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Published: Saturday, March 19 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

People need to stop voting for these people.

Honest Abe
Salt Lake City, UT

Perhaps a repeal of our legislative leadership is necessary...not only for GRAMA.

Right or Wrong
Happy Valley, Utah

I don't consider myself an extremist. I feel very strongly that the media and others have propagandized the issues. Wanting to stand for the rule of law is not extreme, nor shows lack of compassion. Both could have been accomplished by our legislature by repealing the drivers privilege card. This alone was the best solution, but it was ignored and swept under the rug.

Going into the session Illegal Immigration was the big item. The biased polling of Dan Jones is part of the propaganda and the polls show it. The questions show it, and the way the media evaluate the "info" also shows it.

Immigration ~ Fail

Budget ~ Pass

GAMMA ~ Wasn't an issue! Big Fail Twice, the methods and content that made it's way through the legislature.

Over all the politicians get an D-(fail).

The media also deserves a "Fail" for the biases that are passed off as News!

Murray, UT

A "c" is very generous in my opinion. They totally sold out on immigration to special interests while ignoring the will of the people. Those who did will have short careers, starting with Herbert and moving on down the line. The Governor apparently chose to ignore the lessons of Bennett/Cannon and he will not survive the next convention. He backed special interests and went against the delegates in his own party, he is done.Those who voted for the guest worker program voted against the legal workers in the state and for the rule of law, they are going to go as well.

Hurricane, UT

How can you say that immigration passed with public support? Where did that come from? Unless you are counting the politicians, news media, Sutherlands and big business as the public. As usual no-one is listening to the real public. The news and politicians are just injecting what THEY want to hear, and you to believe.

Kaysville, UT

The whole process of this Speaker of the House made any other legislative positive action for naught. There are too many questions why she fast-tracked and slammed dunk this HB477. Is it her husband's influence? Is it the Tea Party's influence, is it the Eagle Forum influence? One has to have Integrity and Honesty to maintain an open and honest discussion with the public. To withhold information and the process from her fellow legislators is a disgrace to the process if she wants to maintain a civility with her party. It is more than a party aspect. Utah is know for honesty and openess in our process. She has made it so legislators are now backtracking to maintain their own descency and honor, now that the quick process is unfolding. If you do 99 good things and the next one is egregious to the public and openess and Integrity of the system, the B+ you gave yourselves, to the C Dr. Jowers gave to F- is a failure for any other part of the legislature. Trying to save any part of this HB477, if there is a sponsor will be a failure.

Ogden, UT

With public support? I guess we will see come election day

Somewhere in Utah, UT

A "C" grade is too high. The legislature and the governor deserved nothing more or less than a resounding "F".

Proud to be American
West Jordan, UT

I would give them an "F" grade based solely on the immigration issue. I don't need to wait 3-5 years to see how bad of shape Utah will be in because of illegals. I am giving the "F" now, and an "F-" later.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

Where do we go to find out how our rep and senators voted on specific bills? I am a state delagate and i dont believe the others will stand for what herbert and our other rep. and senators have done. They did not listen to the people. What segment of our economy needs guest workers? The american people are hurting and we will show it at the ballot box.

Dan Walters
La Quinta, CA

Between a F+ and D-...Vote them out! They have performed miserably and with disregard for the people of Utah.

Spanish Fork, UT

It amazes me how disconnected people such as Jowers are from reality. Here he is, a professor at the U and still he lives in a bubble so small he can't see or at least acknowledge how this whole situation is trending. When election time comes I'm sure he will, with the rest of them, be "shocked" at how much they misread the anger of the "general public".
A concept I know he and his ilk will have trouble swallowing is that the delegates ARE representing the general public.

hispanic from AF
American Fork, UT

I given them an F without hesitation. I believe the Republican Party will have a rude awakening in Utah pretty soon. Their position on immigration was an abomination!

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Between F minus and concealed by House Bill 477.

Salt Lake City, UT

C grade? No. I disagree.

And 'F' grade seems more appropriate.

Our local goverment is not listening to us.

Centerville, UT

As one of the 432 Utahns who were interviewed for this survey, I have to say that I'm taking the results with a grain of salt. The survey questions were formulated in ways that were blatantly designed to encourage certain responses. In fact, I found the questions to be so leading that I actually stopped the survey at one point and asked the interviewer whether they'd been written by Dan Jones & Associates or by some third party. She said that the survey itself was actually written by KSL and Deseret News, and that Dan Jones was simply administering the survey on their behalf. Although I personally agree with the survey's findings, I'm disappointed that KSL and Deseret News felt it necessary to stack the deck by formulating their questions the way they did.

Conservative Veteran
Layton, UT

They passed a balanced budget - that was good. They also passed an unconstitutional bill (HB116) and another reducing tansparency (HB477). In my opinion, an C is overly generous.

open minded
Lehi, UT

How do they get a C when they went against almost everything the polls should the people of Utah wanted?
creating jobs- didn't even address this issue at all
Immigration- actually followed the polls on this one
Public education- Failed to follow the polls (don't let the increase of spending fool you it was a shell game of moving money to make it seem like an increase).
HB477- Failed miserably to follow it
Alcohol/state liquor stores- failed and hurt our economy by what they did do.
Peoples right to challenge government- passed a law to override a ruling by the Utah supreme court allowing e-signatures on petitions.
Ending Caucuses- didn't even allow the bill to go to a hearing in committee.
Defining USA government- saying we are a constitutional compound republic is absurd- we're not one of those libertarian catch phrases.

Utah's legislature gets an D- at best (they did fix wording in several laws that will help people).

Cedar City, UT

We need a do-over of the entire 2011 Session. The lawmakers didn't listen to us before, many probably still will not. Remember the ones who tried to hide their records from us and vote for someone else, including our Governor.

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