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Published: Tuesday, March 22 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Omaha, NE

Amen! Where would he go to, Dixie State? He certainly would not be a traitor and head up north to inherit a disaster. Why start from the bottom when you are at the top?

Parowan, UT

Wow Dick....talk about a buzz kill. Could you be any less subtle in your Roger Reid-like attempt at guilt induction? The only difference is that there are 15 million members of the church that will be disappointed in Rose if he leaves, not the paltry 9 million that were inconsolable when Chris Burgess went to Duke. Why not throw in how President Monson will be devastated by his choice to bail? If Coach Rose moves on, bless his heart. He's a great coach. He's in it to better himself and to create a secure future for his family. Shame on you for setting him up to look like a louse if he decides to go. He deserves better than that.

Bronco Loco
Henderson, NV

Gets the facts straight. ESPN invested in BYU football not BYU basketball. It just so happens the WCC is a partner of ESPN. So, that part kind of fell in their lap. As, far as Rose staying, I wouldn't be so optimistic. The Utah gig is looking attractive especially now that Utah is in the PAC-12. Heck, even Tennessee might give him a call. If he were to go to Utah or even Tennessee, Rose could recruit anyone he wanted and truly be able to build a national title contender. Don't get me wrong. I don't have anything against the honor code but there aren't many blue chippers that would be willing to live the honor code.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

I just think it is very classy of Dr. Hill to wait until after BYU was exposed by Wofford last Thursday to announce the hiring of Coach Rose.

Holladay, UT

I would be happy to take him, now does he come? It does not matter but the Cougar fans sure are bent out of shape at the thought of it, not very christian, treat him more like you treat a former offensive coordinator ... oh oops I forgot you have ever reason to hate him also since you kicked him out and derided him.

Salt Lake City, UT

It really bugs me when the media prints articles like this during the middle of a tournament. Why can't you wait another two weeks? This headline and article are extremely annoying. I can't tell you how displeased I am with the timing of it.

Let us BYU fans enjoy the ride.

JJ Morales
California, CA

Great piece. We love Dave Rose. I think the only job he would ever leave BYU for is his alma mater (just like Coach Cleve did).

Salt Lake City, UT

To his credit, Harmon gives good reasons as to why Rose will stay. I'm more annoyed with whoever wrote the headline. And Harmon still could have waited two weeks to publish this article (unless there are headlines all over the place saying Rose is gonna leave. Personally, I haven't seen them. I did hear one rumor that Utah might want to get him, but that's not gonna happen.)

Ivins, Utah

I agree with SoCal... You provide for your family first and if that offends some recruits it's not like it's the first time a coach has moved on for a bigger paycheck. That said, I hope he stays but he needs to do what's right for him and his family and not worry about Dick Harmon

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

BYU has a unique environment. I find the opportunity to work along side good, clean, moral people who do not use foul language to be very refreshing. In fact it is priceless.

When I graduated from BYU and went to work in Southern California I found the foul language I heard very shocking. I had not heard profanity in more than five years at BYU.

Rose deserves the very best. He is a fantastic coach. The kind of man I would want to coach my son (if I had one, father of many daughters here).

I agree with this article, Rose will stay.

Springville, UT

Nothing like a story for the trolls to salivate upon. Let the rumors begin.

DNews has done nothing but substantiate the little trolls wishes by validating them and their rumors... all for the sake of clicks on a webpage.

Salt Lake City, UT

This seems like a very biased article.

Really their is 2 reason Rose would Stay and 2 Reasons Rose would leave.
And they are the same: Money and winning

Money: Rose will be able to renegotiate with BYU after this season. He will get a raise. Will it be as much as what the Big Programs offer - Probably not, but no one really know. BYU is a private School so their contracts are unknown. He may leave for money.

Well he is winning - He has won 4 out of 5 conference titles. Multiple big dance games (Florida will be his 8th game). Now BYU cannot recruit like the Top Big East and ACC teams but any league can have very successful teams: Horizon (Butler) WCC (Gonzaga) and still win a lot of games going deep in the Tournament

I personally don't think this is BYU best team this decade

In 2/3 years - BYU is going to be better
Harrison, Carlino - Highest recruits since Bradley
Jordan Chatman
Nick Emery, Thats what I want, to be like Jimmer.
Another Big Recruit (Loveridge or Parker)

Starting: Carlino, Harrison, Haws, C Collinsworth, Davies,
Bench: Chatman, Winder, Rogers, Austin, Neilson

Highland, UT

Rose will stay because we are entitled to him.

Who cares what the ute "Fans" say, we will conquer them.

If Rose leaves, I will go inactive. My frail self-esteem can not take another hit and the ute "fans" would make fun of me. I told my bishop to make them leave me alone, but they won't. Even the CTR-A class beat me up. So I spend my time trolling the boards so that Ican increase my self-esteem.

Provo, UT

@Bronco Loco Yep, that blue chipper POY Jimmer...did he follow the honor code?

Springville, UT

Bruce Pearl was seen at SLC airport yesterday evening. Heard he was on the 'A' list at the hill.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Let's hope he stays. BYU could be a national powerhouse in the very near future. If not, hire Rice. He is a big part of BYU's current success. He has done a lot of the recriuting for Rose.

Hillsboro, OR

No worries fellow Cougar fans, Rose will stay.

Eagle Mountain, UT

One big problem many of the "top schools" face is the under-classmen who leave after 1 or two years for the NBA. There are many "basketball schools" that have limited success in many seasons for this reason. I think that would be a bigger headache than the missions BYU has to deal with.
Rose also had a major health scare this past year that probably has him thinking about where he will be happiest.
Whether he stays or goes. Thank you for being here coach.

Cedar Hills, UT

Rose is a good coach - made better by Jimmer - but still a very good coach and certainly the best BYU could find. If I'm Coach Rose and I get a BIG offer elsewhere (maybe a 4 year $4 million+ deal) then by all means I am gone. The only catch is Rose's health. The cancer may change everything for him and it probably would for anyone. The stress of a BIG time program elsewhere would be intense especially if the money was in excess of a million per year and high stress and cancer don't mix well.

Houston, TX

What makes you think Utah could offer Rose more than BYU? BYU can do anything they want, if they decide they want to do it. They will keep Rose if they really want.

Further, all BYU games will be on international TV. Where else can he get a recruiting tool like that. Besides he may even get some endorsements that would make up for lost pay at say TN.

BYUs best teams are probably ahead of them. They will have a great front line next year and should be able to fill in the guards with capable people.

I wonder what Lloyd is thinking right now sitting in a podunk TX school.

If Rose leaves, Rice replaces him. BYU goes on. I am more worried about Rice leaving.

BYU is just beginnning. The Jimmer will move on but BYU will move forward.

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