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Published: Friday, March 18 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Centerville, UT

Watch the pointing, the backtracking, the explanations, the expressions of our legislators.

The passing, and the signing of HB477 reveals an arrogance, a disregard, could I even say a disdain for the common people? Do we have an aristocracy?

I want the bill repealed. But I will remember the arrogance of those who voted for this bill, and the one who signed it into law. In November I will remember. And for those not up for election this year, I will remember November 2012.

Richard Saunders
Provo, UT

I've never helped any political campaigns or anything like that before but I signed up to help get this referendum on the ballot. It's time to give a little gut check to the Governor and the Legislators. Or course the only real way to do that is to show they're not guaranteed our votes just because of the "R"

South Jordan, UT

I'd like a referendum to repeal everything the legislature did this year.

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

The article mentioned the ethics reform effort that failed last time around. What "ethics?" Every year Utah "leaders" show more and more greed and more undercover activities than before. From the Guv who lied when he expounded that he would not sign for a huge tax on cigarettes -- but let it slide through when it didn't require him to sign it; to the lack of oversight on the UDOT mess (was anyone punished?); to the obvious lack of intelligence of the legislators who sign anything they are given by their "leaders" without even reading it. They are a flock of sheep, not what we voted for! I know the majority party in Utah goes on and on and on, but you might consider whether you want Utah to become a dictator state of secrecy and closed doors or to vote these "representatives of the people" out of their "power" seat ASAP! What a black eye for our state!

Red Smith
American Fork, UT

Who was the lobbyist who pressured Rep. Dougal to sponsor HB477?

Who was the lobbyist's client who pushed for HB477?

Can the reporters get this information?

cottonwood heights, Ut

Red Smith...there were no lobbyists who suggested this bill. This was a product of the Republican leadership. They wanted to legislate perceived "personal privacy issues" of legislators into existing GRAMA law and way overshot the mark. Privacy is one thing...secrecy is quite another.

Hey It's Me
Salt Lake City, UT

I signed up yesterday to help with collecting signatures but I haven't heard from anyone. If we need all these signatures. . . why no contact yet?

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington DC, MD

Thats good this bill that stinks to high heaven is getting support. Obamacare is next because that is also against the will of the people. Just ask Massachusets.

American Fork, UT

I support the repeal of the law, and I think we need to repeal every legislator who voted for it as well no matter what their excuses are. Next year, we need to vote them out of office, including the governor who signed the bill into law.

Orem, UT

My question is why? Why was it necessary to push this bill through without public debate and at such a furious rate?

My feeling is that this type of legislation would benefit a few now, but it seems could have the potential of being severely abused. I believe there are things that need to be kept confidential, but all in all the government needs to stay as transparent as our national security allows.

If our elected officials are worried about being embarrassed by DUI's and marital indiscretions, then tough. I feel the people have a right to know. These people whom we elect need to be examples to our communities.

If they are covering up personal business deals that hint on being unethical at best and illegal at worst, it is our right to know!

If they feel their lives are too exposed due to the technologies available today (internet blogs, camera phones, texting, etc.), they need to realize they are always on the job 24/7 before they run for office.

We need trust in our government know more than ever! Utah should be the beacon of trust and openness. By the people, for the people!

Salt Lake City, UT

This "controversy" is much ado about nothing. Local newspapers have stirred everyone up, but there is little to it.

If I want to bribe a legislator, I will do it in some way other than through an electronic message. And we already have laws that prevent me from bribing my legislator.

Besides, the confidentiality of electronic communications which this bill protects works both ways. It protects me, the average citizen. If I send an electronic communication to my legislator encouraging him to vote a certain way on a certain bill, that's my business and no one else's. It's confidential, just as my vote in the voting booth. It's no one else's concern.

So, I like this bill.

An Enemy of the People
American Fork, UT

While I still oppose this bill, I don't think people are quite construing it out to be what it really is.

1. I don't think protecting a constitutents' personal message to a legislator is a bad idea. Some of the imformation disclosed to a legislator can be very personal, and most people don't know that that message can be viewed publicly as the law now stands.

2. Some requests for documents take a huge amount of time and money to fulfill. Is it really asking people too much to bear at least a "little" of the cost? A few requests from previous years have cost tax payers up to $ 30,000. A small fee for large requests (as long as it's not outrageous) would a least make people narrow their requests to a reasonable form while still allowing records to be public.

As for privatizing all emails and texts... heck no. That one goes too far. If a legislator needs to truly communicate privately they can make a phone call. Hiding all emails is a bad idea and WILL make our government less transparent.

Bountiful, UT

Folks, this was all a big misunderstanding. It's all Kraig Powell's fault.

See, it's vital to the health of this great State to have uniformity and discipline among the ranks of its Grand Old Party, and Powell was suspected of being weak, so they created a bill they didn't really mean to pass in order to see if Powell would crack. He did.

So now the "real truth" can be revealed - they didn't really want this thing all along, but future GOP Legislators will have learned this important lesson.

Apologies for the confusion, everyone! Nothing to see here, move along.

SLC, Utah

Utahns should throw HB477 out and Herbert who signed it as well.

Beverly Hills, CA

Utah Republicans passed for a government for big business by big business and hide all their actions. Lack of government transparency leads to regimes like the Nazi party.

Red Smith
American Fork, UT

Rep. John Dougal, who is the lobbyist who pressured(lobbied) you to sponsor this Grama bill?

Who is the client who paid the lobbyist? How much was paid?

We'd like to know who the lobbyist is and who the client is.

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