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Published: Monday, March 21 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Viva la Migra
American Fork, UT

This just shows that Herbert is out-of-touch. While the initial vote was veto-proof, the amended bill wasn't close to that. Plus, he had received plenty of public input against this bill. All he had to do was veto the bill which would have strengthened is public support and focused voter wrath on the legislature, if they attempted to override the veto.

Instead, Herbert has a huge target on him going into next year's convention and will most likely get the Cannon/Bennett treatment.

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

Herbert and every legislator who voted for this deserves to be ousted from office, regardless of the potential repeal. They wnated, they voted for or signed it and once the people spoke out, they changed their minds. If they were really representing the people, it never would have made it out of committee. Utah's one ideology government is asinine.

Sandy, UT

"Veto-proof margins"? If he didn't like the bill he shouldn't have signed it, period. I wish he hadn't. So he signs the thing and now calls for repeal? Come on Gov. Leaders are supposed to stand up for what they (supposedly) believe in and do what's right, "veto-proof margins" or not.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

I hope the Governor has a good orthopedic surgeon. He must be getting whiplash from the about-face.

The Dude Abides
Salt Lake City, UT

Too little and too late, Governor. You had the chance to veto and instead signed a bill you now say should be repealed. Diagnosis: Failure to lead.

Salt Lake City, UT

Nearly the last one to jump on the bandwagon. Now that's leadership.

Salt Lake City, UT

Now just reconsider your other failure (granting amnesty to illegals).

Kearns, UT

Pathetic. At least have the guts to stand up for, and behind, the bill your party snuck through the back door at the last minute to avoid public outcry.

And in the end, this matters not. Utahn's will still step in the voting booth, select the R - Straight Party option, and every Legislature who voted for this bill in the first place will skate to re-election. Just the way politics in Utah work.

Can you imagine if this bill in Utah had been drafted, supported, approved, voted for, and signed off on by Democrats? The only word you would be hearing was "IMPEACH."

Sandy, Utah

A day late, a dollar short. Should have vetoed the bill when it first came through. Show some backbone.

Draper, UT

The article states that lawmakers conversations with constituents are already protected. So if that was the purpose then there was no reason for HB477. I am not sure that conversations with constituents should be protected as it provides an avenue for constituents who are also heavy contributors to receive special attention which I think is wrong. Which begets the question as to when do heavy contributers who are also constituents receive the privacy protection already provided to them as constituents and when should they not receive this protection? I think they should lose this protection when they are heavy contributors. What is a heavy contributor one who contributes more than the amount of the lowest contributor that legislator has in his pool of contributors.

Abe Sarvis
Cedar City, UT

The wind is blowing, and as usual Gary is as resolute as a Kleenex.

Mary E Petty
Sandy, UT

Good Move! I wish the Governor had not played politics with this one. He could have avoided a whole lot of bad press, ill-will and embarrassment by not signing this bill.

Transparency in government is right and good. There is a cost to doing the people's business. The price of such openness is worth it. It is needed so those who choose to become fully informed, as well as those who manipulate popular opinion, can both have the facts. With such openness the fully informed can see the facts in spite of and in the light of the manipulation and game-playing of politics, and the line between good and evil becomes all the more clear.

Utahns are not a bunch of doofusses that marketers and pollsters and party politics can manipulate at will. Thankfully, there are still enough people in Utah who know the difference between good and evil and support goodness when they see it. We want such openness in government. Next time the Governor needs to check his good vs evil meter instead of marketers, pollsters and politicking to make good leadership decisions.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

How does this guy get Re-Elected? Seriously? Was the $13,000,000 pay out not enough to maybe consider another candidate?

We can all count on another three and a half years of this kind of leadership.

Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, the existing GRAMA law already exempted personal communications. Yet, even last week I spoke with a key senior member of the Legislature who strongly supported HB477. His number one reason? Because he didn't want his personal communications subjected to records requests. Proof that these guys often don't even read the laws they try to amend, let alone the new bills proposed. It's all largely based on unfounded rhetoric and ideology. Great use of precious state resources, guys! I would propose a bill that 'considering the collateral damage these guys routinely inflict upon Utahns and our state image, we simply eliminate the Utah Legislature until we actually see 50/50 R/D split."

Salt Lake City, Utah

Gov Herbert and the Legislature need to listen up, the people have spoken, we want GRAMA back, just as it was before they rammed HB477 down our throats.

Kimball Woodruff
Salt Lake City, UT

Don't bother. The citizens we'll handle it while we show that we're a democracy.

BYU Girl
Kearns, UT

Duh Governor Herbert! Why didn't you realize that before you signed the bill?

Bountiful, UT

Is he really advocating "repeal" or just planning to "amend" HB477 still? When he uses the word "reconsider," it still sounds pretty wishy-washy to me. I hope this isn't just a ploy to get the public to be lulled into thinking everything will be okay and then they still go ahead with previous plans when they think no one is watching anymore. This seems to be a slippery bunch of politicians we are dealing with here.

Beverly Hills, CA

Governor Herbert, or should I call you The Republican Legislature's pool dude, DO NOT replace this bill with anything similar or sneaky.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington DC, MD

Lets do the same thing at the federal level with Obamacare.

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