oregonian: "Dr. Phil - He knows how to deal with people who aren't based in reality"
A: Which is why he has set up shop in Provo. Few places on Earth are recognized for their peculiarity and naivety as Happy Valley. But since you're currently in Oregon, maybe you forgot that tidbit. At least you have your sense of humor.

And Y fans, perhaps you and Rick Reilley can debate how Jimmer compares to Pistol Pete.

Let Dr. Hill worry about the U.

Houston, TX

Why not take some of your new 20 mill a year and try to steal Butler's coach?

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

Unfortunately just because you like the comments hedgehog, it doesn't make them true.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


I'd love to see Chris Hill get Butler's coach to come to Utah. What I have read about him and his program is top notch on the court and off. He emphasizes school first, basketball second and look what he still manages to get out of his kids. He's the kind of leader we need.

Ann Arbor, MI

Mormon Ute,

I love the Utes to go after the Butler Coach.... But after what he did today ( and last year) he's moved up to elite program status.....I'm sure Indiana has him on his radar.

Springville, UT

You're right again hedgehog! That's 3 times this year we've somewhat agreed on something, an elite coach won't waste their time on a midmajor program that's in the toilet.

There's hope for you yet! I guess it's all the positive vibes you got following Cougar basketball. Impressive! Keep at it!

Ann Arbor, MI


Looks like Coach Rice will jumped the jimerless ship. He interview with Bradley (wow) only hours after the soul crushing defeat. I estimate within the next few days Rose will do the same.

As far as I can tell, "exposure" leads to only one thing. Jumping ship ASAP.


Highland, UT

Well you'd know about coaches jumping ship wedgie or have you forgotten majerus, meyer, and pimm? LOL

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

The big difference between BYU and Utah hedgy:

Other teams want BYU's coaches.

Nobody, including Utah, wants Utah's coaches.

When you're used to finishing at the bottom of the MWC, it's really not going to be much of a change for the Utes to finish at the bottom of the PAC 12.

Only a BYU hater would think that losing in overtime with a short-handed team to a #2 seed in the Sweet Sixteen is "soul crushing". Sorry, BYU fans were disappointed to see the Jimmer era come to a close, but it was hardly "soul crushing."

Jimmerless, BYU will still have a MUCH better team than Utah next year.

Oh, btw, sorry to crush your little bubble of delusion, but Rose will be back at the BYU helm again next season.

Dr. Hill better not wait too long to hire a new coach or he may end up in the same boat as Boylen did last season, having to dip into the JC ranks for a quick fix.

Highland, UT


Hardly soul crushing. It was disappointing, it is always disappointing to lose, but BYU fans can look back and a great, fun, exciting season. I'm not disappointed with the season at all. I doubt you're all that disappointed at utah's season either since in a rare moment of honesty you'd probably admit you expected it.

But as far as Rice taking another job is concerned, well if it happens, good for him. That is what you want for your top assistants. They have ambitions as well and it just goes to show what a great job they have done. I hope he does get a head coaching job this off season.

Rose of course will be back at BYU for the forseeable future despite your wished otherwise. The only real question is will your claim of "hill will get whoever he wants" come true? Oh wait, he's already be turned down, twice. LOL

Cedar Hills, UT

Got to love it when Riddles, Ducky and sammyg are giving hedgie the time of day on a Ute Bball article. I guess that makes sense since you are all on the level.

Look forward to the accouncement of Tommy Connor as the coach so we can move forward. Get it done Dr Hill and...


Highland, UT


hill might be able to get connor.

Cedar Hills, UT

Riddles and Ducky

So which is it?

Ducky you say Ute coaches "jump ship" and Riddles says thay nobody wants Utah's coaches.

Which is it?

Both byU and Utah have had or have coaches that other schools have wanted at some point in their careers. Even Boylen was courted by Arizona the last time they had a vacancy. It all comes down to what have you done for me lately.

Right now Rose is a hot item but that may change as soon as next year.


Highland, UT


This is alot simpler than you are making it. Yes Rose is a hot commodity now. Yes both schools have had coaches that have been desired by other schools. Currently both have coaches in various sports that other schools would want. No Rose isn't going anywhere else in the near future, especially to utah, no matter how much ute fans want that to happen. Yes Rice very well may go this offseason and if he does it is well deserved. Other than Whittingham utah does not have any coaches currently desired by other schools. I could give you a list of coaches at BYU that other schools would want.

The history of things is that when utah has a coach other schools want he leaves. Whittingham is the 1st one that hasn't. The history at BYU is that coaches stay there even when other schools want them. There is a reason for that even though you probably don't want to hear it but since I'm running out of room in this post I'll start a new one and tell you why that is.

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