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Published: Thursday, March 24 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Jimmer has had a good career, but at the end of the day byu simply does not have the athletes(see no davies or michael lloyd) to really compete for a national championship.

Being a top 16 is really the pinnacle of what this program could ever hope for.

Athletes needed for anything beyond that.

P.S. Just because you were ranked #3 once doens't mean you were the 3rd best team in the nation. What you do in March shows what rank you are.

16 is nothing to be ashamed of, unless that is the peak of your program in 30 years. In which case it's quire embarassing.

Cedar Hills, UT

win or lose - a great year for Jimmer. His NBA stock has gone way up over the past month.

Lehi, UT

Let's pray! ..oops, I mean PLAY! Bring it OOOOON ...Gators!! Double the flavor 16 (Sweet 16) and what do you get? #32 ...Jimmer!

Ann Arbor, MI

"His NBA stock has gone way up over the past month."

It's also peaked.

Jimer just might be the only Senior selected in the first round. No upside.

Salt Lake City, UT

We Believe

Los Gatos, CA

I love to hate BYU as much as any other Ute, but I'm pulling for Jimmer tonight. He's one of those very rare talents who transcends a team, a region and the sport itself.

Tonight I'm wearing blue!

Ephraim, UT

Chris B,

"A top 16 ranking is nothing to be ashamed of, unless that is the peak of your program in 30 years."

This from the same guy that rails on Y fans for living in the past?

Go watch your Red Rocks buddy. That is the only draw in U. winter athletics anymore.

Eagle Mountain, UT

LOL@Chris B. "What you do in March shows what rank you are," which means Utah is...

This team has exceeded my expectations and I am extremely happy with a Sweet 16 appearance. Win or lose tonight, I won't be disappointed, but if I were a betting man, I'd put my money on the Y. Go Cougs!

flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Chris B

So are you suggesting that teams who didn't make the Sweet 16 this year or in years past had no athletes? Kansas went out in the 2nd round last year- did they have no athletes? I see this coming from you all the time- athletes, athletes athletes. Pure athleticism is not sufficient to win it all- That's why Phi Slamma Jamma never won an NC. That's why Team USA lost in the 2004 Olympics. Anyone good enough to play in Div 1 is athletic. I'll give you that there are people out there who are faster, stronger, and jump higher than most, but if this were the only requirement, why did SDSU lose the first two games to BYU? PS the answer wasn't coaching (Fisher has won an NC. Also the answer as you point out isn't because BYU has superior athletes). Your assessment condemn even your own U football team- they were not ranked, and therefore don't have good enough athletes to win. Wynn (and others) must hate you for calling him non-athletic.

Syracuse, UT

"P.S. Just because you were ranked #3 once doens't mean you were the 3rd best team in the nation. What you do in March shows what rank you are."

I guess the same goes for football. It on matters what you do in a bowl game. That would make the utes one of the worst teams in NCAA history.

Poor ol ute fans just have nothing to cheer about this time of year. They will continue in this poor terrible state of being for the next 5+ years as BYU moves onward and upward and the uties move downward and into oblivion. Sorry, just the facts. Time will show that I am right.

Eagle Mountain, UT

crisb and hedge,
Just because you were ranked in the top 10 in football at one time during the 2010 season doesn't mean you were among the 10 best teams in the nation. What you did in November and in your Bowl game showed what rank you really were.

Being a top 10 team is really the pinnacle of what this program could ever hope for.

What your team has done over the last 7 years is nothing to be ashamed of, unless that is the peak of your program in 30 years. In which case it's quite embarassing.

Until you have a national championship trophy displayed at your school you really haven't done anything, Have you.

Claremont, California

Hey...any wins from here on are just icing on the cake for this cougar fan. I'd love to watch them play again this Saturday and beyond, but if they don't it's been a great ride for me as a loyal fan (come rain or shine) this season. My thanks to the coaching staff and team for a memorable season! Go cougs!!!

International Cougar Fan
Tacoma, WA

BYU "CAN'T"....

Beat UNLV on their court...

Beat SDST....

Beat SDST on their court...

Win without Brandon Davies...

Beat New Mexico without Brandon Davies...

Win 2 games in the big dance (especially the better athletes of Gonzaga)...

Beat Florida (even though they beat them last year)

Wow!! BYU has done a lot of things this year even though they "CAN'T".

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

First, let's make this blog post a "no response" zone to the haters.

How could anyone possibly be upset if BYU does not make it to the Elite Eight? Any team can win at this stage of competition. This has been a magical season that will be hard to ever duplicate. Let's enjoy the game and hold our heads high regardless of the outcome and wish Jimmer a great NBA career.

South Jordan, UT

BYU wins this one....Guaranteed!!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

BYU won 31 games, so far - with no athletes. SDSU with all their athletes (many predict a Final 4 appearance) lost 2 (their only losses) games to a team with no athletes.

What do we conclude from this:

If BYU won the NCAA championship, Chris B, etal, would spin a reason to dis the Cougars. That is what we conclude.

Enjoy the game tonight, Chris B, etal. One thing we know for sure, utah will not be on TV tonight, nor anytime soon.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Alright already! I've heard from enough Ute fans with class that I will swear off taking shots at my little brethren to the north. And neither chris or wedge warrant any responses, especially today.

In six hours, we'll either be delirious, or sad and I can live with either. Jimmer & Co have really delivered the goods and more is just better.

I'm not overly worried about playing another bigger better faster stronger team. Just another day at the office for Jimmer, Jacks and gang.

Heber City, UT

Oh Chris B, what you have guessed (and I say guessed) right 4 times this year. The other 31 times you were wrong. That gives you a 13% accuracy rate. I often wonder what it is like to hate someone so much that you only make negative comments. Chris get a life.

I wonder where the Utes were ranked this year, or last year, or the year before, or the year before?

Whatever the outcome it will have been a fun ride. I just don't see them getting blown out like the SD game.

My dad always reminded me that brains and craftiness can be just as effectie as athleticism. I think BYU has the brains and craftiness.

Orem, UT

Many thanks to Jimmer for an awesome season. Now let's go try beat the gators :)

Layton, UT

Don't think they will win tonight. Florida is too big underneath and our big game is not very consistent. Been a great season, a great team, however tonight is the end of the season.

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